Sonntag, Juli 16, 2017

Visiting the Tree

July 16/17

Daughter no.2 and mum decided to pay a visit to "our" tree, hubby's and mine in the burial forrest ,located in the Ardennes. The german part is called the "Eifel" and it is an impressive landscape,a bit rough but there you still can feel the unspoiled beauty of nature.-
It had been hubbby's birthday and the first time we came back after the burial of the urn in March.
Fortunarely we have keys for the barriers, otherwise it is quite a walk from the parking lot. We had a plan but still...finding our tree among a million others, quite a task! But we made it , only had to back up the car once! 
It had been a beautiful day, the sun shining through the treetops, making everything look so friendly! There are no flowers or other memorials allowed at the trees, it is pure unkept nature and should stay that way . We brought a bottle of champagne and toasted Fred for his birthday..wherever  he is now...and the tree got a glass too!  Ask me if I could feel Fred's presence......I still try to figure that out. 
So we said goodbye till next time and it does not bother me that one day it will be my visit for keeps.that is the way of life and the end of it.

Montag, Mai 01, 2017

Maypole missing...

May 1/2017

In our region it is customary to give a decorated little..or big,whatever birchtree  ...a so called the lady of your heart. you put it up secretely the night before the first of May in front of the house or on the roof, quite a venture!  Young men used to steal them in former times in the woods, nowadays with rules and regulations you get fined and instead there is a thriving business of markets,like for xmas trees which sell them. Of course you can also give a tree to someone you secretely carry a torch for. ๐Ÿ˜˜.
So involuntary single Landfrau peeked out into her entrance way this tree! ..but one of my crockery hanging
flowerpots had crashed to the floor, probably the strong wind from yesterday.. .and IT HAD NOT BEEN BROKEN!  - which was even better than a Maibaum...considering my age! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Mittwoch, Mรคrz 22, 2017

Left me speechless

March 21/2017

My windowcleaner, who comes to my house once a month, had been very shocked a month ago when he found out that my husband had died. He even had a drink in his memory.
So, this month, he came to my house and entering he asked "where is your husband" ? I really had been speechless, which happens very rarely. But then  I had been quite pissed off and asked him how many drinks he had already had.  He is an alcoholic in my opinion and his brain must be quite damaged in a way. He of course had been very embarrassed and told me a weird story of the lady where he had cleaned before and who had "mixed him up". I was short of firing him but then I calmed down. At least I can trust him around the house, which with new ,strange folks you never know.

Samstag, Februar 18, 2017


February 18/17

Landfrau might have that illusion..well,tough luck! 
Went to the movies yesterday, all by myself, my fate from now on :(...Anyway, wanted to see an american movie in the original version. So I went upt to the ticket counter and asked for one ticket. The lady looked at me and said: you know it is in the original language? I nodded obediently, not yet thinking of nothing.

When I entered the showroom the only person sitting there (it still had been pretty early) was a young man. He said to me that we seem to be the only visitors and I repeated laughing ...  so we will have a private showing,  but then he asked know the movie is in the original language?  When I looked at him a bit flabbergasted he added..well ladies your age mostly do not speak english! B i n g o !  

So, Landfrau, face the facts!

Mittwoch, Dezember 07, 2016


December7/16 the day originally kids put out their shoes the nite before and the next morning they found sweets if they had been good or a stick if they had n 't.  Nowadays things (like most things) are getting more lavish, one of our sons-in-law claims that we celebrate  "little Xmas"..๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚   Anyway  we like it and the night before the 6th  daughter no.2 dropped in and left our surprise bag. The next morning I had to leave the house and since herr H was still asleep I opened the present by myself and left it sitting on the living room table for him to look at, still nicely wrapped in celophane with a red bow . 

While I was gone, hubby's doc showed up to give him his weekly shot . I arrived home just at the moment the man was about to leave and it almost knocked me over when he picked up the bag, thanking hubby elaborate for the "Nikolaus" . I really had been flabergasted,still taking that for a joke but then he took the bag and started to leave. First I was too embarrassed to say anything   but then I thought  . .no,noway  .and I told him that this would not work, daughter's present, you understand. An stupid husband kept insisting he sbould take it and me shouting no, you can not give away my present,for heavens sake!  So finally doc left  without the bag. By that time I had a laughing fit and grabbed one of the chocolate nikolauses out of the bag and forced it upon him as our driveway. And then I went inside and gave herrn H hell!

Dienstag, Dezember 06, 2016

Busy maiming myself...

December 6/16  (Nikolaustag in Germany)

sigh...I'm really the fallen angel,rolled over.
after the ice slide with bike sunday,  straining my arm yesterday trying to get hubby's new chef chair upstairs with help of the chairlift (and of course it slipped midways)just right now I hit my shin running with garbage can in my pyjama down our driveway to catch the garbage truck.very to the amazement of the garbage man...oh,you are barefoot?...quite normal  at -2°C

Enough is enough!  ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข

Montag, Oktober 17, 2016

A little bit of rain in Spain

October 17/2016

trip to Spain.....

....yes, Mallorca, that island Germans love to invade..and the British too .And you can tell them easyly apart, the Germans are the ones roasting like grilled chickens ,the British sitting paleskinned under sunumbrellas at the pool. But lets start from the beginning. Reason for our little trip our 60th wedding anniversary. Amazing that we still love each other - our way! lol...never mind! Again, like at our last trip, the taxi put us out at the wrong gate and since we were early on account of the strike situation from two airlines we were not so sure if we would leave at all.Since this time we had to drag the luggie along  we had booked carrier service but of course the guys were not available yet. So I deposited Fred and our baggage and went hunting for them at the airport milling with hundreds of people...first day of fall school holidays and all of Germany must have decided to travel! well ,found them and then I had to take luggie and seperate batteries to a special check-in, then we had to organize handicap service for hubby,because he is unable to walk even a few meters.Finally we were seated  in our plane which left with just a little delay and upon arrival in Spain we were supposed to be taken out of the plane with a lift, which left us sitting cold. We had the pleasure to watch the cleaning staff and the change of crews, no lift! and the plane could not leave before they got rid of us. On top of that we were afraid our limo service would have left and our bags and luggie ended up in lost and found. Finally the device showed up and took us on an airport sightseeing tour. Hubby had the brilliant idea to phone the hotel to tell them to hold the limousine. Our bags and luggie still were turning lonely tours on the belt. But the arrival at the hotel really made up for all the mishap, a beautiful place
with superfriendly staff. We treated ourselves to a drink at a loungebar and had a great view over the sea and the harbour bay. Today, sunday,we took it easy we also solved the small gau...Toilet seat too low for Freddie, but I had the brilliant idea to put the luggie in front ,so he can pull himself up .....tonite we will have our special dinner, toasting the next 60 years! ...tomorrow more!
ventured to Soller Port by shuttle, bought a perfect bag for the battery since the airline broke the case it had been packed togther with the charger and the cable..luckily the things did  not get lost!  we ate lunch at a little harbour restaurant where Fred orderd a dish he then claimed it was not what he ordered. Bought a straw hat, the absolute guaranty that the nice weather will be over. Had a pretty cold swim in the infinity pool and then we had our first tapa meal...absolutely to be recommended. But we dined inside,the nights are getting kind of chilly.
we are very lazy, actually I am waiting for the sun to come out, we had a very heavy rainfall, but in contrary to home it does not hold. So later on for a swim in the infinity pool! I took quite some pics of the hotel and the view.
One of my "do it yourself" days. Went with the tram to Soller. If you take the train,which is also old open waggons  you can drive all the way to Palma..But I did ot want to leave Herr H. for such a longtime, so I went to Soller,just to get the hang of the ride. ....very picturesqe! a valley with little villages,lush gardens full of orange  lemon and olive trees. Went to a little museum presenting Picasso and Miro exhibits, quite nice, Then I visited the cathedral, which is quite impresssive,but I liked the small church here at Soller Port better. Coming back I ran all over the port looking for a taxi stand, since the shuttle only ran two hours later.found one finally..puh! Treated myself to some spa, very relaxing! At nite we ate at the soushi lounge here at the hotel.
Spa galore!  Herr H. complained that he was stuck in the room all day.Own fault I would say if one is too sluggish to take a little initiative. We booked a table at one of the harbour restaurants, Called NuNu
, lovely food  for me and hubby,like mostly,made the wrong choice and got moody. during the night we had quite a thunderstorm and this morning .....
the sea is very rough. a pleasure cruise, quite a big boot  , gave it a try, we watched it from our balcony having arough ride in the surf and then giving up and returning to the harbour  with probably mostly puking passengers. 
so now I will treat myself to the spa for a last time and then I will have to pack two bags with stuff,of which we at most used 2/3.

I will not talk about our trip back, a delayed plane and this horrible airport at Palma. But we made it home safe and sound after a nice week, that's what counts! ๐Ÿ‘Œ