Dienstag, Juli 11, 2006

Up ,Up And Away

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July 11/06 3:19 p.m.

So folks, where the arrow points we will hang out from Sunday next for one week, including our" little fan" and the dog. The hotel has small family units, spartanic but nice and we have a walk of 5 min. to the beach. We are taking the bikes, our grandson will put us on the tour de Netherlands , I'm sure. It will be a sportive week for the oldies!
Hopefully the weather plays along,so whoever is reading this, keep your fingers crossed -THANKS -

Sonntag, Juli 09, 2006

CALEXICO +++ Garden Ruin +++ E-Card

CALEXICO +++ Garden Ruin +++ E-Card

July 09/06 2:36
SOME VERY NICE MUSIC........as long as it is available. Some of my linked music vanishes.Tough luck! so enjoy it for now!

Super Duper GERMANY...and the last WM-QUIZ

July09/06 9:36 a.m.

Now we have won after all,or? France and Italy should not even bother to play tonite, all the fans will have a hangover from last nite and wont be able to watch! And our little fan * must really have been satisfied this time.
Landfraus' and the dogs' favourite player you can see here and who can guess,who it is,gets a personalized (from Landfrau) picture post card....oder

wie wärs mit 3 Panini - Tütchen, Timm????

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Samstag, Juli 08, 2006

Great Advice?

Berti Vogts :Hate does not belong in the stadium. One is to realize such feelings at home together with its wife in the living room. not my translation!

July 08/06 3:19

Now, Landfrau asks: Is Berti Vogts by any chance a macho?

Two more games,and how are all the fans going to cope with the big void? Maybe some might notice, how our government has fooled up on us, our frontwoman pretending,that nothing but Fussball is occupying her mind right now. Guys and dolls, you will be back to your gloomy selfs pretty soon,sun always sets at nite and after summer there will be fall and winter.

Dienstag, Juli 04, 2006


July 04/06 - A great day for another flag-happy nation. - and,mark my words,did I not mention before,that we are in for a rude awakening?

Out in the fan fests, nobody seems to be bothered by the hordes of German teens proudly partying in black, red and gold. The fact that fans from other parts of the world have been heaping praise on the Germans as friendly and helpful World Cup hosts has done much to strengthen a national self-esteem and confidence that has long been somewhat weak. The football tournament is also helping Germany to shed an image that has long plagued it -- the baseless and antiquated stereotype of goose-stepping Huns without any sense of humor. Spain's El Mundo newspaper probably said it best with this recent headline: "Germany falls in love with Germany."
So how long will the New Germany's coming out party last? And what will happen if the German team loses to the clever Argentinians in Friday's quarter-final? Will the big party turn into a hangover? Probably not. At least some World Cup euphoria should survive through the summer. But wait until fall, when the leaves turn and the skies above Berlin go gray. Even if the World Cup provides the 0.3 percent boost to the economy that economists are predicting, Germany's structural problems and depressing mass unemployment can't be kicked away by footballers. Chancellor Angela Merkel and her grand coalition government took a major risk by passing unpopular tax increases this month as the majority of Germans were totally bewitched by football mania. At some point, the masses will be in for a rude awakening.

.....of course Friday`s quarter-final is snow from yesterday. Today we kick the Italians out! Basta!!

Sonntag, Juli 02, 2006

How Crazy Can You Get!

#610 (click it, its a link!) July 30/06

Early afternoon and its hot,hot,hot! We will have bar-b-que tonite,will be even hotter. Landfrau had been to her first FOOTBALL-party (at our kids place) Friday nite (had to miss out on the first one at friends place on account of a nasty stomach-intestine virus), must say, I am not so swept off my feet by the allover enthusiasm,but facinated by watching the fans. If we win the championships,Germany will develop wings and fly away, to football heaven, or maybe to bear heaven, but that we leave up to the Bavarians. I start talking nonsense,like that silly football, hope you can listen to it, good luck!