Samstag, Mai 27, 2006

A Quiz!! - Again - WM-Fans -Watch Out!

May 27/06 4:54 p.m.

Friends! here we go again, another chance, another luck!

Clockwise, from above left to right: which nationalities are cheering??
- And the winner gets, as usual, one of my famous personalized picture postcards with an image of choice from all post pics up to date! -

GOOD LUCK! You can use the "comment" facility for your answer!

Around here not so many news, weatherman said this morning we are having warm rain today, yesterday it has been cold rain. So, we are in luck today, this is my LUCK-page, have you noticed?

Mittwoch, Mai 24, 2006

Die Zeit - International : "Qualitativer Wandel"

Die Zeit - International : "Qualitativer Wandel" LINK- sorry,only German version!

Same issue,different countries - and where are "human" solutions?
The world is a battlefield.
And this is Landfraus' opinion at 10.47 p.m. on this cold and nasty wednesday ,24th of May 2006

No Bear - People!

May 24/06 9:52 p.m.

No comment..........


Dienstag, Mai 23, 2006

Bavarian Hysterics!

May 23/06 10:22 a.m.

Poor Teddy,

first bear (brown) since 170 years in Germany, migrated from Austria,where at least 20 of them live happily. Around Bavaria the poor fellow is a MEGA Danger, he killed a few chickens and got some sheep. Now he is in for the death row and all those Bavarian hunters are out to save Bavaria and kill the beast. Is there really no other solution? Wildlife- and Animal protectors are fuming, but a Bavarian minister is the absolute law. Poor Germany!

Samstag, Mai 20, 2006

Gartenzwerge - Garden Gnomes

May 20/06 1:34 p.m.

...arise the same feelings as Frankfurt, you love or you hate them! Here are my emotions:.......

and should you be blessed with the same shitty weather we seem to have for the weekend, here is something to read up about the little guys:

Furthermore a treat for your ears, if you like guitar music, a download of 3 pieces, enjoy!

Donnerstag, Mai 18, 2006

Rules for American Soccer Fans!

May 18/06 3:47 p.m.

Now, friends, listen carefully, here are some rules and regulations - to survive in vicious Germany during the soccer championships:

1. Never ever lean on cars, cars are sacred in Germany!

2. Never wear a bathing suit ,should you visit a sauna, Germans are freaks for

3. Don't be friendly!
Yep, you have been reading correctly, us Germans dont like over- friendliness, makes
us suspicious, we will think you want something from us or that you are nuts.

4. Dont expect us to be wearing Lederhosen, nor Dirndl-dresses- SORRY

Is this enough, you still want to come? Well, Landfrau did not copy this out of a German book of rules, it has been published by a guy named Barry Tomalin, expert on German behaviour.
And, yes, you are warned of extreme scenes of nakedness in German TV, so, now you ARE intrigued, eh, now you are set to come!

Well, WELLCOME!!!!

Dienstag, Mai 16, 2006

Back Home...

May 16/06

....from our little weekend trip. Have been first to Eschborn ("sleeper- city" for people working in Frankfurt) where also our older daughter and spouse "sleep", they have a nice,cozy place with a little garden, where you can see the sky-line of Frankfurt, if it's not too hazy (of cse. has been during our stay) and their two cats have surrounding fields to roam. - Frankfurt you either love or hate, there is no in- between, judge for yourselves:

and next day carried on to Bad Nauheim, where our granddaughter,who also works in Frankfurt, lives. Bad N. is an turn of the century spa, cute and a little bit run down, It's fun, browsing the pages and pics, go to the english version, for the ones, who do not like it in German!

We had a great time with our family and the dog behaved well too, with all them cats!

Donnerstag, Mai 11, 2006

Noodles make you happy, or,-Honey,your sleeve is in my coffee!

May 11/06
3:54 p.m.

Folks, we are still having this MEGA , SUPER-DUPER, DREAM - WEATHER, so Landfrau decided, that we need a treat after all that garden slavery,like a nice lunch at our favoured Italian in our little village. The setting there is really in a way unique, you have three restaurants of different origin and an Italian icecream parlour, for the ones with the sweet tooth! There is a little fountain with bronze figurines, kids like to romp around there, playing in and with the water and climbing Trine, one of the figurines, who conveniently bends over (she is doing laundry,well, like in old times).All three restaurants offer good food and there is no car traffic, so it is really a place to enjoy.-

So we ordered a salad for man of my life and noodles for me, in a creamy parmesan-aspargus sauce (remember,its aspargus time around here, one of our local growths),simply deeeelicious, only, now comes the dilema, first noodle landed on my skirt,which was tiny, so I could take it off with a knife (without butter on it!), the second hit was more spectacular, a whole forkfull landed on my lap, fortunately in the meantime covered with paper napkin ( far too thin) and the galore was a "medal" on my embroidered blouse. And I topped it off putting the sleeve of my blouse into my espresso, which reminded me of a story, that this great comedian Shelley Berman told, about a guy really playing it up to a woman, only to be told in the end : Honey, your sleeve is in my coffee. - When we left, we had to pass the crowds sitting outside of the icecream parlor and I said to man of my life, now people will say: Look at that woman, she had noodles and coffee, poor man of hers still looks clean, maybe he only was allowed to look on. - And then I had a terrible laughing fit,which man of my life has been shaking his head about,saying, spilling food like that all over me ,would have ruined my day.-

"Ruin his day" must have been on the mind of old man horse today, definetely deciding to take the lead, about going into the river to drink, taking the shortest way home and ,at home, stomping his feet, because Landfrau was not fast enough to put him into his box.
This oldie is a scream! - love him! -

So, tonite its grill party at my daughters home, birthday of son in law - congratulations!

Mittwoch, Mai 10, 2006

Popetown - Protest

The Da Vinci Code - Sakrileg

May 10/06
Headlines in today's "Rheinische Post" -EXITEMENT ABOUT VATIKAN THRILLER;-
my,my, would think there are more important issues that the statement in the -mind you - fictional book, that Jesus has not been a single. So,you Christian people, watch out that you are not taken in by esoteric thinking.
The Jesus-thriller becomes Jesus-truth? - Dont be daft, friends and let the "church sit in the village" as we say in Germany. I think Tom Hanks will represent the excitement well and money will flow into the pokets of the involved,and that's what counts, in the end!
And, do you think, the church is loosing only a single sheep on account of a thriller?


My South-West Buddies!
May 10/06

Nice music for your grill party tonite. Is't this weather out of this world?
Hope it will hold over the weekend, we are travelling!

Montag, Mai 08, 2006

some nice Music!

- - Welcome To - -


And - Another Quiz!

May 08/06

Who is who???
And they did not meet in Europe!!!- so , no more hints!

And the winner gets, as mostly, one of my famous,personalized picture postcards with a motiv of choice out of my posts. Good luck!

Dieses Kind.....

May 08/06

....machte Landfrau vor 26 Jahren zur Oma! Schlingel,Du! - Du bist noch immer ein Geschenk!
Wir haben Dich lieb, happy Birthday! -
Weisst Du noch,wie Du mit Deinem Dreirädchen von Hessen aus Deinen Opa in Meerbusch besuchen wolltest?

Mittwoch, Mai 03, 2006

Molzmuehle - The 2nd.

May 03/06 6:47

Have been scolded! Sloppy blogging about - Sorry, was not so much in the mood last nite , wanted to try out something about links, which I have not figured out yet, damn, I can ask no one, since I am the only blogger I know. Anyway, the Molzmühle is a great place, set in a valley in the forrest,next to a brook,well, its a mill! The interieur is very old and cozy and the food is yummy! Like I said last nite, would love to go there for once without rain, hope my promise to the weathergod will work. - Today I have been very good, into garden-slavery again. Has been another dirt day. While working, I have been thinking about blogger people,have read someplace that there are about 2 million clotting upe the www. - Now I got into that stuff actually out of curiosity. Had been into a few blogs and just wanted to find out how it worked. Once I got started ,thought, I might just as well keep it up - kind of neat - but- to be honest, I think there is a danger in this metier, first of all the danger of addiction. And then, looking into some blogs I had picked out more often, had the impression, that some of the bloggers loose their touch to reality in a way, blog becomes center of life,other things range more and more secondary. Also they kind of slip into a personality, which in my opinion is not the life person anymore, but someone they want to be, they develop a split personality.
And then of course, there are the bores, who tell you no end about the shit in the pants of their offspring, or about the cute wuffs, the dog produces, or the cat's meows.

So, you see, it is an interesting field, and mind you, I am not so pretentious, to think that with my little wisdoms I am competition to professionals or gifted writers and I am pretty sure, that this "fad" will wear itself out from one day to the other. Till then.......

Montag, Mai 01, 2006

Hurra,hurra, the first of May...

May 01/06 11.37 a.m.

....will not continue with the, a little bit naughty, slogan(?),weather does not play along anyway and for you,who live in warmer regions right now,go ahead,have fun. Us in furcoats will cheer you on! - and, aw, don't tell me you would not know second part of the slogan, everyone does!-