Mittwoch, März 21, 2012


March 21/12.....17:01 p.m.

We had sad news today. Our friends inVancouver told us, that a mutual friend, Jack Gemmel , had died.  He has no family left,so there will be just a memorial get- together in the Yachtclub where we all had been members and sailing buddies. We can not take part,so I thought I give Jack this post. He had been a great guy and fate did not mean well with him. He went blind years ago, so he could not be a captain anymore, sailing big ships across the oceans.
R.I.P. Jack and keep sailing on, wherever you are!

Mittwoch, März 14, 2012

Plitsch-Platsch - I'm taking a Bath....

March 14/12....3:50 p.m.

No, no, not me, I prefer a shower!  So does Herr Husband, but once a while he thinks he should take a bath , not in the tub, mind you, he chooses our little pond. Fortunately the fish are goners since the heron gobbled them up a year ago, otherwise now they would have died of a heart attack when this big whale dived in. No kidding, I thought that would have been impossible for a grown up, but he almost managed to drown himself.  He, who never lifts a finger, suddenly decided to fill up the pond. Result: he stumbled and fell head over heels into the puddle,taking along an abundance of rocks decorating the edge. And since he hardly is able to get out of a chair by himself, he was lost and me being upstairs in the house only heard his cries for help after a while. Fortunately I had been around or he still would be lying about. He had been lucky that he touched ground with his arm, otherwise he might have managed to get his head under water.  I do not know if pleading not guilty would have helped me during an investigation. O.K.after I stopped laughing we tried to get him into an upright position which had been a hell of an effort. 

The victim lost some fingernails and had some bruises and a stiff neck, the helper had a tummy ache from laughing.

and next winter I will put up a sign: NO WALKING ON ICE!

Samstag, März 03, 2012

Give it a Try

March 3/12....5:00 p.m
I know, I know, have been absent too long, somehow I seem to suffer from a kind of writer's block or I am spending,or should I say wasting, all my wisdom on facebook and twitter. Not that I have to say much there either, but talking with a feedback somehow makes it easier.
No funny family stories either and Herr Husband lost his ability to act as my object of fun. o.k. to be honest, the incidents which make me laugh I can not write about, they belong into the privacy corner.   And Herr Hund, who always had been good fo a fun tale, is wagging his tail on that big meadow behind the rainbow. It has been over a year now that he left us, but I still miss the rascal, to be honest not the walks in the cold and the rain. Took the bike today to give it a go against the wind, not excactly a fun ride, but at least my bad concience will keep it's mouth shut at tonite's pizza battle. Gave Herr H. the choice between veggie or pizza it is. 
Somehow it is amazing how I can go on babbling about nothing, an art in itself - three cheers for Landfrau! So now I will top off my "having nothing to say" with some beautiful flowers, still sitting on our dining room table and evaporating a hint of spring.