Montag, März 31, 2008

Home,sweet Home

blue skies and palm trees

that's Frankfurt,a little bit old,high risers and the rest ugly.

March 31/08 5:51 p.m.

Back from our little weekend trip in family matters. Somewhat sluggish and too lazy to unpack the bag. Family - and weather - have been great, the small hotel we stayed at in Eschborn had a marvellous tiny garden which ,like on a flying carpet, put you straight into a mediterrain region, lemons growing and palm trees against blue sky, just amazing! - And our little Miss Sunshine (as her mom calls her) has certainly changed tremendously during the 5 months we have not seen her. - The exhibition of the "Impressionistinnen“ had been worthwile seeing, I loved Berte Morisot best. - Last nite, to end off our trip we have been meeting in an old barn, turned into a restaurant in a little village near Hungen, very picturesque.

So now we are back home, dog has been picked up and life can continue in its usual routine.It's nice to get away once a while - next trip will be end of May.

Donnerstag, März 27, 2008

Houseguest gone

March 27/08 4:18 p.m.

Funny, it is so quiet around the house. I think Herr Hund likes the old routine, mad Max left reluctantly. For the weekend we will be gone and Herr Hund can join his buddy at daughter's home.
This is the last dog post! (for now)

Mittwoch, März 26, 2008

The Rat Pack...

March 26/08 11:51 a.m. a wet pack, guarding Landfrau's rubberboots, waiting for a "wet" walk. Last day for our houseguest, mad Max,who behaved very well (and learned fast!) ,so actually he should be just "Max" from now on, but let's not overdo it. Two big dogs in the house is for certain more dirt and uproar, but also funny watching the pack's competition. They get along well, except for Herr Hund showing Max sometimes "the way". - Looked into my last years’ blog at the end of March to check on the weather, funny in a way, like:" I know what you have been doing last year around this time". And I am still harbouring the same frust, mind you!

Montag, März 24, 2008

You can never hold back spring...


...says Tom Waits, hope he is right, does not look that way today.

That is MEAN!

March 24/08 8:45 a.m.

Do not want to trust my eyes! -
Effn snow! No, not snow, slush.
Really looking forward to the "dog" walk this morning and on top of that Herr Hund is limping,must have twisted his leg yesterday frolicing up and down the levy. So much for easter and spring.

Samstag, März 22, 2008

Premature Easter- Walk

H A P P Y E A S T E R !
March 22/08 1:50 p.m.
Lovely walk this morning alongside the isolated rivershore together with the dogs.The sky even showed a little bit of blue and the sun had been peeking out. The very high river had been lapping at the shoreline, if you closed your eyes,you could picture yourselves at the seashore. But even with eyes wide open the scenery had been a treat. - And no people around, great! I think everyone is hibernating inside like groundhogs on account of bad weather predictions. And it will come, the bad weather, that's for sure. So,no outside easteregg hunt tomorrow morning. - But for the sixties generation there is a nice easteregg hidden....

h e r e!!!!

Freitag, März 21, 2008

More about Dogs

Good Friday - March 21/08 11:57 a.m.

Sorry, it seems this is going to be a" dog blog"after all, at least for the next few days. Last nite our houseguest had been shown his guestbed-basket in our little entrance hall.Usually this is the place of basket from Herr Hund, but his has been moved upstairs,and since mad Max is trained not to climb stairs, Herr Hund very showoffy with raised head, is climbing stairs to the upper level, giving the impression of a first class air-passenger,moving to his privileged section, upnosing the common crowd. -
Took a "quite early" - again pretty rainy - walk with the pack this morning and met,you might not believe it, the legionaire with a new dog, even bigger than the previous one,but still young,so he can turn this one into a mean beast by himself.

Donnerstag, März 20, 2008

Our Houseguest...

March 20/08 8:11 p.m.

...."mad Max", has arrived, so has the continious rain. Herr Hund behaves like a showoff kid, growls when Max dares to pick up one of his toys, he only has about a dozen. Took a rainy walk, the three of us.

In Love with my Durangos

March 20/08 3:22 p.m.

Right time to talk about boots on this ,brrr,cold day of "spring start" (says calender). Faithful readers might remember,that Landfrau cried bitter tears because Durango boots,bought in Santa Fe 8 years ago ,start to fall apart. And no chance of returning to this lovely place!- Now, have been searching the internet till my eyes popped out,no way of finding the same boots in a German store. Found them in an US - store however,and glory hallelujah, they are shipping to Europe and on top of that on account of the high exchange rate € - $ even with shipping and customs they run much cheaper than any ugly boots,which I could have found here. Moml said wait till they arrive, could not quite believe the deal. But imagine, it took them only 5 days to have them delivered here and on top of that they are my easter present. And they fit perfectly ,I'm walking on cloud seven! Landfrau is happy!

Sonntag, März 16, 2008

Rubber Boots,Rain and rising River

March 16/08 2:21 p.m.

Took a long walk in the rain with Herr Hund this morning along the river banks. Volunteers had been already doing spring cleaning at the shore line, might be all in vain, if the river keeps rising and grabs all the collected stuff. I must say, Germans ARE pigs, looking at all the debris which had been assembled. Do wish signs would be put up like in the USA : LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS, although I doubt they would be of any use around here. Like I said, Germans are pigs.
Herr Hund, beeing "earless" again, took a beating from a big black dog. Told him, don't go there, but no, he has to approach every mean looking beast, wagging his tail like"look I'm friendly". Fortunately he has so much fur,that he is seldom hurt. I'm then stinking mad at him - and he knows it! -
So, next week we will have an additional "houseguest" ,mad Max, our younger daugther's dog. Daughter-family are off for skiing in the mountains. Another reason why I hope for better weather, two dirty dogs are easter bunnies galore.
And the dogs have no rubber boots.

Donnerstag, März 13, 2008

Not surprised

courtesy www.shoeboxblog/com
March 13/08 11:04 a.m.

Now I know,why Herr Hund acts nutty sometimes! (!)

Mittwoch, März 12, 2008

About the Weather and why I would sometimes like to kill "Herr Hund"

March 12/08 4:20 p.m.

A heavy storm had been predicted for today, unbelievable,if you look at this morning's snapshot of our garden. Fortunately around here it had not been bad, we must have been lucky again,like "in the eye of the hurricane".

Now, for the second topic. Wouldn't you think that a dog, beeing walked for his daily"business" would go, sniff for a bit and then squat down for his poop? By no means Herr Hund. First the walk has to be long, very long, a pleasure if one is in a hurry. After a lot of sniffing and running around, finally a spot is chosen. This spot is beeing scratched as if Herr Hund had mutated suddenly into a cat,then - after turning around with ,as Landfrau calls it - let- down pants - for about ten times right and ten times left, he decides that it is not the right spot to leave his precious belongings and the whole procedure is repeated a few feet away. And if he happens to see another dog,he forgets what he has been about to do anyway and the ritual is started from the beginning.

Hey,guys, still want to get yourselves a dog?

Dienstag, März 11, 2008

My Killer Friends

YouTube - Orca Attack Seal with Waves

March 11/08 8:07 a:m

Yes, nature can be cruel. -Since I have lived in Vancouver B.C. (ages ago) I have been fascinated by orcas. They are great- and cruel. But we should really refrain from "humanizing" them, which on the other hand is a phrase I should not apply since the cruellest beast on this our planet is the human race.
So, just watch the video with admiration for those intelligent creatures.

Samstag, März 08, 2008

Mittwoch, März 05, 2008

I'm a Timebomb..

March 05/08 10.05 a.m.

Have aged considerably since I'm in the movies,ä, the toll of beeing a celebrity,ha!
Go,simpsonize yourself,don't be vain! It is
fun if you still like to "play around"!

Kid in the House

March 5/08 7:50 a.m.

Puts me back to old times, notice the "early" hour? - Grandson (11) is our houseguest for two days,makes a difference to have him at the weekend or during "duty" time. Getting up early ,seeing to it that everything is ready and there,driving him to school (he refuses to take the schoolbus from our place),picking him up, driving him to hockey training. Moml (man of the house) asked me: did we do all that ages ago? He can't remember. Told him,no you didn't, I did, you had been absent most of the time travelling and working.
I never forget that Nicolaus day,when daughter No. 2 had to write a math test and we slept in (moml away travelling). So I rushed out of bed, broke my toe hitting the bedpost,throwing a coat over my nightgown we took forbidden fieldways with the car to pass by the traffic jams and promptly from two sides,like in a road movie,police cars approached us and caught us at the intersection in the middle of nowhere. By that time I had a bawling kid in the car and prayed to be woken up from that nightmare,sitting in the car half naked surrounded by policemen. When my daughter sobbed out the dramatic reason for our traffic violation,the police escorted us till we had been around the traffic hold ups and I did not even get a ticket.
Daugther still did not make it in time but when she told the teacher that her Mom also broke her toe on top of everything,the teacher said that no one can invent lies like that and was nice enough to let daugther write her test during the last school hour. And she blew it!!
So, having that trauma still stuck deep inside of me,I did not sleep very well inspite of having set the alarm which I knew I could not trust in emergencies. But we had been early birds and a "little bit smelly" grandson still even took time to take a shower. -
Now same procedure tomorrow morning!

Sonntag, März 02, 2008

Swinging the Paintbrush

March 02/08 8:47 a.m.

Should not let my other talents ly flat (blogging being one of them,haha) so Herr Hund had to be the model- victim once more on this stormy weekend. And there had been victims of some other kind,unfortunately. Had been eying big old trees during my walk with Herr Hund yesterday, telling them:"don't you dare!"