Dienstag, November 06, 2012

HANS IN LUCK - Hans im Glück

November 6/12 ...4:04 p.m.

Hans im Glück....
 a fairytale about a guy who has lots and comes out with nothing, only he is happy about it but I am not, imitating him. To start with, my car broke down and the repairshop is offering a lineup of about 2 weeks. So, if the weather plays along, I take the E-bike for my reduced shopping. Could also take hubby's car, but  I won't (but that is another story). Now today- sun shining - I took off to do some errands. First to my farmshop on the road,to get some fresh eggs and since the shop closes during lunchtime I told the lady to just put them in front of the door,would pick them up on my way back home. Went to the bakery and then to the supermarket where my car had broken down entering the parking lot, this nightmare still gives me gooseflesh. Anyway,did my shopping and loaded my basket on the bike, wanted to start off and..... woom...the baket came off, all my purchases spilled on the sidewalk. Fazit - bottle of red wine broken, everything soaked with red wine. Pixcked my stuff up, stowed it again, did some swearing under my breath and tried to get on my bike and...woom, everything on the ground again. Now, I have made shopping trips with same bike and basket a dozen times and nothing ever happened, I was really flabbergasted. This time my loss had been the milkbox,which broke and leaked. So I stowed it upright and took off to the farm, where I picked up my eggs. Fortunately the lady had put the carton into a plastic bag, so I changed eggs out of and redwine soaked flowerpackage into plastic bag. Mind you, I did a lot of logistics, rearranging all my milk and wine wet purchases. What really amazed me had been a glas jar of chickenbroth which had survived two crashes. For a few hundred meters I have to cross a little forrest and there, right in the middle, a truck blocked the way. Remembering my bike accident 2 years ago I decided to get off the bike and push it by the truck and you will not believe it, my basket slipped off the 3rd time. Actually I was about to yell at the truckdriver, but then the guy had been so nice and helpful and picked up all my remains, because that is what you could call them now. From the dozen eggs 2 broke, there was more spilled milk, my bread and croissants were kind of soggy by now  and to top it all off the truckdriver picked up the plastic cap of the milkcarton and threw it into the bushes. Fortunately I recovered it.  So I stowed my remains for the 3rd time, and then I discovered that I had forgotten to fix the spring which holds the basket onto its carrrier. That had been the reason it slipped all the time. But the jar with the broth rolled around like a bowling ball for a dozen meters and did not break. The label is somewhat dirty though.

Freitag, September 14, 2012

My Minniemouse Cup

September 14/2012.....  9:32h

Now here I am again, after a very long time - it is not my fault,believe me, blame facebook which keeps me so occupied and darn...I can not resist! - But now to my story, another one about Herr H., he is my favoured victim, now that Herr Hund only plays his pranks in dog' s heaven.
- So I have this favoured minniemouse cup, gifted with by grandson ages ago after his visit to Disneyland Paris with grandpa. I just love to have my morning milkcoffee out of it. And what happened? I opened the dishwasher and there it was, minus handle. It had come off very neatly.
I had been heartbroken, mind you! showed it to Herrn  H and he suggested I glue it on. That' s what I did and I used that very strong glue,which you never get off your fingers when you are not careful. Set the cup aside for drying. Last nite Herr H  decided to fix himself a cup of tea (very seldom he manages something like that by himself - lol ) and told me very much later of his achievment and that his fingers were full of glue. Now then my mouth dropped open because of all the cups we have sitting around he had to take the glued one which he even knew about being broken. Imagine the handle would have come off again, he really could have scalded himself with the boiling hot tea!  Well, he was lucky that the handle stuck and was pissed off about me laughing so hard about the glue on his fingers. Said that I would not get a good night kiss! - I survived that!

Sonntag, Juni 24, 2012

Blame it on the iPad!

June 24/2012.......1:20 p.m.

My overall blogging laziness!  Or maybe it is, that I have not so much to say anymore, my creativity seems to dwindle with progressing age. Also I lost my foremost blogging victim - Herr Hund! He alsways had been good for a story. And Herr Husband does not seem to get himself into mischief so much anymore since...well, I better be quiet und nice! -
But there is something I have to tell you. Fascinating! A few days ago I had been out on our balcony, enjoying the tiny glimpse we have from up there upon the river. Suddenly a bird riot broke loose and a buzzard almost hit my head. He was chased by two blackbirds. They have young ones which start to leave the nest right now and maybe that is what made them so agressive. Anyway, why the buzzard had been so immobile was that he carried a rabbit and then he dropped it - smack - into our driveway onto the car of Herr H.  Fortunately it had been a very tiny,soft one,but without head!  ugh!  I gave it a garbage bin burial and the next day it was joined by one of the tiny birds,which I  found also in our driveway. Our driveway seems to be an assembly place  for dead creatures, once it had been rats, that had been at the time our neighbouring farmer still had been raising pigs. Now the farmer couple is dead and the place has been sold and the new owner is turning it into very fancy living quarters. I prefer that, although our next door neighbour claims that now our houses will look like domestics quarters. We told her that our new neighbour might supply us with look alike worksuits with his name on the back. hahaha...
Now we have to see how we get over this rainy sunday, last evening it had been so nice for a change that we put up the grill and had a perfect barbeque dinner outside. Today no biketour and no icecream run but this way you are in luck for a post.  So hope for more rain, friends. JUST KIDDING!

Sonntag, Mai 06, 2012


May 6/2012....1:00 p.m.

....We have them and we live with them, one of the unpleasanteries of getting older. But sometimes they are downright funny - like this one:
We had been visiting with our young family in Hungen the previous weekend and as it happened, there had been this may festivity in Kindergarten.  Of course our little one, 4 years old, had been very excited and from the time we arrived talked about us coming along to see her performing the "fire dance".  We wanted first to check into our little country inn,a few miles from their home where we usually stay ,and unpack our bags, and..tough luck...arrived at the kindergarten too late. The fire dance had been over and our little actress had missed her stage show. Sobbing and throwing a temperfit (understandable) grandpa tried to comfort her, telling her that there would be another performance an hour later, which then we would watch etc. etc. 
 Only the kid had not been bawling, instead looking at him with big round eyes and me standing next to the scene had a terrible laughing fit, trying in vain to stop him from talking down the wrong kid. And you should have seen the face of the kid's father, he must have been thinking his kid ran into a "good uncle" and was about to grab grandpa by the neck. Only seeing my laughing efforts to try to stop grandpa made him realize what happened and he joined me laughing and grandpa finally caught on and let go of the wrong kid,claiming that wearing the same cap they all looked alike.

And,by the way, we watched our little star perform the "fire dance" and her little world had been set straight again.

Mittwoch, März 21, 2012


March 21/12.....17:01 p.m.

We had sad news today. Our friends inVancouver told us, that a mutual friend, Jack Gemmel , had died.  He has no family left,so there will be just a memorial get- together in the Yachtclub where we all had been members and sailing buddies. We can not take part,so I thought I give Jack this post. He had been a great guy and fate did not mean well with him. He went blind years ago, so he could not be a captain anymore, sailing big ships across the oceans.
R.I.P. Jack and keep sailing on, wherever you are!

Mittwoch, März 14, 2012

Plitsch-Platsch - I'm taking a Bath....

March 14/12....3:50 p.m.

No, no, not me, I prefer a shower!  So does Herr Husband, but once a while he thinks he should take a bath , not in the tub, mind you, he chooses our little pond. Fortunately the fish are goners since the heron gobbled them up a year ago, otherwise now they would have died of a heart attack when this big whale dived in. No kidding, I thought that would have been impossible for a grown up, but he almost managed to drown himself.  He, who never lifts a finger, suddenly decided to fill up the pond. Result: he stumbled and fell head over heels into the puddle,taking along an abundance of rocks decorating the edge. And since he hardly is able to get out of a chair by himself, he was lost and me being upstairs in the house only heard his cries for help after a while. Fortunately I had been around or he still would be lying about. He had been lucky that he touched ground with his arm, otherwise he might have managed to get his head under water.  I do not know if pleading not guilty would have helped me during an investigation. O.K.after I stopped laughing we tried to get him into an upright position which had been a hell of an effort. 

The victim lost some fingernails and had some bruises and a stiff neck, the helper had a tummy ache from laughing.

and next winter I will put up a sign: NO WALKING ON ICE!

Samstag, März 03, 2012

Give it a Try

March 3/12....5:00 p.m
I know, I know, have been absent too long, somehow I seem to suffer from a kind of writer's block or I am spending,or should I say wasting, all my wisdom on facebook and twitter. Not that I have to say much there either, but talking with a feedback somehow makes it easier.
No funny family stories either and Herr Husband lost his ability to act as my object of fun. o.k. to be honest, the incidents which make me laugh I can not write about, they belong into the privacy corner.   And Herr Hund, who always had been good fo a fun tale, is wagging his tail on that big meadow behind the rainbow. It has been over a year now that he left us, but I still miss the rascal, to be honest not the walks in the cold and the rain. Took the bike today to give it a go against the wind, not excactly a fun ride, but at least my bad concience will keep it's mouth shut at tonite's pizza battle. Gave Herr H. the choice between veggie or pizza dinner...pizza it is. 
Somehow it is amazing how I can go on babbling about nothing, an art in itself - three cheers for Landfrau! So now I will top off my "having nothing to say" with some beautiful flowers, still sitting on our dining room table and evaporating a hint of spring.

Samstag, Februar 11, 2012


February 11/12........6:45 p.m.

....all my troubles seemed so far away....when I come to the ferry landing,somehow that song always, or mostly, crosses my mind and I remember the times when I had passed that place almost every day with my faithfull companions, dog Shaylor (called Herr Hund) and horse Lander,  who by now are waiting for me on that big meadow behind the rainbow. There still is a twist to my inner self when memory catches up with me, but then I try to be realistic,nice times have been nice times and there is a time and a place for everything. Everything right now is not such a piece of pie and this darn cold weather we are having does not help. I think we are into a new ice age like we have had in the middle ages and it is said that bursting vulcanos might have something to do with it. And we had that big fellow Eyjafjallajökull acting up two years ago  in spring. Whatever, we can not do anything about it, or at least not much. - I am looking forward to warmer weather, where I can take out my bike again, miss that too, big walks are  not so in favour with me anymore since I have that damaged knee from my bike accident in November 2010. - Oh man,it seems, I am turning into a whine winnie, what a drag.
 Should talk a litte bit about Daetti again, remember,my iPad, which has turned itself into almost a person somehow, but I sneakily try to get the upper had and its about 50:50 by now. Only writing posts I have not ventured into, well, I tried, but it has been a poor effort.
there is ice on the edge of the river

fancy hotel at the ferry landing

..and this has been summertime and has been....
So, friends, you see, I am still around, have a look once a while, I might have been here!

Donnerstag, Januar 26, 2012

Hooked for good

January 26/12....11:28 p.m.

There I am,first post in the new year and it is only 11 months till X-mas. Have to find a guilty one for my absence, it has a name, Daettleff,  by now I call it Daetti, since we are inseperable  but it is not love, it is like Daetti is stalking me. He won't let me alone.  Daetti is my iPad which I got for X-mas. I told my family that I never wanted one, I knew what would happen, now I am addicted  and my family has to live with it. 
Up to now, Daetti still has the upper hand, hope that this will change and I will be the master.