Sonntag, Mai 06, 2012


May 6/2012....1:00 p.m.

....We have them and we live with them, one of the unpleasanteries of getting older. But sometimes they are downright funny - like this one:
We had been visiting with our young family in Hungen the previous weekend and as it happened, there had been this may festivity in Kindergarten.  Of course our little one, 4 years old, had been very excited and from the time we arrived talked about us coming along to see her performing the "fire dance".  We wanted first to check into our little country inn,a few miles from their home where we usually stay ,and unpack our bags, and..tough luck...arrived at the kindergarten too late. The fire dance had been over and our little actress had missed her stage show. Sobbing and throwing a temperfit (understandable) grandpa tried to comfort her, telling her that there would be another performance an hour later, which then we would watch etc. etc. 
 Only the kid had not been bawling, instead looking at him with big round eyes and me standing next to the scene had a terrible laughing fit, trying in vain to stop him from talking down the wrong kid. And you should have seen the face of the kid's father, he must have been thinking his kid ran into a "good uncle" and was about to grab grandpa by the neck. Only seeing my laughing efforts to try to stop grandpa made him realize what happened and he joined me laughing and grandpa finally caught on and let go of the wrong kid,claiming that wearing the same cap they all looked alike.

And,by the way, we watched our little star perform the "fire dance" and her little world had been set straight again.

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