Montag, November 17, 2014

A ghost in the House

November 17/14

Last night we had a spooky phenomen. We were in bed and it had been round about midnight when a phone started ringing. So hubby asked me why I did not go and answer since it must be my cell phone (for our house line we have a phone right beside the bed so this was out ) but I told him that it probably must be a wrong number since no one hardly ever calls my phone. It rang for quite a while. Now this morning I wanted to check who had called me, but my phone had been switched off and showed no incomming missed calls, neither did all the other devices in our home,fax ,hubby's phone, iPad.  Hubby told me that it had happened once before, which I can not verify..I had been asleep at that time. Now our speculations run wild..burglar in front of the house is an option, hubby thinks he smelled cigarette smoke. But which burglar would be so stupid as to stand there smoking and letting his phone ring no end? tell me!