Montag, Dezember 28, 2009

Christmasdog - Reloaded

December 28/09...7:03 p.m.

Now for all my friends,who have been wondering how Herr Hund coped with the "first time in his life outside X-mas tree", here is my story and it is true I did not make it up. On the day of X-mas eve I started decorating our living room, setting the table etc. and had been watched continiously by Herr Hund, he was following me like a shadow. He eyed me when I was climbing up a chair to get his plate out of the storage place and from then on he kept returning to the place in the living room, where we usually had been putting his goodies. I tried to sneak into the basement to fill up his plate, thought he did not notice since he kept Herr Husband company in the living room. No way! Herr Hund spied me, came rushing into the kitchen, trying to have a glimpse at his plate. I told him that he would have to be patient still for a little while but when we startet our Christmas ritual, putting our christmas choral on the record player (no, we do not sing ourselves, that would be the end of christmas) he went haywire and started running around the table, whining demanding his plate. When he got it, he gobbled up everything except for a big bone, with which he kept running around the house, looking for hiding places.
So folks, you can rest assured Herr Hund did not have a problem with the Christmas tree sitting outside, which by the way was much admired by the family and friends and everyone thought it a brilliant idea not to have it constricting the inside space.

Mittwoch, Dezember 23, 2009

Samstag, Dezember 19, 2009

Winter- and X-mas Childhood Memories without Jingle Bells

December 19/09.......2:28 p.m.

What a beautiful day it is today! Landfrau took a walk with Herr Hund in bright sunshine through a snow- powdered landscape in biting cold. But now- a- days, with the proper clothing it is enjoyable. It had been different during my childhood, I remember having to wear scratchy woolen garments and gloves never were able to keep our little fingers warm. Putting them against the heated tile stove to get them unstiffened again, sometimes made us cry with pain. But it had been fun when Mom wrapped us into thick blankets and pulled us in a sleigh, my jounger brother tucked between my legs. But we never froze when we took our sleighs for downhill runs in the nearby park where it had a few quite nice slopes and a pond for ice skating. Skates had to be put on with a skate key, you had to be quite skillfull. Then we came home wet from snow with red cheeks like apples. - And Christmas! It had that real magic to it, without sprouting Santas all over the place, Santa (Weihnachtsmann) was ever present but never to be seen. And on Christmas eve we heard him rumble behind closed doors but by the time we were allowed to enter the festive room he had left, a little bit to our relief, because to be honest, we were a bit afraid of him . But, oh , the presents he had left, everything had been set under the tree, no parcels to be unwrapped, like nowadays and I vividly remember a beautiful doll with long black braids sitting in a little carriage. Since I only have brothers, I knew right away that it had been left for me and my heart beat with joy up to my throat. And the tree, adorned with real candles and giving away that terrific smell of forrest. The decorations were much admired by us, all those tiny little figurines, some familiar from fairytales, only pity, we were never allowed to take them down and play with them. - The Christmas meal the next day always had been goose, till the war started and all the geese had vanished. Did they also fight for the country like my Dad? From then on memories have dwindled, they must have lost their magic.

And then very fast I had not been a child any more.

Mittwoch, Dezember 16, 2009

X-mas Shopping with Herr Husband

December 16/09......7:52 p.m.
Driving downtown at this time of the year is a pain in the neck but driving downtown with Herr Husband is a challenge. Since he is having difficulties walking long distances Landfrau always is looking for ways to park him which most of the time results in loosing each other. And Herr Husband's mobile phone is happily sitting in the parked car. Our story for today is a cute one again. Since we usually have lunch during our downtown excursions , I told Herr H. to walk to te restaurant, while I went for some fast errands. When I arrived at the packed place, I told the headwaiter, who wanted to place me, that I planed to join my husband and that I would scan the place if he had already arrived. Well, done - no husband, so the very friendly man offered to place me at a table to wait for my companion. Landfrau told him,if an elderly gentleman with a cane, looking a bit helplessly around, would show up (he never finds me, I could be right in front of his nose) , he should point me out to him. Well, sat there for about 15 minutes, studied the menu, called Herr H.'s mobile, which, as usual, sat in the car, when suddenly the headwaiter approached me. Smart guy had recognized Herr H. by my description, he had been sitting behind a pillar at a table across from mine already when I had looked for him in the beginning. So this time it had been Landfrau playing blind mouse. Thanks to the waiter we could have our meal together, not seperately.
I am thinking of ways we will not loose each other almost every time we go places, quite a task!

Donnerstag, Dezember 10, 2009

Our Christmas Dog

December 10/09.....6:44 p.m.

We will have a big problem this year and Landfrau is chewing her nails. Herr Hund starts to get very nervous around Christmas season as soon as we carry our X-mas tree home. He is watching us very closely, does not want to miss out when we take it into the living room for trimming. And from then on he is waiting for the big night, when it will be time to open the presents. His present is always a plate full of dog goodies and he gobbles it all up and what he can not manage anymore, he hides in corners around the house. But this year, we confuse him. We have brought the tree home and, having decided to leave it outside in front of the big picture window so we have more room inside, when the family shows up December 25th, he does not know what to make of that. He has that big question mark look on his face, like...where will Santa put my plate? I am having a hard time reassuring him, that Santa will find a solution. But Herr Hund is not so sure if he can believe me.

Sonntag, November 29, 2009

Same Procedure as every Year

November 29/09....9:16 a.m.

I am talking about decorating the home for 1. Advent. Aside from the fact, that I seem to need more time every year there is the problem of finding all my little gadgets. Now, mind you, not the boxes, I have neatly stashed away the previous year, I still remmeber those, it involves a little running from basement up to the attic, never mind, keeps Landfrau agile, so to say. No, my friends, it's the last year's forgotten things, like a little santa still sitting in some corner or a decoration hanging somewhere. Now those things, once discovered a while after Christmas, they go someplace and if I say someplace it could be anyplace in the house. Now since I do not draw a map, I do not find them the following year. This year my laquered bows for decorating the little cyprus tree next to our home front door are the winner and the every year missing fat golden angel. Have been looking like a madwoman all over the place, well, almost, otherwise I would have found them, right? and I know that I will find them, when I will be searching for my easter decorations next year. -

Such is life.

Samstag, November 21, 2009

Riverside and Rubberboots

November 21/09.....2:48 p.m.

How nice, time for a long, leisurely walk with Herr Hund along the riverside. Nothing urgent to do, nowhere to rush to, no demands, great...

Little footprints from hundreds of sheep in the sand, seagulls -or are they called rivergulls? - galore but no sign of my screeching friends, the wild geese. But they are still around, I can hear them passing across the roof of our house in the morning and sometimes during the day. Amazingly few other dogwalkers around, so it has been a bit boring for Herr Hund, he loves encounters, even if not all the encounters love him. But he is wise, then he walks away, no fighter! There he is a bit different from Landfrau, who can run a temper occasionally. -
Airplanes starting from the nearby airport at the other riverside, looking at them makes me sigh, up, up and away, what a nice thought once a while. But there I am, stuck in my rubberboots and its about time to turn back home. -
Walks like that beat running around downtown anytime, for Landfrau for sure.

Donnerstag, November 19, 2009

I am in Love...

November 20/09.....7:40 a.m.

...yes, madly in love with my outfit I found downtown. Thanks to the dentist appointment of Herr Husband Landfrau decided to come along to the city . Also there has been the promise of a lunch invitation, not bad, not bad. So all in all the action had been a success, since I also ran across some nice (I hope so) Christmas presents. But aside from that I do not like downtown so much anymore, with all those construction sites for me it has lost its flair and the chaos never stops, always some new corner ripped open and fenced up. And the - already opened - Christmas markets are sitting in between. Unattractive, if you ask me.

But my new outfit takes a load of my chest, now I am really looking forward to our New Year's celebration in Luxembourg. Voila!

Samstag, November 14, 2009

Am I pretty ?

November 14/09.......3:00 p.m.

I do not expect an answer, the headline just came to my mind, there had been a movie once by that name, a German one - BIN ICH SCHÖN ?- anyway, have the feeling I am getting prettier by the day. First I got orthopedic soles for my feet, which grin at me out of their bag, second, last week I had been to a dermatologist on accout of my peeling hands, felt like a snake and had the suspicion that is was self infecting, like a snowball system. Now I got some lotion, of course with cortison and I should wear gloves for every,mind you, every kind of housework, fat chance! - My outfit for festivities, which still had been fitting perfectly last winter, is on the tight side. Landfrau asked Herr Husband if she should maybe put a band aid across her mouth at least till X-mas,to keep me from eating but he did not think that this was such a brilliant idea. I am still pondering, though. - But maybe till dress up time I am lucky enough to run across a very flattering potato sack, preferably black!

So , do not tell me about the advantages of getting older, they are playing hide and seek for me.

Montag, November 02, 2009

Good Things close by

November 2/09....7:57 p.m.

What a day! First my vaccuum cleaner broke down in the middle of working, would not make the tiniest sound anymore. Good thing I still have the "predecessor" stashed away - and if I say away It is for sure good away - in the basement. Unimaginable, what treasures I found looking for it, a toddler's pottie, the holder for the X-mas tree (good thing) , a Black & Decker collection, wow! etc, etc. I still had the broken cleaner hooked up to the electricity, would not give up hope and tried again and again, no sound. Well, started cleaning with the replacement, which by far does not do such a good job, but all of a sudden the replacement had an echo, and believe it or not, the broken one had started making noise again. Probably did not like being replaced. Result - a messed up basement! -

By then I had to drop everything anway, doctor's appointment to pick up my orthopaedic soles for my heel spur, which is'nt a heelspur, which is a heelspur and on top of that a stupid different story. Had been lucky to find a parking place pretty close by, which turned out to be a blessing for the tale I will now tell you and I also tell you that I felt pretty stupid too. so I walked those about 50 meters from my car to the doctors' place, anyway, I tried to when suddenly I had the feeling of something sticking to the sole of my shoe, I thought it was a leaf, tried to wipe it off but it had not been a leaf but the sole of my shoe, flapping and after a few paces the sole of my other shoe came off too and I had a terrible giggling fit and so had the mother with a little kid, watching my dilema. Only solution was to rip off both soles and walk on the remains, odd feeling I tell you and I had been very happy to have my car close by, like I said, a good thing. - Only explanation I have is, that I had not worn those shoes for a long time and then had worn them yesterday in pouring rain, also hitting some puddles. Maybe the glue fixing the soles had turned dry, who knows.

Had to skip my remaining errands , but imagine it would have happened with my car parked far away, I would have been in a jam for sure.

Samstag, Oktober 31, 2009

An Autumn Day

October 31/o9 ....8:14 p.m.

Did I ever mention that I just love autumn? bet I did. Today had been one of those lovely days, not too cold and after spending almost all afternoon in the kitchen - sometimes I get into those crazy spells of baking and cooking like I was running a restaurant - Herr Hund decided to take me out for a long early evening walk. We went down to the riverside, there was an almost full moon at the not yet dark sky, then the word crepuscule always creeps into my mind, I like the sound of it, rolls around on the tongue - hmmm, crepuscule (french for twilight) . The moon has been reflecting in the water and the wild geese passed our heads, screeching in flight looking for their place for the night. Right now we have hundreds of them around the region, not so very much liked by the local farmers. But soon they will leave on their way south and then we will have winter. - We both, Herr Hund and Landfrau, love those late walks, there are hardly any people around anymore, no dogs either, which is something Herr Hund regrets, he is very sociable but only for a short while.
Coming home we had dinner, a delicious chicken with veggies and rice, very much to the liking of Herr Hund, he goes haywire as soon as he smells the chicken in the oven, there are always leftovers for him and he knows it.
O.K., then I cleaned up the kitchen, which by now I will avoid for sure for the rest of the day and here I am, telling you all about it . Next weekend the family will come for our annual goose feast (not a wild one!) it is St. Martin's again and from then on Christmas is approaching in big steps..... H e l p !

Donnerstag, Oktober 22, 2009

Red Sky at Morning

October 22/09.....6:21 p.m.

Pic had been my new header for the time being. You might have noticed, Landfrau changes them according to season and they always picture our surroundings. Makes me also think of one of my favoured books, have been reading it already several times and it won't be the last time, I have looked into it. You just will love the protagonists, every one of them. Get yourselves a copy, it is worth it! -

The author's name:

Richard Bradford

and the title: Red Sky at Morning

Dienstag, Oktober 13, 2009

New Car, old Dog and Herr Husband

October 13/09....6:30 p.m.

Herr Hund just loves car rides, he can sit in his compartment and does not breathe a wuff, even for longer distances. But with our new car, a SUV again, he fell flat on his stomach when he tried to jump in. Since he is such a cry baby from then on the new car was bad and he would not go near it any more. Landfrau tried to lift him in, he wiggled and screamed like a pig being slaughtered and Landfrau twisted her back short of a lumbago and is now sitting in front of infrared light every spare minute. Fortunately I got a new book, sitting in front of that lamp is so darn boring! Then Herr Husband went and got a board for walking up, Herr Hund simply refused to go near it and again, screamed like a pig, when Herr Husband tried to push him on. On top of that tried to bite Herr Husband, or let's say, pretended to. Herr Husband claimed, Landfrau made the wrong approach, I said, it was his fault, always being too excited, hey, that transfers, right? - From then on it has been each of us sneaking out seperately together with Herr Hund, to somehow convince him to mount the car. Herr Hund would not even go near the car with Herr Husband, but Landfrau had the brilliant idea to try from the side door, first into the foot compartment and from there onto the seat, and bingo, Herr Hund went in and proudly sat on the backseat. Me too, I had been very proud of myself, but Herr Husband discovered a doggie footprint on the leather seat and Landfrau was short of being sent to deathrow. Then Landfrau called Herr Husband a car fetichist and muttered something about an extended penis under her breath, which Herr Husband, who normally is stone deaf, heard nevertheless and from then on played sorehead for the next two hours. Well, terrible paw print came off and now the sun is shining again and Herr Husband got a device like a hammock, it is fixed between front and rear seat and Herr Hund decided that he feels comfy in it. -
All three of us are talking to each other again!

Samstag, Oktober 10, 2009

Dinner for Two

September 10/09......12:07 p.m.

Last nite we had our wedding anniversary - dinner at a restaurant at the riverside in our neighbourhood. Amazingly, for a friday nite, the place had been almost empty, only two tables occupied and the couple from one of the tables left shortly after our arrival. Now there was only one table left taken by two women and two dogs. Too bad, they did not leave too, otherwise I could have bragged that Herr Husband had reserved the complete place for us on account of the occasion. But the food had been delicious and the anniversary couple enjoyed the twosomeness. Still - does not beat the time we flew to the US and had the complete first class section to ourselves. Had been like having won in a lottery!-
Well,well, those were the times, now we squeeze into tourist, like most of the travellers and the only advantage we have is, that Herr Husband gets pushed around in a wheelchair. Some other kind of privilege which we would rather not have.

Dienstag, Oktober 06, 2009

Two Sides to a Medal

October 6/09....11:30 a.m.

Got a rose this morning from a neighbour -mind you, a yellow one. He stopped me, when I walked by with Herr Hund and said that he had decided to give a rose to attractive women passing by. Cute, Isn't it? Of course "attractive" made my day till I came home, tried to lift Herr Hund, who has not gotten the hang yet to jump into the new car, and kind of twisted my back. There! - Landfrau was shown that old age is really creeping up on her. -
Now I have a yellow rose and an aching back.

Montag, September 28, 2009

Again B.B. or my Time when I wanted to look like her

September 28/09.....7:46 p.m.

← ..wanted to look like her

Everybody, at least around here in Germany, is talking politics and is full of pro and contra about the outcome of the elections. I have been very tempted to put in my modest opinion, but in the long run it only would be "another smartass talking". So I stick to the lady of the day - Brigitte Bardot - it is her birthday, she is now 75 years old. I vividly remember the times when she had been so popular and we all - us girls - wanted to look like her. Golden times in my memory, we were modest and hilariously happy to drive around in our "Messerschmitt Kabinenroller" (should have held on to it, would be worth a fortune today) and our long saved for holiday trip took us into a little bit of Switzerland and to Southern Germany. We stayed in small bed & breakfast places and always had to take two rooms, since we were not married. And Herr H., who had not been Herr H. at that time, sneaked across the floor, being very careful that the boards did not creak. There never were traffic jams on the Autobahn and the places we visited had not been overrun with tourists.
Makes you think about how fast time goes by, today Brigitte Bardot is old and so is Landfrau.

Samstag, September 19, 2009

Summer's End

September 19/09......4:34 p.m.

Puts me into a touch of melancholy, summer's end. In a way there is a sad sound to it , have not heard that sound so much in previous years but then, maybe I did not listen so intendly. Found an essay in today's paper about the two actresses, Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot,both turning 75 this year. Now Sophia Loren, she still looks great, no doubt. Claims it on the spaghetti she ate all her life. Well, maybe I did not eat enough spaghetti, too late, this train has passed. Brigitte Bardot, on the other hand, I always remember - in connection with age - that rather stupid joke about the two withered , wrinkly elderly women, lying at the beach and one said to the other "we wanted to look like Brigitte Bardot all our lifes, now we do". But do not think I look like Brigitte Bardot either, she is much thinner. Well, at a certain younger age I have been told by people that there had been a slight resemblance...bygones, my friends. -
Today I really savoured the warm sunshine, lying and napping for a bit in my lounge chair on our sundeck, no more fear of sunburn, a slight warm wind caressing my skin. Now, before I become too poetic I shall get down to the realities of life. Herr Hund, who is slightly limping (age also catching up on him) is ordering me to take him for his walk. Will take him down to the riverbanks and as a reward I then can try to untangle the burs out of his fur. Also a sign of fall, those nasty things.

Mittwoch, September 09, 2009


September 9/09......10:11 a.m.

I have been leading a normal life. I had hobbies. I read , I painted, I did horsebackriding. Well, had to send my horse to horseheaven but that's no excuse for the things to come. I discovered the internet. So far, so good. Then I got curious and curiosity killed the cat ,tried myself at blogging. I had one blog, not enough, now I have two. Had been quite happy with that for quite a while.Then folks started to yap about twitter. Twitter, what's twitter? Try it, Landfrau, try it. Gee, what a gadget! That did it for a while. Began to loose my tan ,though. Never mind. Then that talk about facebook. Facebook?? Sure, have to find out about it, have to try it out. Gee, what a gadget, such a nice toy and what you can stuff into it, marrrvellous! - Now, the cream on top, FARM VILLE!!! - Getting real mad when I forget to harvest my strawberries. And mind you ,I own a horse again, creepers! -
Now it will be:
a fat ass, sitting in front of the ( computer too much,
slanty eyes (for squeezing at the screen)
time for painting - out
reading, ha, what's that
bicycle - will have flat tires,sitting in the garage
outdoors? Tell me, what season do we have?
sleep: - none
divorce: - pending
Did I have friends?
and Herr Hund starts to hate me for taking him out too late in the morning.

So,guys, do not tell me I did not warn you.

P.S- This is a post not to be taken too seriously, or?

Sonntag, September 06, 2009


September 7/09.....7:16 p.m.

What a lot of work and planing, but it had been worth it for the creation of a wonderful wedding day. Driving to Hessen we kept doubtfully looking at the sky, rain and more rain, but then I told the weathergod "don't you dare!" and some blue sky showed and the sun kept peeking out. What more do you want. -The wedding ceremony at the little church right across the bride's home where she grew up and the same church where she, her brother and last not least her little daughter had been babtized, turned out to be a very cheerful and nevertheless touching affair. The couple's little daugther stole the show ,so to say and managed to confuse even the reverend, but he coped very nicely. Our young bride looked lovely and both made a beautiful couple. The reception and dinner party following up were a big success, decorations, food and the band - everything matched and show me the one, who didn't enjoy himself. Daughter No. 2 slipped down the steps to the washroom and grandson,who happened to watch said, that it had been like a whale diving from a board. Naughty kid! Fortunately she got away with a few bruises and scratches. So I thought that I might join her and later on, when I took Herr Hund out after getting back to the hotel, it had been so pitchdark that I did not see some steps in the gravel path leading into the forrest and I fell plum on my face, like a kid. My knee still hurts. Normally I take a flashlight but I had forgotten to pack it. But I presume we were the only bruised ones, it stayed in the family.

Now we are back home and a bit beat!

P.S. above canvass had been done by the wedding guests. You could buy a little square and fill it out, Landfrau did the 3 faces, wanted to add the family's cat, but fooled it up, the brush had been too thick!- bummer!

Dienstag, September 01, 2009

That good old Feeling

September 1/09.....7:17 p.m.

Yes, there it is again, that feeling of fall, rain around the corner, wind and a dripping garden. Have been already afraid, that the climate change had moved us into southern regions during the last couple of weeks. - Honestly, I love autumn, the turning of leaves, the wild geese assembling screeching upon the surrounding fields, the fog in the morning and the cozy evenings with a nice glass of red wine in front of our little fire, listening to some nice music and being able to do indoor things without a bad concience and the feeling of missing something outside. - Some rays of sunshine would be appreciated though next weekend, it will be the big (fat) church wedding of our lovely granddaughter. So friends, keep your fingers crossed for us and I will bring you a piece of the wedding cake!

Dienstag, August 25, 2009

Everything comes to an End

August 25/09......9:44 a.m.

....good things, bad things and also my little report about our pleasure trip aboard the "Arosa "Stella" - river Rhone cruise. On the way back the boat speeds up and there had been only a small stop at Tournon. By then Landfrau was tempted to say "same procedure as every time, James" as far as those little provincial villages go. In a way they are interchangeable, one or two small cafes, a fort or castle, narrow little streets and oldfashioned little shops. Oh yes, this little village had a pretty pedestrian bridge, crossing over to the other shore. Well....-

The last day took us into Lyon again and there I had orders from son-in-law to hunt for "Florentiner", very tasty cookies, which he claimes he never tasted better ones than from Lyon. And imagine, I think I even found the confiserie he had pointed out. They are still sitting in my fridge now, nicely giftwraped and we will take them to Hessen when we meet end of next week. Good, that they are wrapped, they would be gone by now otherwise, I think, because Herr Husband is also a "Florentiner" lover! -

Then I took that sightseeing tour again atop that open bus, where you can get on and off at your liking. This ride is really great and it is a guided tour, where you can listen in your own language over headphones, which you get wrapped and sealed at the beginning of the tour. At night we had the last get together with our "boat friends", we had lots of laughs.-

The flight back next day had been o.k. and first time in our lives we took advantage of the invalid service, so Herr Husband had the pleasure of being pushed around in a wheelchair.Landfrau pushed the bags.

And this is now


of my little travel report. Hope you enjoyed it.

Samstag, August 22, 2009

And what is next?

August 22/09.....3:06 p.m.

It's Marseille, such a grand city, have been told that you either love it or hate it, there is no inbetween. Landfrau fell in love with it right away and if I could have, I would have sneaked away from the bus crowd and might be still roaming the streets of Marseille. We went there by bus from Arles and after the sightseeing tour were driven to Port St. Louis, where our ship had arrived in the meantime.

But Marseille overwhelmed me and I did not regret having taken part in the excursion, inspite of my dislike of bus tours. Unfortunately there was a shortage of time, so we did get off the bus only 3 times, once up on the hill of the Basilika, where you had a terrific view all around all over the city. Then I walked around for a bit at the old harbour side where the fisherwomen sell the fish caught fresh in the morning and we had a stop at a place where you had a good view upon the Île d'If , where the legendary Count of Monte Christo had been imprisoned. Only the truth is, that he is just a fictionary person , invented by Alexandre Dumas, he never excisted. - We did see a lot by bus, we were lucky, our guide had been a French woman who had lived in Marseille for quite a while.

We then had quite a long drive back to the boat and there a shuttle bus had been organized, that you could drive to a nature beach and have a dip in the Mediterranean Sea. Herr Husband wanted to try his luck and come along, but when he saw the distance you had to walk through hot sand he drove back with the bus right away. Good choice for him but a shame as such, that he could not take that refreshing swim in the sea. But boy, it had been very hot and no shade and just sitting on the little beach towel was not such a comfort, so I went in for a swim, let myselft dry off ,went in again and then walked back to the busstop. The French people of course drove with their cars as far as it had been possible and then unloaded complete households of picnic baskets,cool bags,sunumbrellas, beach towels and what have you. Only thing I did not spy were portable toilets . -

At night our boat left Port St. Louis (not much to see there) for the trip back home and there had been only one more minor stop, before we reached Lyon again.

To be continued...

Freitag, August 21, 2009

Creepers, I can smell the Camargue!

August 21/09......7:06 p.m.

....and I start singing: memories are made of this! We are in Arles, very old and very picturesque and close to the Camargue, where we have spent two times our vaccation. Did a lot of horsebackriding, one day -ride took us to the seaside and we galopped in the surf. Since we always have to produce our small catastrophy, daughter No. 2, who at this time must have been around 10 years old, got something into her eye at the beginning of the ride and it got worse and worse, of course rubbing did not help. So we had to cope with a bawling kid, and since it had been a group ride, we could not run back and daughter and myself would never have found the way back. The horses, maybe. At that time it still had been the cell phone less aera (good old times), so we had to live through the dilema. At the beach the guide organized some water from a picnic jeep group, but it did not help a bit to rinse the eye. When we finally came to our hotel we were lucky, one of the guests had been an eye doctor who looked at her and had the proper medication and equipment along. There was fortunately nothing seriously wrong, only an irritation. But the ride as such had been spoiled for both of us. But the little hotel we stayed at had been a gem, it was called Mangio Fango, which means "turning winds" and the owner cooked the most delicious meals at night. On one of our frequent sightseeing tours I bought a most adorable long,very comfortable dress, made out of that wonderful provencal fabric. Have been wearing it for ages till it was so threadworn that it fell apart. Well, memories...

Now Arles, on our this years tour, I took the little sightseeing train again, they are so nice, you get sights to see without having to walk around too much in the heat. Found out that the train passed the place where our ship had its mooring place and organized, that the guide would stop there on one of the next runs, so Herr Husband could get aboard ,take the tour around and then get off at the same place. The French people are so easygoing in this respect, in Germany you could never have done a thing like that, rules and regulations. So Herr Husband was quite happy again to have seen some sights not only in the display of my camera.

To be continued..

I killed my Housemouse

August 21/09....4:30 p.m.

For three evenings Landfrau had been laying in her lounge chair on our porch, on and off watching a tiny mouse running back and forth, very busy and very fast. It had been a little field mouse, brown, about the size of a big prune. When I came home from shopping today, Herr Husband claimed I was a murderess. He found my little mouse in the driveway, all flat and there even was a tiny puddle of blood. Apparently I had run over it with my car. He gave it a garbage can funeral. Now I only hope, that there isn't a nest of even tinier little mice, waiting desperatey for their mouse mom. If I discover them, I will have to find very tiny bottles, to feed them, would be like snow white with the seven dwarfs.-
So, no more mouse show at night, what a pity.

Mittwoch, August 19, 2009

Sur le Pont d'Avignon....


August 19/09....3:15 p.m.

l'on y danse, l'on y danse, sur le pont d'Avignon l'on y danse tout en rond.....

is an old childrens ' song and playing the music our ship approached the bridge and the passengers toasted it from the deck with a glass of champagne, very stylish. The bridge had been destroyed by a flood in the year of 1669. A chapel is sitting on it and you can visit the remaining part. Since Herr Husband can not walk such long distances, like from the ship to the town, I had the brilliant idea to order a taxi and we drove right up to the Palais of the Pope, a gothic building dating back to the 14th century. From the square in front of the palais runs a tourist train and this way Herr Husband could also see some of the sights without having to walk. After the ride he went back to the ship by taxi and Landfrau took delight in roaming the little streets in the old part of town, buying some cute gifts and was passed by a taxi in which Herr Husband sat in the fond like royalty, not taking notice of pedestrian Landfrau. Getting back aboard on a hot day always had been a pleasure. Having a dip into the little pool and a cool drink at the poolside has been quite delightful. - Starting from Avignon Herr H. managed to slip from the pool ladder every time he tried to climb in and by the end of the trip we just counted the bruises, funny kind of record keeping how often he had tried his luck. If I saw some other passenger run, it was for sure to save Herr H., who did his slipping number again. We called it his daily performance by then.

To be continued

Dienstag, August 18, 2009

Cobbled Streets and 3 old Men

August 18/09.....1:43 p.m.

That is what had to be seen at Viviers/Ardeche. Besides the street were pretty steep, some of them and the 3 old men were sitting on a bench looking at the tourists and the tourists looked at them, both having nothing better to do. Quite a contrast, after having been in bustling Lyon for almost two days. O yes, there had been a castle sitting on top of the hill, which I decided not to visit,too steep- too hot. After all, I was on holiday,or?
To be continued.

Montag, August 17, 2009

He deserves a post for sure

August 17/09 ....9:27 p.m.

Wo does? Monsieur Bocuse of course, although I do not think he cooked for us personally, but he has a welltrained crew. Look at the menu, it speaks for itself, what is left to say is that we really were unable to taste all the goodies offered to us. Landfrau even got a birthday cake with a candle,which I blew out with all the waiters applauding and a boy in livree playing happy birthday on a street organ, to my regret there had been no monkey sitting on top of the organ. We dined for hours and it had been a great birthday present from my daugthers. Girls, you are gems!

To be continued..

Sonntag, August 16, 2009

The Day I almost drowned myself and lost my Ticket

August 16/09...10:37 p.m.

This is all about our pleasure cruise aboard a vessel on the river Rhone in France. - Since we did not want to be under pressure to reach the ship for boarding at 3:00 p.m. we decided to fly into Lyon the previous day. Also there had been that Bocuse birthday dinner the night before our departure. But that is another story. So we arrived pretty early in the morning at Lyon. We had an amazing small plane, and it had been occupied about 1/3rd, gave you the feeling "daddy is going to take you flying" very relaxing. - We had booked for a night into a hotel "Cour des Loges" situated right in the old part of town, very charming and unique - but that is another story. We were lucky to have our room right away, had a leisurely breakfast and then Herr Husband decideded to take a nap and curious Landfrau decided to roam the old part of the town of Lyon. We had been in Lyon before, so I knew a bit about the whereabouts. Decided to take the "furniculaire" (rack railway) up to the hill, where the Basilica" is situated. You have a marvellous view from up there all over Lyon. Tickets you buy at the bottom and you only can enter after having devaluated your ticket. After having visited the Basilica, enjoyed the view and walked around for a bit, I decided to take the trip back down. Looked into my purse - no ticket - . Looked again and again, no ticket. Decided then that I must have lost it while taking out my camera. Started to look around on the ground where I had been walking around, found a lot of tickets, none looked familiar. By then people must have thougt there was a nut walking around collecting cast away tickets. Problem is, you can not buy a new ticket at the upper station and you can not enter without a ticket. Had a last checkup into my handbag, and what grinned at ticket. Had been hiding in a side pocket. So I had been quite happy that I did not have to decend on foot in the mid day heat. - by the time I arrived back at the hotel I decided to hava a swim in the tiny pool at the roof. A nice, little wellness center, but not a soul around. Dipped into the pool, which had been extremely tiny, and found out it was equipped with a device, which you could adjust to swim against. It gave a warning that one should put it to lowest level afer usage. Well, the idiot having used it before me had left it on the highest level and idiot me pushed the button and was thrown around like in a terrific surf, thought I really would not get out . Finally managed to reach the button and adjust it. From then on it had been great and I made a mess using lot of towels and walking dripping all over the place. Punishment! And at night we dined at Bocuse, but that is another story, as I said before.

To be continued.

Sonntag, August 02, 2009

About Life and Death

August 2/09 ....6:30 a.m.

Now we are into the month of August already, the vacation of daughter No.2 and family is over and it is the last day for mad Max as our houseguest. Have been awakened by a horrendous flash and thunder and outside we have one of those "green winter" days again. The smell of fall is in the air. Found a death anouncement in the daily paper, my teenage crush, who so long ago broke my heart, has died. It is always sad, to find the obituary of people one has known, even in the far away past. Carpe diem, that's what Landfrau sighs very often nowadays.

Mittwoch, Juli 29, 2009

Apple of our Eyes!

July 29/09.......2:00 p.m.

And this had been my youngest visitor and she got the most attention for sure!


A Promise...

Juli 28/09....7:57 a.m. a promise, so I might as well post about my birthday. Everyone has them, as a kid they are great and up to a certain age the birthday child mostly cries at his or her party. Starting from a certain age one has the tendency to sing the song: It's my party and I cry when I want to...well, getting older is not such a piece of cake any more and it really builds up your moral when you get a birthday card from a friend telling you, so now you too are a year older.Thank you, nut, has Landfrau bought the eternal youth, am I Dorian Gray? - But also I have been greatly amused, getting a book from another friend, which "she could not resist reading" first, after leafing through. Only the way it looked, about 3 other people could not resist beforehand either. Never mind , have the book in my collection already anyway. So, when you get in the future a book as a gift from Landfrau,which she could not have resisted reading you are "in the picture" so to say. - Aside from that (now we come to the good part of the story) Landfrau got spoiled galore by the man of her life and her family . I am like a kid, I just love presents. And we had lovely dinners, eating out, only my brunch party on sunday morning at the lovely Canoo I could not enjoy so much , somehow I had grown an addional head overnite and both heads hurt. Could have kicked my ass, should have learned by now that a hangover is a hangover. For sure Landfrau is old enough! - Also by now *laugh*!

Donnerstag, Juli 23, 2009

Who is stealing my Time?

Juli 23/09.......11:13 p.m.

Actually I had a very good post made up in my mind, about the phenomena of mama-mom-whatever bloggers, very strange to us Europeans, but now I am too darn tired. So you will have to wait for my brainstorm tomorrow or whenever. Guys, you will survive it! But being in "the blog" now I might as well take the opportunity to thank all my real and my virtual friends for their good wishes to my birthday! From now on Landfrau counts backwards.
Hope that does the trick!

Donnerstag, Juli 16, 2009

Shit happens!

July 16/09...8:82 a.m.

But nothing beats homemade shit! Ripped off part of my car mirror backing the car into our garage, bad but not so bad, since it just snapped off and flew to the ground. But then stupid Landfrau decided to drive over it and it made KCHHH and it was a goner. € 50 down the drain unnecessarily. For that I rewareded myself the "Deppenorden"! -

Dienstag, Juli 14, 2009

Memories are made of this!

July 14/09...8:35 a.m.
Why do good times pass so fast? And it seems I have been away for ages but it has been only a week.

Sonntag, Juli 12, 2009

Seaside, a Boy and the Tour de France

July 12/09 ....10:10 p.m.

One word Landfrau put on her "bad list" : AUSREISSER !

Being at the seaside with not exactly beach weather and having a (pre) teen along, who is a sports freak, an alldaylong TV run of the Tour de France is not really my piece of cake! - Aside from that we had fun, and who is talking about the weather anyway. We went on bike rides on dune paths, had refreshments at a dune pavillion with a terrific view of the sea, went into the little village with our bikes and for a swim in the hotel pool, where I must admit that I had been the absolute coward, the outside pool gave me the shivers. And the sea only saw my feet. Our last day gave us a marvellous experience, 2 seals from a station, where they raise abandoned baby-seals made an event out of setting free two youngsters, that had been so cute, they were set in their crates at the beach and as soon as those were opened, they robbed toward the sea, dived in and were frolicing in the water. Only, after a while, they decided that it was enough and now they wanted to go home. But with all the people at the shore cheering them on they decided the peace and quiet of the wide open might be the better idea and they left toward the sand banks.-

The last two days our daughter joined us to pick up her son and we enjoyed our time together. And, oh yes, mad Max came along too, so the rat pack had been together again at the seaside and Herr Hund made a real effort to learn how to be disobidient.

Freitag, Juli 03, 2009

Samstag, Juni 27, 2009

Funny Weather

June 27/09...1:24 p.m.

Nothing to say? Talk about the weather. Today it is an effort to breathe, so sticky. Poor Herr Hund with his thick fur, went real slow on my bike tour on his behalf, never mind, gives me time to look around. Some fields have turned yellow already, might be harvested soon. And the corn is growing fast. I actually dislike cornfields, for me they are murder fields, too many corpses have been found in cornfields over the years. And there are the cabagge fields, which evaporate that nice smell in late fall and winter, always makes me gag, but the farmers take their time, to plow the remains. Thunder is now growling outside, too bad, no chance to bike for an icecream and relax outside the parlor. Will fix some strawberry tartlets instead. My strawberry marmelade yesterday turned out absolutely delicious. Unfortunately Herr Husband likes it too (had the hope he wouldn't), now I have to guard it like a miser.

Dienstag, Juni 23, 2009

I blew my Top today!

June 23/09...6:09 p.m.

Not that I do not blow it on other occasions too,but never mind that. But today had been the utmost. Had to have my routine breast check up and mind you, that is no piece of cake, having your tits sandwiched between two plates and standing in a twisted weird position, girls, you know what I am talking about. Anyway, had an appointment around lunchtime and after having had the x-rays taken sat in the dark stuffy little room, waiting for the doctor and my results. After leafing through outdated magazines for half an hour, I decided to put something on and go and check for the whereabouts of the doctor. A very astonished nurse asked me, if he had not seen me yet and after my denial told me that he must have forgotten about me and she would send him right away. Well, he showed up pretty fast and I asked him what kind of halfwitted action that had been, letting me sit around half naked for such a long time and if he has had lunch in the meantime. The nincompoop kept apologizing no end, he had been on the way to see me and them something came up and he forgot about me, blablabla. So I told him that this calls at least for a reduction on the invoice, fat chance that will happen,though. After I had given him hell I felt real good and by the way, my results were o.k.

Sonntag, Juni 21, 2009

My Friend sings on Sunday

June 21/09....5:23 p.m.

So good to find old friends on YouTube and good to see that old friends age too! ;-)


Freitag, Juni 19, 2009

Good for a Laugh!

June 18/09..8:52 a.m.

Yes, always good for a laugh are stories which involve Landfrau and grandson. Two days ago daughter #2 asked me to take care of the kid, I should see to it that he had his lunch and then give him a lift to his hockey training, feed and walk the dog (mad Max -my once a while houseguest), grandson would be home from school at 1:45 p.m. and I should be at their place by then. Obidient mom was at the place a little ahead of time, sat in the sun in their yard and by the time it turned to be 2 p.m. started to worry about the kid not there yet. So I gave him a ring on his cell phone and had the astonished question where the heck I was. So I told him that I was waiting for im right in front of the door and it turned out that he was waiting for me inside of the house. He had been early, but who would think of that, the door being locked and the dog not barking, because he knows me. We still would be sitting inside and outside of the house waiting for each other, if I had not phoned.

Samstag, Juni 13, 2009

Home, sweet Home?

June 13/09 ....8:09 a.m.

First of all, have found out that I really DO NOT LIKE WORK! - Being spoiled during holidays is so much nicer, friends. What Landfrau hates about travelling though, is packing and unpacking. Lets take packing - inspite of my list there were several forgotten items, like - very important- passport for Herr Hund and my own personal alarm clock I hardly can do without. Forgot to switch on the outside timing lights and was not so sure about having switched out my nespresso machine ( well, I did, but uncertainty kept nagging on me!) . Have to keep working on my proficiency, seems to get harder with age.

Enough of that. Our little vaccation has been great and really something urgently needed. Just "chillin'" , good food, good wine, massages and not overdoing activities...the early morning and late afternoon walk with Herr Hund up that steep hill behind our hotel almost did me in, but once we reached the top we were awarded with such a great view and with a path we had all to ourselves. Never met a living soul. Then you think the world belongs to you. - One evening our Luxembourg friends joined us for dinner, its always lots of laughs with them, we are friends since over 40 years. Only our headwaiter, whom we called Obama among ourselves (could have been a brother) treated them very upnosed, they refused to stuff themselves with the big menu which we ate every nite. -

And then, during our last night I lost Herr Hund, had been watching a late movie, really enjoying myself in my bathrobe together with Robert Redford, when Herr Hund decided that he had an atttack of diarrhea and wanted out, but pronto. Since our room had been at the end of a very long hallway Iwas not so sure if we could make it to the elevator. Fortunately we had a fire escape staircase right across from our room, but the door could only be opened from the inside. Landfrau in bathrobe let out Herr Hund and Herr Hund vanished into the dark of the night. Whistling calling... no dog. So woke up Herr Husband who would not trust his ears when I told him that the dog got lost, then dressed in a jiffy to look for our lost friend and by the time I was ready, a very excited Herr Hund showed up at the bottom of the fire escape. He must have run to our ususal entrance and finding everything closed, remembered where he had come from. Well, I was so glad to have him back, but by that time Robert Redford had left me. Now I will never know how the movie ended.

So that had been the exciting finish of our vaccation . Now I am back home and wish "Obama" would serve me breakfast!

Samstag, Juni 06, 2009

Falling off Horses on Islands

June 6/09....12:30 p.m.

Almost every morning during our biketours Herr Hund and Landfrau pass the racetrack of our (former) riding stables and inevitably riding stories cross my mind. And there are plenty, believe me. Some refer to holidays, I vividly remember my first ride on German grounds. At that time we lived in France but out of some forgotten reason decided to take our vaccation at the island of Juist, one of the northern German islands. I had started with my first riding lessons in France and there I rode those very easy to sit, smaller French breed horses. A treat! - Now, beeing a very eager beginner-horsewoman, I decided to book a ride at one of the local island stables. Got my first fright when I saw those huge creatures, but everything went well, I started to relax and enjoy myself, loping along the sandy beaches, but..then we reached harder ground on the way home and, never have been taught that position, where you stand in your stirrups, I started to bounce like sitting in an effen Deux-Chevaux and off I went, very much to the estonishment of the other riders. Was I ever embarassed!-
My second island flop happened only a few years ago at the Netherlands seaside , Schouwen-Duiveland . We have friends,who take their horses and put them up at a local, also rental, stable. So they meant well and invited Landfrau and daughter for a ride. Our friend told the stable owner that we were very good riders and that was a mistake. They gave us horses, which must have been sitting in their boxes for at least a week, probably beeing unmanagable for normal riders. Daughter had a run-away ,as soon as we reached the beach, she dissapeared as tiny dot at the horizon and me, I got a trotter, who must have been astonished that there was no sulky following up and stormed off in such a brisk trot that he just bounced me off too, only this time I fell at a high speed on ground where the water just had receeded and mind you, on top of beeing soaking wet I had the feeling I had fallen on pur concrete and I had hever been so bruised around my lower half up to the waistline in all my life. For 3 days my favoured companions were icepacks at the weirdest places.-
I have been riding horses in New Mexico and in Arizona, never having had any trouble. I should stay away from island-horses, for me, they are jynxed.

Donnerstag, Juni 04, 2009

Life full of Highlites

June 4/09....8:50 p.m.

Would not be so great, to live a life full of highlites. You would never know boredom and sometimes it is just good to be lazy, empty and bored. Had such a day today, which had been full of tasks but utterly boring. My tonites highlite will now be a glass of wine and the relief to know that life will have real highlites in stall for me in the future and then boredom can go and fly a kite.

Samstag, Mai 30, 2009

Busy Bee - that's me

May 30/09 .....4:31 p.m.

Really have been buzzing around today. First biketour with Herr Hund (fortunately his paw looks very good, the awn must have come out by itself) to pick up fresh aspargus and strawberries at our local farmer, then mowing the lawn and watering flowers and shrubs, then another biketour into village, this time minus Herr Hund , he is always such a slowpoke, sniffing no end and making me wait for him continiously - a pain in the neck. Had to pick up some small forgotten things and as a reward treated myself to a delicious icecream- cone from the Italian icecream parlor, feeling like a kid, dripping icecream all over my fingers and licking it off. Then at home I prepared some strawberry shortcakes with whipped cream, which we just devoured. Feeling a bit like a glutton, but never mind, had enough excercise, so I don't have a bad concience. Will go easy tonite and just prepare a nice green salad ,with tomatoes ,garlic bread crumbs and hard boiled eggs and fresh french bred alongside, a treat. - Enough food talk for now, enjoy my beautiful rose, it is still blooming in my garden!

Donnerstag, Mai 28, 2009

Season`s Opening

May 28/09......6:66 p.m.

Yes, my friends, our Herr Hund had been the one, opening up the season being the first of awn victims. That's what the vet said anyway and that usually they fill in much later in the season. Well, Herr Hund had to live up to his name, country dog! - Fortunately the thing sits or sat, one can not really tell, between his toes and this way has no chance of migrating. Amazingly our patient does not limp, otherwise he would be good company to his master. For the time being no bandage, just antibiotics and we have to wait and see. Maybe we are lucky and the thing does not have to be cut out. So, keep your fingers crossed for us!

Sonntag, Mai 24, 2009

Summer Impressions

May 24/09.....4:18 p.m.

Landfrau promised herself a real "effn" lazy day today. Kept my promise up to now. Have to come inside for a while, soaking up sun while reading two papers made me kind of sweatty (but not smelly,haha) - a pool would be nice but all we have, is the pond, where at the moment we have the ultimative fish mortality, there are two leftovers to go but I bet that in the end we are stuck with one bugger who does not want to die and then pity grabs my heart and I go out and buy another couple of companions and the whole story starts anew. Well, such is life, or in this case rather the death of fish. This way we can stick to our neverending fishstories. The money we have spent on replacements could buy us a real good fishmeal by now. -
Last nite we had friends in for BBQ and foodwise everything turned out perfect, exept for the "test- grilled" sausages, which Herr Husband burned and Landfrau refused to eat. Our guests had been more brave, even claiming they were alright. The politeness of the invited! Herr Hund got mine and did not complain either.
So, if it would not be hate- monday tomorrow and we had a pool, life could be perfect.

Samstag, Mai 16, 2009

Country Life

May 16/09 ...2:24 p.m.

I know, I know, I am repeating myself, but to enjoy living outside of a big city but having it close nevertheless has something. This morning Herr Hund and Landfrau went by bike (Landfrau - bike, not Herr Hund) to pick up aspergus, strawberries and potoatoes from a local farmer, freshly harvested. On the way through the fields and bushes we came eye to eye with a deer, so close I almost could have touched it. We stood there, staring at each other and I tried even to keep my breath, that I would not chase it away. Fortunately Herr Hund had been practicing his usual slow poke tour, by the time he arrived at my side, the deer had gone. Also I enjoy the horses, which have been turned out by now upon the various meadows, they so much enjoy the fresh air and joung grass, frolicing around. Now I will peel my aspargus and then dolly up, dinner date with my brother and sister-in-law.
At times life can be enjoyable!

Montag, Mai 11, 2009


May 11/09 ....9:20 p.m.

Complain often enough, loud enough, sometimes it helps. My little garden fork is on its way, daugther no. 1 took pity on poor mom, put it in the mail today. And I still have a promise on flowers (to be planted) from daughter no.2, made today at birthday party of son-in-law. Good food,good wine & good company, joung folks, love that! Evening had been a bit chilly,though, Herr Husband had today's sunshine mistaken for summer, he wanted to leave before he turned into an icicle, dressed too summerly. Grandson ran around in short sleeves, that kid must have fishblood!

Sonntag, Mai 10, 2009

Same Procedure as every Year, James!

May710/09...... 2:16 p.m.

What am I talking about? Well, look at the date,glorious mother's day! Up to now I got an electronic card which did not arrive. - It had been cute, when the kids had been small, hiding them for days & then coming up with the most atrocious little gifts, you had to be hilariously joyful about.
Not that I really take much notice of the occasion nowadays, only thing is, that I start teasing Herr Husband the day before, like I expect at least breakfast in bed (hate it, crumbs!) and he goes haywire, because he hates preparing breakfast, what am I saying is, he hates doing things around the house which involve hands, and that does not leave much to do. We had times it escalated in such a way that he started yelling at me that I was not his mother and me beeing pissed off in the end at his attitude.
Yesterday I did some garden work and my little handfork broke. So I said that I wanted a mother's day fork for a present . I DID NOT GET ONE!
Now we will take the bikes and drive for an icecream, it is a great sunny day, but not over yet *ggg*!

Dienstag, Mai 05, 2009

This is just too funny!

May 5/09 ...6:57 p.m.

For all my friends, who do not have the opportunity to watch our little video in YouTube! -Gives you a little impression about action around here. - Now, this will be it for now, this is not a baby blog *g* .

Samstag, Mai 02, 2009

Little Miss Sunshine Content

May 2/09 ..11:22 p.m.

Having a toddler in the house is a somewhat different experience. Has one forgotten already the time when our kids had been small, having the run of the house? - Most of the "untouchables" had been put away, but in the garden a terracotta bowl had been a victim, calling ball,ball, grabbing and throwing it had been done so fast you did not have time to blink. Well, not too bad for collateral damage during 3 days, I would say, oh yes, a lump on the head from a headover tumble from the couch, which my heart made skip a beat for a moment. An adult falling like that would have broken his or her neck, I bet. Certainly the little queen had us dancing around her galore but can you say no to such a doll? Anyway, we enjoyed it , but honestly, every day and all the time would let us reach our limits. -

One thing is for sure, mother nature knows why she does not favour older women with offspring anymore and if older men think they still must father and raise kids, its their own fault.

Samstag, April 25, 2009

Let's see if I still can do it!

April 25/09 ...3:50 p.m.

What? Well, writing something without having to cut myself down to 140 characters. Thank you, twitter, you really make me minimalize myself, Landfrau sometimes has the weird feeling of even talking in tweets. Not that I have too much to say,anyway. Bought first aspargus of the season at our farmer, freshly cut this morning and we will have it with new potatoes, sce. hollandaise, baked ham and buttered crumbs tonite. Since aspargus is a real diet food I have the hidden hope, that all the other goodies on my plate also will turn into diet food miraculously. Scale will tell tomorrow morning, I might just cheat and show it the finger - there!
Fishwise there is another addition to our pond, could not resist a tiny coi when I had been out buying plants for the garden, and I am telling you, this fish can not swim, sitting on the ground most of the time, might turn into an amphibian.time will tell. -
And next week we will have visit from little Miss Sunshine and mom for a few days, looking forward to that and we are curious how much she has developed since X-mas, when we saw her last. Before I have to roam the house with a big basket, collecting all the "untouchables" and I hope that Herr Hund behaves better this time and does not think that he is the leader of the pack.

Dienstag, April 21, 2009

Just Music....

April 21/09 ...8:37 p.m.
.....for listening to on a nice spring-summer evening, enjoying a glass of wine!


Samstag, April 18, 2009

Lazy Saturday

April 18/09 ....2:59 p.m.

Listening to Herr Husband talking baby talk to baby on the phone. Drives me nuts! lol ! - Aside from that we are down to one dog, our guest dog, mad Max, has reluctantly left us, Herr Hund does not seem to be too unhappy about it, he is a spoiled "Einzelkind". And we have another,or rather, one more variety of our fish stories. Now we have four again, the longtime vanished "tester" has reappeared. If there ever should be five in the near future, I begin to believe that somehow Jesus is around, preparing to feed another 5000 with one fish. - Whatever. -

A bright ,promising sun had been out this morning, now it is raining again and darn cold on top. Landfrau is not satisfied. The short,warm period and then the follow-up rain has caused an explosion of green naturewise - green hell it is. The skiing gang is back home safe and sound from Austria, I always breathe a secret breath of relieve, they might drop in later. Landfrau will now switch back to twitter, but I try not to develop into a tweet addict.

Sonntag, April 12, 2009

Ivan the Horrible,the Antichrist or Cat Attack

April 12/09....9:14 p.m.

Things happen, which in my modest opinion only happen to Herr Husband. Today, beeing Easter, great weather and a lazy day altogether we decided to have dinner out at the Molzmühle, about a forty min. drive from our home towards the Dutch border, set very picturesque in the middle of woods. We know the owner, a very nice lady and a good cook to boot, quite well, she got some restaurant stars from various testers. We got a nice table at the first floor and while waiting for our food to arrive, we got a visit from the cat of the house, named Ivan (from now on the Horrible), a tomcat the size of a small black cougar and black he was, like the antichrist. Herr Husband talked to him very nicely like- who are you, nice kitty and so forth, while dangling his left hand at his side. Mind you, he did not even touch that minature tiger, and suddenly Ivan started to scratch, bite and beat up the hand of Herr Husband. Landfrau, like in situations like that, sorry - had a laughing fit and Herr Husband's hand had been bleeding like hell. He is taking bloodthinning medicamentation on account of his heart condition. We were supplied with some band aid and now here at home Landfrau administered some desinfection and we are thinking of a tetanus shot tomorrow, depending on the situation.
Nevertheless, dinner had been great and now we have sitting an army of chocolate bunnies around, one Easter Bunny Landfrau gave to Herr Husband, 2 from our daughter, 1 which sat in front of our gate (donnor unknown up to now )and one from Ivan the Horrible. Chocolate galore, or, like one of my twitter friends calls it, chocolate thunder.

So this has been our Easter up to now, there is one more day to come, hopefully in a way more relaxing, we can not cope with too much excitement anymore.


April 12/09


Samstag, April 11, 2009

Easter and the vanishing Things

April 11/09....2:50 p.m.

Easter is the time to hide things, right? mostly eggs and sometimes you find them about 6 months later! Around our house we have the story of the vanishing fish and I really did not dare to call it "Another fishstory" in my headline! If you have followed up my fish stories, you might remember, that after our icy time during winter only one of our fish survived, the smallest goldfish, called the 5-incher. Now both of us, Herr Husband and Landfrau, started to feel sorry for the lonely bugger, so Herr Husband went out to get him a companion. Orders from Landfrau had been:JUST ONE FISH! Since this fish had been so small we named him the tester. It took a few days and the tester had vanished. We kind of fished around in the pond, no luck, gone. I even took out the pump. Well, the next day, there was the tester for a glorious 2 days, then, zilch - vanished. And this time it did not show up any more. So Herr Husband went out and got another 2 fish, this time disobeying my strict orders for getting only one. To make a long story short, 2 days later they had vanished, all three of them. Neighbour told us she had seen a heron around. So Landfrau took a deep breath of relief, end of the fishstory, no more fish.
You might not believe it, 2 days later they were back , all three of them! Happy Easter!