Freitag, März 31, 2006

Windy City

March 31/06 7:21 p.m.

No, I am not talking about Chicago,although crimewise we have a pretty good average too. Of cse. I do not know much about Chicago in reference to crimes. Just hearsay. Windy city we have around here today, my newly "insawn"lawn has a chance to be blown away. And I saw a Rainbow! Which reminds me of that great song of Mike Scott
THE WHOLE OF THE MOON. And received by mail a great supply of country- and other music,thanks a million H.! My weekend is saved, nice music, a good book and a glass of red wine (or two).

And,folks, sorry, the quiz has been solved,and the winner is..... see for yourselves.
But dont despair, more chances are coming up!

Donnerstag, März 30, 2006

A Quiz!- and some pics

8.33 p.m.

Picture No.1...................??????????
Picture No.2...................Riverside
Picture No.3...................Hoofprints of horse - made in the morning
Picture No.4...................Rubbered feet of Landfrau in the water
Picture No.5...................Little Mississippi

Now, friends, what shows Picture No.1?? - The lucky "guesser" will get a personal picture postcard of one of the pics above - free choice! so, good luck!!
You know where to find us e -mail wise.

River View

March,30/06 4:33 p.m.
That never ending March! the man of my life said today, right he is, seems, we are having March for 6 weeks now. River Rhein is slowly but surely swelling up again,it`s such a ,so much more prettier sight,when it (father Rhein) is trying to imitate the Mississippi, as long as we dont get our feet wet!- And now I have a gooddie for you, sorry, my english speaking friends, have to leave you out, but its untranslateable. vom 27.3.06 21:39

Mittwoch, März 29, 2006

Spring starts in the Brain!

Wed. March 29/06
So, friends, having romantic ideas about spring? Love-feelings, heartbeats,wanting to dance and embrace the world? Wrong,all wrong, its simply a matter of evolution,
SEROTONIN is the culprid, sits in your brain, not in your poor little heart. Sorry, today I just want to act as a destroyer of illusions!
And for all of you to have a good laugh after desillusion: Ein "Lischtlein" brennt !( - look for "Grup Tekkan Live" and - enjoy!

Dienstag, März 28, 2006


Busy day,yesterday, hunting "woolmice" and constantly humming : Mr. Clean (Meister Propper) gets rid of grease and dirt and grime in just a minute...etc., that damned jingle will acompany me into my grave, while important things have long gotten lost to my brain! -Like to boast this statement. - Had been awake during last night from 3.30 - 4:30 p.m., senile Bettflucht? or insomnia on account of spring, which is finally showing its face.

No Reflection

March 28/03
..........about election. A poor show, last Sunday, no wonder, Germany ist mutating into a country of non-voters.Only guys - and dolls - in Berlin are patting each others backs. Everything only can get better,or??? Heads up, hope dies last.

Sonntag, März 26, 2006

Gloomy Sunday

Sunday,March 26/06 sunday kids
Friends of the night, who has not still been tired this morning? Know two, one of them me.
Why I do not like sundays: must be dating back to formative years, when sundays meant boring family meals and having to do the dishes subsequently (we as kids of cse). My mother was a terrific cook but a chaos-lady for leaving the kitchen afterwards.Then it was a sunday-walk ,all dolled up, and then you were stuffed again with coffee and cake. No wonder, I`m still batteling overweight! -Later on in years sundays somehow already had the smell of the beginning of a,often,dull week. Nowadays sundays transfer overcrowded places, take it as you wish, restaurants, museums,concerts etc. crowds,crowds of people, you really must love it to mingle,I for myself, in the meantime,am developping clausterphobia - well, LANDFRAU.

GLOOMY SUNDAY also is as great movie about a song,love ,a wonderful friendship,betrayal and a late,great revenge.
An absolute must to watch,should it pop up at one of the late channels.
Tried to record it a while ago, but just then our VR had the nerve to give up its ghost.So I am too in wating line.

Samstag, März 25, 2006

Garden View

Sat.March 25
Landfrau looks out into her garden and cries bitter tears. It`s a M - E - S - S!!! Help wanted!! Only eyecatcher the flowerpot,she herewith proudly presents. -Tears also could be shed for Lukaschenko`s opposition,arrests in Minsk last night - terror alsways has been a tool for the dictator. I admire those people standing up against such a regime without so little hope of support. -

Now folks, during the night to tomorrow, you are all aging an hour - don`t forget to move AHEAD (there is always that big confusion,unless you own a remote controlled alarm clock),but don`t fret, in fall you will ge that hour back.

Freitag, März 24, 2006

Saved Weekend

Frida 03/24/06
So,guys, have been chewing your fingernails -are the carrots available - ? They are here, nice and juicy and yummy, so, for the weekend,we will have a happy horse.Satisfied? Had to eat a double portion fish for lunch,my "guest" declined, wasnt the usual kind,well,for me it has been just "yummy"! Now I might grow fins.

Donnerstag, März 23, 2006

Gee -What a day!

Blue skies and sunshine! Sounds like advertising for icecream, eh, its advertising for icecream! Remember, folks, sitting at the movies and hoping that finally the main movie starts and then - in walk the icecream vendors - and suddenly half the moviehouse (including myself) gets that zest for oversweetened icecream,you would never munch anyplace else!-
Today wasnt icecream but a great ride along the riverside with "old horse",who also enjoyed it, if only he would not be such a chicken,but beeing 21 years old,(him,not me,wouldnt that be nice?) I have given up hope that he still might change - we cope -. And no fresh carrots yet, tomorrow will be the day, eureka!!!!

Fussball Fieber

Thursday, 5:19 p.m.
My,my,my,good for Klinsi and Co.,we beat the U S A! (soccerwise)...Honestly, otherwise would have been the deathrow for those poor guys, and I think the American citizens can live with their defeat,a huge percentage probably taking "soccer" for an exotic food! - We really should look forward to playing host to "Babylon", imagine somone from Timbuktu ordering a cup of coffee sitting outside in a "down-to-earth" German street side cafe and beeing told: DRAUSSEN GIBTS NUR KÄNNCHEN! Poor global visitors, stick to the good Italian (more here than in Italy) and then -there is always WOYTON and STARBUCK,so no sweat!

Mittwoch, März 22, 2006

Poor Horse

Got the evil eye from horse, no carrots,just lousy apples, and dont tell me,carrots can be bought at every super market, do you know, buddy, how much a horse can eat,carrotwise? Told him, tomorrow is another day - we parted friends.

Jason McElwain and George W.Bush

March 22/06 3:54 p.m. Must be a very proud boy, Jason, walking arm in arm with George W. Hope he is not being taken advantage off and is still in demand,when he does not score 20 anymore.
As for George W., time spent like this keeps him out of mischief,like starting another war,so..well done Jason! (Rheinische Post March 21/06)

my blog and me

4:02 p.m.
We are still sniffing like dogs at each other, not wagging the tail yet,time will tell,who wins.
This is my lucky day,found a "for ladies only" parking lot in a downtown garage,first time in my life, I think, and it has been a long life to consider. City life is tempting for Landfrau,have been spending money all over the places, food,clothes, books,feels good for a change,would ruin me in the long run. -Home now safe and sound and hunting for carrots for the horse (affordable).

It`s a Beginning

Tuesday,March 21
How to begin? The dog barks,someone arriving, passing? How does a dog think? Noise is nice? We will never know. Is this a dog blog?

No, its like putting your feet in cold water,hesitant, really not nice, do I have to? Not so sure yet,we shall see!

5:17 p.m.
sneaky sun,looks great from the inside, you come out -there you are, in the middle of winter! "Our" squirrels in our cypress-tree are still checking their walnut basket and are steaming mad, when there is no refill,kind `a cute. Dog loves any kind of weather.