Samstag, Mai 30, 2009

Busy Bee - that's me

May 30/09 .....4:31 p.m.

Really have been buzzing around today. First biketour with Herr Hund (fortunately his paw looks very good, the awn must have come out by itself) to pick up fresh aspargus and strawberries at our local farmer, then mowing the lawn and watering flowers and shrubs, then another biketour into village, this time minus Herr Hund , he is always such a slowpoke, sniffing no end and making me wait for him continiously - a pain in the neck. Had to pick up some small forgotten things and as a reward treated myself to a delicious icecream- cone from the Italian icecream parlor, feeling like a kid, dripping icecream all over my fingers and licking it off. Then at home I prepared some strawberry shortcakes with whipped cream, which we just devoured. Feeling a bit like a glutton, but never mind, had enough excercise, so I don't have a bad concience. Will go easy tonite and just prepare a nice green salad ,with tomatoes ,garlic bread crumbs and hard boiled eggs and fresh french bred alongside, a treat. - Enough food talk for now, enjoy my beautiful rose, it is still blooming in my garden!

Donnerstag, Mai 28, 2009

Season`s Opening

May 28/09......6:66 p.m.

Yes, my friends, our Herr Hund had been the one, opening up the season being the first of awn victims. That's what the vet said anyway and that usually they fill in much later in the season. Well, Herr Hund had to live up to his name, country dog! - Fortunately the thing sits or sat, one can not really tell, between his toes and this way has no chance of migrating. Amazingly our patient does not limp, otherwise he would be good company to his master. For the time being no bandage, just antibiotics and we have to wait and see. Maybe we are lucky and the thing does not have to be cut out. So, keep your fingers crossed for us!

Sonntag, Mai 24, 2009

Summer Impressions

May 24/09.....4:18 p.m.

Landfrau promised herself a real "effn" lazy day today. Kept my promise up to now. Have to come inside for a while, soaking up sun while reading two papers made me kind of sweatty (but not smelly,haha) - a pool would be nice but all we have, is the pond, where at the moment we have the ultimative fish mortality, there are two leftovers to go but I bet that in the end we are stuck with one bugger who does not want to die and then pity grabs my heart and I go out and buy another couple of companions and the whole story starts anew. Well, such is life, or in this case rather the death of fish. This way we can stick to our neverending fishstories. The money we have spent on replacements could buy us a real good fishmeal by now. -
Last nite we had friends in for BBQ and foodwise everything turned out perfect, exept for the "test- grilled" sausages, which Herr Husband burned and Landfrau refused to eat. Our guests had been more brave, even claiming they were alright. The politeness of the invited! Herr Hund got mine and did not complain either.
So, if it would not be hate- monday tomorrow and we had a pool, life could be perfect.

Samstag, Mai 16, 2009

Country Life

May 16/09 ...2:24 p.m.

I know, I know, I am repeating myself, but to enjoy living outside of a big city but having it close nevertheless has something. This morning Herr Hund and Landfrau went by bike (Landfrau - bike, not Herr Hund) to pick up aspergus, strawberries and potoatoes from a local farmer, freshly harvested. On the way through the fields and bushes we came eye to eye with a deer, so close I almost could have touched it. We stood there, staring at each other and I tried even to keep my breath, that I would not chase it away. Fortunately Herr Hund had been practicing his usual slow poke tour, by the time he arrived at my side, the deer had gone. Also I enjoy the horses, which have been turned out by now upon the various meadows, they so much enjoy the fresh air and joung grass, frolicing around. Now I will peel my aspargus and then dolly up, dinner date with my brother and sister-in-law.
At times life can be enjoyable!

Montag, Mai 11, 2009


May 11/09 ....9:20 p.m.

Complain often enough, loud enough, sometimes it helps. My little garden fork is on its way, daugther no. 1 took pity on poor mom, put it in the mail today. And I still have a promise on flowers (to be planted) from daughter no.2, made today at birthday party of son-in-law. Good food,good wine & good company, joung folks, love that! Evening had been a bit chilly,though, Herr Husband had today's sunshine mistaken for summer, he wanted to leave before he turned into an icicle, dressed too summerly. Grandson ran around in short sleeves, that kid must have fishblood!

Sonntag, Mai 10, 2009

Same Procedure as every Year, James!

May710/09...... 2:16 p.m.

What am I talking about? Well, look at the date,glorious mother's day! Up to now I got an electronic card which did not arrive. - It had been cute, when the kids had been small, hiding them for days & then coming up with the most atrocious little gifts, you had to be hilariously joyful about.
Not that I really take much notice of the occasion nowadays, only thing is, that I start teasing Herr Husband the day before, like I expect at least breakfast in bed (hate it, crumbs!) and he goes haywire, because he hates preparing breakfast, what am I saying is, he hates doing things around the house which involve hands, and that does not leave much to do. We had times it escalated in such a way that he started yelling at me that I was not his mother and me beeing pissed off in the end at his attitude.
Yesterday I did some garden work and my little handfork broke. So I said that I wanted a mother's day fork for a present . I DID NOT GET ONE!
Now we will take the bikes and drive for an icecream, it is a great sunny day, but not over yet *ggg*!

Dienstag, Mai 05, 2009

This is just too funny!

May 5/09 ...6:57 p.m.

For all my friends, who do not have the opportunity to watch our little video in YouTube! -Gives you a little impression about action around here. - Now, this will be it for now, this is not a baby blog *g* .

Samstag, Mai 02, 2009

Little Miss Sunshine Content

May 2/09 ..11:22 p.m.

Having a toddler in the house is a somewhat different experience. Has one forgotten already the time when our kids had been small, having the run of the house? - Most of the "untouchables" had been put away, but in the garden a terracotta bowl had been a victim, calling ball,ball, grabbing and throwing it had been done so fast you did not have time to blink. Well, not too bad for collateral damage during 3 days, I would say, oh yes, a lump on the head from a headover tumble from the couch, which my heart made skip a beat for a moment. An adult falling like that would have broken his or her neck, I bet. Certainly the little queen had us dancing around her galore but can you say no to such a doll? Anyway, we enjoyed it , but honestly, every day and all the time would let us reach our limits. -

One thing is for sure, mother nature knows why she does not favour older women with offspring anymore and if older men think they still must father and raise kids, its their own fault.