Montag, September 19, 2011


September 19/11......5:49 p.m.

Have been really looking forward to a little vaccation and change of scenery,  although had slight doubts about the trainride. Our tour in the beginning of our trip had been quite o.k., aside from the fact that they did not run a dining car and without breakfast till 2 p.m. it is a long way to go from getting up at 4:30 a.m. Never mind, we survived! Our trip back home did not go so smoothly, train, again without dining car, left at 2 p.m. and  dallied its way from the east to the west . Our first class car had been an old,beat up darling from 1962 and the grease spot at the glass separation from someone's head probably had been leftover from that time. Herr Husband went on an inspection tour, and told me coming back that the 2nd class coach was brandnew with more space,nice upholstery and - most of all  - much cleaner.  And 3 stations before we had to leave, drunken soccer fans boarded the train and you were lucky not to get puked on.   The final touch had been, that after we had - with the help of the handicap service - left the train , the elevator for taking down Herr Husband in his wheelchair was out of order and they took him down the flight of  steps in a device which I can not describe and which scared hell out of me. -
But aside from that we had a great little holiday and everything was up to our expectations, we had a beautiful room with a huge sundeck, equipped with rattan furniture and easy chairs with a roundabout view upon the sea, the beach and the forrest. A beautiful wellness area, great indoor pool, in short, all the facilities to train off the marvellous food, which I did like a hamster in a wheel, at least for the first days. Then I am aways greedy for everything!  For one day we rented a car to have a look at the surrounding area for a bit and we both agreed that our hide-away was the best choice ever.
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Now I am the hamster in the wheel back home and I hope our bags arrive in good shape wednesday, they come by courrier service, we could not drag them along on the train, too heavy and too many pieces - one bag alone is the famous luggie, with which Herr Husband had been the talk of the place.


Sonntag, September 04, 2011

Graves and Noodles

September 4/11....9:11p.m.

A year ago my brother died - sad,sad ,sad. So today, equipped with a bunch of flowers (he loved flowers) I ventured out to visit his grave.  I had been under the stupid presumption that I would find the grave in no time. So,  after puffing uphill where I thought I would find the grave, no grave. Circling back was not of much help. And no people around, only the dead ones, which would not answer me. Well, new start from the beginning, and always uphill, darn! Pretty soon I had the feeling I could dig my own grave.  After inspecting graves for about an hour and already thinking about a donation of my flowers to some poor looking grave  - I found him! - Patted his stone and could imagine him sneering at me.  He had been a good one at that during his lifetime. -
Coming home I had been really bushed, also our stupid weather might have had something to do with it. Flopped onto my bed to read some and kept doozing off, having the weirdest dreams.  Did not really feel like cooking, talked Herr Husband into taking us out to our favoured Italian for dinner, I simply had to have noodles (noodles make you happy!) and were they ever good but too much, now I am sitting here, considering to puke. And that's the end of my gloomy sunday and my brother is probably laughing his head off.  

Samstag, September 03, 2011

This last Day of Summer

September 3/11....8:30 p.m.

bye bye summer, hello fall!
That has been it, I can feel it in my bones, this has been the last day of real summer this year. Fall is lurking around the corner!  So here I am, killed a bottle of Pouilly fume - not during cooking dinner, mind you, otherwise I might have ended up like the adorable cook from "My drunk kitchen"! No,, me I want to enjoy my dinner and on days like this I strive for perfection. A meal for a hot day, wraps, filled with mixex peppers, green salad, corn, brown beans and of course  spicy meatcuts and sour cream. And that NICE bottle of Pouilly fume - actually everything goes with it, once you get into it, you might as well serve shit alongside, nobody would notice, it's simply sooo good! Ugh, I am getting off the subject - fall - which is climbing up on us in big steps, believe me. The migrating geese, passing our rooftop tell me so and they have never been wrong.  So , first step into fall clean up - I covered the big sunumbrella shading our little garden in summer. Since we had no real summer this year, the bugger had been real lazy.  Good for it, so it lasts maybe next season. Lucky us, we have a front garden with more sun and thats where we will hang around for the remaining days of this simply shitty summer. - So long! -