Dienstag, Januar 30, 2007

Are you an ELVIS- Fan?

SoloSong's Elvis Jukebox - There you go, Elvis the Pelvis - it's great!

....and,while you listen, here something to look at , a little promotion, it
is a fun piece,right for folks who like to travel


January 30/07 4:31 p.m.

You hear them all over our little village, the chain saws,cutting down trees in danger to fall,cutting fallen trees and trees into pieces for firewood. We have been lucky, that our daughter took most of our wood, would have been a shame to leave it for robber gardener,who would have charged us on top to get rid of it. There is also quite some wood lying around at the riverbanks, the next flooding might take care of that,although we might be lucky this year, not so much snow in the mountains and therefore not so much water from melting. It has turned quite warm again for this time of the year, above zero (C°) ,but grey skies, no sunshine. That has to come from the heart, which is not always so easy.
Dog and me had been taking a walk to the ferry landing this morning, the ferry is not running, yearly maintanance,so it had been peaceful and quiet and we could enjoy our view. Pic is promised for one of those days,when the sun decides to peek out! -

And now I will havwe to venture out again, dog is pestering me and right he is,otherwise we will walk by the moonriver (always again a terrific song, and such a sweet voice!).

Freitag, Januar 26, 2007


January 26/07 9:33 p.m.

...at the computer system, musicload worked fine for downloading(paid for - mind you) music,suddenly - zilch - . Talked to two hotlines, brother, I love that, and got an e-mail full of instructions I'm lost at. All I managed is to deinstall ourMedia Player, latest version,and then I had none.Took me quite a while to figure out how to re-install,uff!!! -Well, what the heck, it's a machine after all, might scream for help tomorrow ,our neighbour is good with computers. - Weatherwise we got some snowflakes, imagine, but by now the stuff has turned into rain. We might have icy roads tomorrow,but we don't have to venture out far. And...
getting used to "naked gardens". There had been a loss of 28 Million trees by the storm in Germany ,don't think they counted ours.

Montag, Januar 22, 2007

Go for Gold!

HillaryClinton.com - Video

January 22/07 8:00 p.m.
It is time for a change and why not a lady with experience in the White House! Landfrau keeps her fingers crossed for Hillary.



January 22/07 5:04 p.m.
A very nice link to enjoy, have not "gifted" you with music for a while.
Norah Jones is one of my favourite singers.

Sonntag, Januar 21, 2007

Oops, there goes another One!

January 21/07 3:47 p.m.

Grandson has been picked up by daughter No. 2 and has been on the phone already, forgot his softball, always leaving something behind, that kid. The James Bond last nite had been a dissapointment for both of us and since our satelite - dish has also suffered from the storm we had a big choice of "snowy" channels. But we have been rewarded with a life show today, the next one of our big trees, a cypress tree in the kitchen garden, started to move in a very funny way. So we decided to call the diligent helpers,the local fire brigade. They decided,that 12 meter- tree had to go and so we had front row seats from our "tower" (attic) windows to watch the action. They left about 4 meters and now it looks like a funny kind of bush sitting in the corner. By now I think, the squirrells will put a jynx (or whatever its called) on us, this has been their main residence. Places in the two previous trees taken down had been like vacation homes. We might decide to cover our gardens with concrete and paint them green, then all we need is a scrubbing broom,lots of detergent and an occasional paint job.
That's the way the (soft)ball bounces!

Samstag, Januar 20, 2007

I -do-not-like-it

January 20/07 6:58 p.m.

....if other dogowners pester me with stories about the "brightness" of their dogs. Met a lady during my walk tonite, now, since we took the same direction and, Landfrau beeing a polite person, I could not avoid listening to her endlesss recitation about her dog catching mice. Even my ironic "that it must be cat's genes" could not stop her. O.K.,did not punch her nose (would have loved to) but said that I had to turn around. So on our way back, dog and me, could enjoy the sight of a red gleaming dark sky,with the flashing lights from the airport across the river Rhein and the brightly lit starting planes. B e a u t i f u l! - River is carrying quite some water, some of the shoreline has been flooded already. But that hapens every year,so there is nothing to worry about yet.
Man of the house is sitting in starter position to pick up grandson No. 2 (the smaller one) for overnite room and board. Me, I already got orders to watch a "James Bond" movie with him later on, am I ever looking forward to that! Never mind, grandma's duties. And - as long as I am not matching the above lady, when he asks me for a bedtime - story, I shall count my blessings!

Freitag, Januar 19, 2007

Kyrill - The Big One

January 19/07 3:49 p.m.

Boy, that has been some bugger of a storm last night and it is not quite over yet,if I look out of my window,trees are moving in occasional gusts again. But last night had been hellish and we were mighty glad,that we had made the decision to take the fir tree down lately,it would have been a goner for sure. Our neighbours from across the street called the fire brigade to take one of their trees down, which might have landed plum upon the street. There were lots of damages in our village as to trees,roofs and houses, fortunately no casualties. But around Germany there had been ten and more in other European countries. One little girl, two years old, had been slain by a door. A little life, phhf, extinguished just like that, on account of a stupid storm. -
I have the bad feeling, that there will be more super- gaus of nature, since our weather really has gone haywire,next there will be floodings again, on account of the heavy rainfalls. And if you take into consideration that it is partly homemade by mankind and that there are still governments without insight and unwilling to workout plans against such catastrophies,one could throw a tantrum fit.

Poor Planet Earth!

Donnerstag, Januar 11, 2007

Good Guy with white Hat

More Blood, More Money, More Doubts

130,000 US soldiers haven't been able to bring peace to Iraq. Now George W. Bush has admitted his error -- and is sending in a further 21,000 troops. The US President is thus almost completely ignoring the recommendations of the Baker Commission. By Georg Mascolo in Washington (Spiegel Online - International / Jan.11/07)

January 11/07
There he goes again, Baby Bush, on with his personal venegance. 21.000 troops are not people playing in his league, where they are coming from, sacrifice is an honour and never mind, what comes later in regard to families and so on. Him and his likes are safe and sound and he can continue the game of the good marshal sent by God.

Mittwoch, Januar 10, 2007

Second Life

January 10/07

This is weird.......got hold of an article in our daily paper (computer site) about a program called "second life". Of course curious Landfrau wanted to know more and got into investigating matter and, if you ask me, this is like Mokitown for grownups. You get a doll and dress it(and this is you now) up (let's call them Ken and Barbie from now on) and then you roam around and meet other Kens and Barbies and, according to the report, have an abudance of fun together. You even can have sex, if you push a key, you get an erection. Mind you, you are now Barbie and you meet Ken, prime body,full of mucles,young, spirited - and whats hiding behind? An old fat leech with no hair. Same goes for Barbie,could be an ugly hangdog hiding behind that beautiful creature. - Of course this also could open doors for cunning people. Imagine Ken and Barbie know each other in real life and are, lets presume, secret lovers, then of course they could have a lot of fun together, all it takes is to tell each other the fake names .But then,making love, might be a bit frustrating,having to push keys.
And - so is said - you can make real money, now thats an intriguing subject, walk out of a game a millionaire, for that, I would turn into Barbie too!

So, have I gotten you interested? Just push the hyperlink and see for yourselves.

Samstag, Januar 06, 2007

Year without Horse

January 06/07

Since 1976 this will be the first horseless year for the family. Some of you already know, some might have asked themselves why there has been no more mentioning of the oldie-horse. Sad story, oldie has been sent to horse heaven in October 06. Really had not the nerve to talk about it for quite a while, and dog and me still miss the old rascal, while roaming the river banks, thats what we loved most, the three of us. Somehow picturing he might still be gallopping along with us, up there in horse heaven. He has been a good horse,brave and honest, he has been with us for almost 19 years.-
Don't miss the stables,not my world anymore.

Last pics of Little Lander - Hannoveranian Gelding

Freitag, Januar 05, 2007

Breakfast - not at Tiffany's

January 05/07 2:59 p.m.

Now, this morning, Landfrau had prepared breakfast (actually like each and every morning EVEN ON MOTHER'S DAY!) and had, like every morning, her solitairy meal - waiting for the companion would upset day's schedule too much - but, miracles happen,companion joined me at the table. Then I cleared and cleaned away all the things, and then companion complained, that breakfast was gone and only a spick and span table left. Turned out, that he did not have a bite to eat yet. Well, told him, that even in first class hotels, breakfast matters are cleared away at 11:00 a.m. Now someone will wither away for sure.
Had to be on the run then, first with the dog and then to pick up my Durangos (cowboy boots) at the shoemakers. Shops around here close for lunchtime, anyway, most of them, you think we would be living in the deepest South of Spain and it was siesta time. Now, for my poor boots, they for sure are falling apart, bought them at a Santa Fe, N.M. - store 6 years ago, think I will have to return soon to my dream place. Any reason is a good reason!

Mittwoch, Januar 03, 2007

One More Tree - Story

January 03/07 5:50 p.m.

So, yesterday, Landfrau had been de-treeing the living room and all the deco things, like angels and santas ,had to hit their boxes for another 11 months. But now, look for yourselves,friends, is'nt that still a great tree? Now, I'm considering

1st. : selling it to Russia with love ( still 3 days left, since the Russians celebrate after the Georgian Calendar, Jan.7 and little Father Frost, who brings the presents in Russia,might still be short of a tree)

2nd.: putting it into the empty corner,left by the fir tree. - Only, how to preserve it? Must stay green and keep its needles! Spray? Paint? whatever.-

Well,just a little joke, but I am happy to hear, that I had a leaning tree companion in far away Houston! But knocking over the tree with ornaments - That has been overdoing it, my friend! Mutual agreement,never listen to the tree critics , next X-mas,we do it our ways!

And remember, only 11 months and 21 days left till X-mas! (Now -cross my heart, I won't go on with that).

January - Progressing

January 03/07 10:55 a.m.

In a hurry, in a hurry but....You like bad blogs? ( in the way of mean!)
Then,have fun!

Montag, Januar 01, 2007

First Day of more to come in 2007

January 01/07

....and New Year's resolutions:
1. loose weight
2. loose weight
3. loose weight
4. don't forget to put out garbage cans!

Ugh, nothing harder to cope with than a succession of good days! -
Last day of last year has been spent eating a marvellous buffet at our country hotel at the ferry landing and then taking in a play (comedy) in a little theatre downtown Düsseldorf. Have not really been taken by the play (after a movie with Dustin Hoffmann), outdated plot for our time and the actors have not been so great either.-Well, man of my life liked it better than me, which was good, since I had given him the tickets for a Christmas present.
And at 3:30 a.m. we had a phone call from some kids, trying to sell us 5 kos. of pudding and, after our inquiry,where they were calling from, telling us first Hungary and then Irak. Since their number showed on the display, I called this morning a very surprised mother and we had a laugh together. Told her though, things like that can fire back, if you reach the wrong address.
So, this morning, dog and me had a very wet and windy walk, not nice for the beginning of the year.
But all those good wishes from family, friends and fans for the New Year had been nice,a big T H A N K S to all of you and so long for today!