Mittwoch, Dezember 21, 2011

History of a pre-X-mas Time

December 21/11....10:40 a.m.

July 21st/ birthday, thinking about X-mas, 5 more months to go - cheerful  memories!

November 30/11....starting to dig around for X-mas decorations, basement up to the attic, good excercise, especially if the gadgets you think are downstairs  are upstairs and vice versa.

December 2/11.... still looking for missing santa clauses for outdoor decoration, darn!

December 3/11...setting up outdoor "adventskranz" (wreath) one of the causes for walking on crutches around that time last year - bad memories!

December 6/11....given up looking for missing clauses, they can fry in hell! - baking first batch of X-mas cookies - hate it!

December 8/11...getting too often into jar of cookies to try if they are still good. they are, but dwindling away. Start to fatten myself up.

December 9/11 ...had to drive Herr H. to the eye doctor in shitville Krefeld, windy day, bought a cap while running around and getting lost as always. Husband pissed off because he had to wait for me, says my cap looks stupid. 

December 10/11....X-mas wishes from the family members so,money,money. My goodness, do we have a big family!

December 12/11...bought another X-mas cake (Dresdner Stollen) by special order from Herr Husband.  

December 13/11....Herr Husband decides he does not like X-mas cake any more.  Want to stuff it down his throat!

December 14/11...drove downtown to look for some small presents, came home with no presents, but another cap. Getting on a roll for caps - nutty!

December 15/11...baked some more cookies to stuff myself.

December 16/11.....found missing santas - now they can rott in their box!

December 20/11 ....went for food shopping and developped a hate towards X-mas songs and X-mas decorations.While stowing stuff into the car watched a departing Lufthansa plane in the sky, whised I was on it, never mind where to.

December 21/11...eyeing my decorated X-mas tree and wishing it was July, so I could be looking forward to CHRISTMAS!


Dienstag, Dezember 06, 2011

Pick one!

December 6/11......7:40 p.m.

....and preferably made of chocolate!
We exchange them within the family, the whites,the cafe au laits and the dark chocolates. As it turns out, we might as well keep the own ones since they always turn out "look -a-likes", makes no difference. This year WHITE  is in!
Also baked first cookies, what a drag, >I simply hate baking cookies. This way I suffer for my sins.