Montag, November 09, 2015

NoNo trip turned around

November 9/ 2015  3:05 p.m.

Fast decision replace our no-river Rhein-Amsterdam tour we went to our old hideout Sporthotel Leweck at Lipperscheid /Luxembourg. I never thought that at my ripe age I would turn into the driver, but what must must.  Navi kept telling me via Cologne, hubby kept yelling Aachen, in the end instead of taking the  autobahn lane leading to Belgium I took the turnoff to Aachen and told aggavated Herr H to pipe down "you wanted to go to Aachen,there you are". No big deal, one takes the next opportunity to turn,so what! Gee..might have lost 5 min!!! - I want to get there, later maybe..but there, right?
Since we had made such a short decision the hotel had been completely booked ou except for the royal suite, but according to " last shirt has no pockets " we booked it and so we had,among other amenities the luxury of 2 bedrooms...nice treat!  Our stay as usual, had been very pleasant and we had nice,for November, beautiful warm weather, once the morning fog had lifted. Food had been great and again we borrowed the hotel golf cart and went "offroad" hubby trying in vain to overturn us. I had been the waiters darling which pissed off Herr if you are handicapped they think that you are soft in the head too! :(.....
We took , like for the Hunsrück trip, the scooter which can be taken apart ( and is so much more easily handled and loaded. Our  Mini countryman is fun to drive and it is amazing what you can stow in this not soo big car.
Driving home I decided to listen to the navi which took us via a very picturesque route through the Ardennen (Eifel) fog in the valleys and blue sky and sun on the higher levels. We reentered Germany in a tiny village and out of a hidden corner were stopped by a red light waved by customs. I had to open the trunk and they asked if we had money or papers worth more than € 10 000,--.  My answer...I wish we had! we were allowed to drive on.

Back home we foud out that the St. Martin's parade was to pass our house, I had goofed that up and no  deco  ready to put up, so shamefaced we hid behind the curtains . But we got a sweet man anyway today, you know, around here,we eat men!