Samstag, April 25, 2009

Let's see if I still can do it!

April 25/09 ...3:50 p.m.

What? Well, writing something without having to cut myself down to 140 characters. Thank you, twitter, you really make me minimalize myself, Landfrau sometimes has the weird feeling of even talking in tweets. Not that I have too much to say,anyway. Bought first aspargus of the season at our farmer, freshly cut this morning and we will have it with new potatoes, sce. hollandaise, baked ham and buttered crumbs tonite. Since aspargus is a real diet food I have the hidden hope, that all the other goodies on my plate also will turn into diet food miraculously. Scale will tell tomorrow morning, I might just cheat and show it the finger - there!
Fishwise there is another addition to our pond, could not resist a tiny coi when I had been out buying plants for the garden, and I am telling you, this fish can not swim, sitting on the ground most of the time, might turn into an amphibian.time will tell. -
And next week we will have visit from little Miss Sunshine and mom for a few days, looking forward to that and we are curious how much she has developed since X-mas, when we saw her last. Before I have to roam the house with a big basket, collecting all the "untouchables" and I hope that Herr Hund behaves better this time and does not think that he is the leader of the pack.

Dienstag, April 21, 2009

Just Music....

April 21/09 ...8:37 p.m.
.....for listening to on a nice spring-summer evening, enjoying a glass of wine!


Samstag, April 18, 2009

Lazy Saturday

April 18/09 ....2:59 p.m.

Listening to Herr Husband talking baby talk to baby on the phone. Drives me nuts! lol ! - Aside from that we are down to one dog, our guest dog, mad Max, has reluctantly left us, Herr Hund does not seem to be too unhappy about it, he is a spoiled "Einzelkind". And we have another,or rather, one more variety of our fish stories. Now we have four again, the longtime vanished "tester" has reappeared. If there ever should be five in the near future, I begin to believe that somehow Jesus is around, preparing to feed another 5000 with one fish. - Whatever. -

A bright ,promising sun had been out this morning, now it is raining again and darn cold on top. Landfrau is not satisfied. The short,warm period and then the follow-up rain has caused an explosion of green naturewise - green hell it is. The skiing gang is back home safe and sound from Austria, I always breathe a secret breath of relieve, they might drop in later. Landfrau will now switch back to twitter, but I try not to develop into a tweet addict.

Sonntag, April 12, 2009

Ivan the Horrible,the Antichrist or Cat Attack

April 12/09....9:14 p.m.

Things happen, which in my modest opinion only happen to Herr Husband. Today, beeing Easter, great weather and a lazy day altogether we decided to have dinner out at the Molzmühle, about a forty min. drive from our home towards the Dutch border, set very picturesque in the middle of woods. We know the owner, a very nice lady and a good cook to boot, quite well, she got some restaurant stars from various testers. We got a nice table at the first floor and while waiting for our food to arrive, we got a visit from the cat of the house, named Ivan (from now on the Horrible), a tomcat the size of a small black cougar and black he was, like the antichrist. Herr Husband talked to him very nicely like- who are you, nice kitty and so forth, while dangling his left hand at his side. Mind you, he did not even touch that minature tiger, and suddenly Ivan started to scratch, bite and beat up the hand of Herr Husband. Landfrau, like in situations like that, sorry - had a laughing fit and Herr Husband's hand had been bleeding like hell. He is taking bloodthinning medicamentation on account of his heart condition. We were supplied with some band aid and now here at home Landfrau administered some desinfection and we are thinking of a tetanus shot tomorrow, depending on the situation.
Nevertheless, dinner had been great and now we have sitting an army of chocolate bunnies around, one Easter Bunny Landfrau gave to Herr Husband, 2 from our daughter, 1 which sat in front of our gate (donnor unknown up to now )and one from Ivan the Horrible. Chocolate galore, or, like one of my twitter friends calls it, chocolate thunder.

So this has been our Easter up to now, there is one more day to come, hopefully in a way more relaxing, we can not cope with too much excitement anymore.


April 12/09


Samstag, April 11, 2009

Easter and the vanishing Things

April 11/09....2:50 p.m.

Easter is the time to hide things, right? mostly eggs and sometimes you find them about 6 months later! Around our house we have the story of the vanishing fish and I really did not dare to call it "Another fishstory" in my headline! If you have followed up my fish stories, you might remember, that after our icy time during winter only one of our fish survived, the smallest goldfish, called the 5-incher. Now both of us, Herr Husband and Landfrau, started to feel sorry for the lonely bugger, so Herr Husband went out to get him a companion. Orders from Landfrau had been:JUST ONE FISH! Since this fish had been so small we named him the tester. It took a few days and the tester had vanished. We kind of fished around in the pond, no luck, gone. I even took out the pump. Well, the next day, there was the tester for a glorious 2 days, then, zilch - vanished. And this time it did not show up any more. So Herr Husband went out and got another 2 fish, this time disobeying my strict orders for getting only one. To make a long story short, 2 days later they had vanished, all three of them. Neighbour told us she had seen a heron around. So Landfrau took a deep breath of relief, end of the fishstory, no more fish.
You might not believe it, 2 days later they were back , all three of them! Happy Easter!

Mittwoch, April 08, 2009

Fly me to the Moon

April 8/09 ....7:44 p.m.

Since there are easter holidays, our grandson had a time window for his grandparents and we went to see that facinating expo at the gasometer in Oberhausen in the middle of the industrial area of the Ruhrgebiet. Many of the former industrial places are not needed any more in our modern times, so they have been turned into momuments. A great idea,so coming generations are able to have a look at the working places of older times. The gasometer has converted into a place where they have expositions and also presentations and performances, very interesting. So, today we have been looking at the biggest artificial moon in existence and there was a demonstration about all the moon phases in fast motion. A real "wow" effect. Many other interesting things to see, I could have walked around for hours. Spooky too to listen to a tape of the call from the Russian base talking to the first space victim and suddenly there had been nothing anymore. A human lost in space and his last words forever preserved.

And to top it off, we went to the top. There is a -very windy - observation platform 100 meters high, where you had a terrific view all around and grandson spied a little amusement parc right at the foot in the surounding grounds belonging to a big mall and we naturally had to drive there right away, but after a late lunch with snail waiters (they only looked like humans) it had started to rain and the temperature had dropped considerably. So our freezing grandson let us take him home - 45 min. drive, after all - and we were lucky to avoid the evening traffic.

Donnerstag, April 02, 2009

My Summer Trauma?

April 2/09 ....7:33 p.m.

Have been a very busy Landfrau today and an early bird on top. Had an appointment for the once a year nuisance of " health inspection". I call it the pee- run, three guesses why. And in the afternoon I kind of raided the local flower market. My efforts to give the unloved new fence a personal touch. Hope I will be satisfied with the results at the end of this summer, have to wait and see. Our weather right now is like the icing on a cake, smooth. For me it can stay that way, and I think other people don't mind either. Will have daughter's dog, mad Max, as a houseguest over Easter, if running with two dogs won't do the trick of turning me into someone slim and trimm, then I give up. -
Queen Elizabeth has been wrapped into the arm of the First Lady Obama, the British court is in uproar, but the queen obviously did not mind beeing touched the democratic way and Herr Husband fell under his car, while unloading a bag of garden soil from the back compartment. Got rescued by a lady neighbour, because he could not get up by himself anymore. He gave her a hard time, beeing half his size. So, these were the most important news of the day. - And have you been April fools yesterday? I know of at least two, but not Landfrau, mind you!