Sonntag, April 12, 2009

Ivan the Horrible,the Antichrist or Cat Attack

April 12/09....9:14 p.m.

Things happen, which in my modest opinion only happen to Herr Husband. Today, beeing Easter, great weather and a lazy day altogether we decided to have dinner out at the Molzmühle, about a forty min. drive from our home towards the Dutch border, set very picturesque in the middle of woods. We know the owner, a very nice lady and a good cook to boot, quite well, she got some restaurant stars from various testers. We got a nice table at the first floor and while waiting for our food to arrive, we got a visit from the cat of the house, named Ivan (from now on the Horrible), a tomcat the size of a small black cougar and black he was, like the antichrist. Herr Husband talked to him very nicely like- who are you, nice kitty and so forth, while dangling his left hand at his side. Mind you, he did not even touch that minature tiger, and suddenly Ivan started to scratch, bite and beat up the hand of Herr Husband. Landfrau, like in situations like that, sorry - had a laughing fit and Herr Husband's hand had been bleeding like hell. He is taking bloodthinning medicamentation on account of his heart condition. We were supplied with some band aid and now here at home Landfrau administered some desinfection and we are thinking of a tetanus shot tomorrow, depending on the situation.
Nevertheless, dinner had been great and now we have sitting an army of chocolate bunnies around, one Easter Bunny Landfrau gave to Herr Husband, 2 from our daughter, 1 which sat in front of our gate (donnor unknown up to now )and one from Ivan the Horrible. Chocolate galore, or, like one of my twitter friends calls it, chocolate thunder.

So this has been our Easter up to now, there is one more day to come, hopefully in a way more relaxing, we can not cope with too much excitement anymore.

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