Sonntag, Dezember 20, 2015

Mean jerk in supermarket

December 20/2015

Yesterday I had an encounter with a mean,ugly..ugh..jerk at the supermarket.Leaving the store the guy was in front of me,so passing him I hissed SANTA WILL BRING YOU NO PRESENTS  and ran awyay giggling, watching him turn into Rumpelstiltzchen.

Really, some people should be shot to the moon. If I would have answered this douchebag the way I would have liked to,he probably would have sued me. So I preferred the funny version,which worked better! ..lolol....

Freitag, Dezember 04, 2015

oh joyful xmas time!

December 4/2015

So a brandnew supermarket opened up in the next village and after the advertising it must be next to heaven. Landfrau,bitten a little bit by curiosity, ventured there today and without being mean, the place is a showpiece, although much too big for everyday shopping. I will stick to the tiny one in the neighbourhood, fast out.
But at the cashier counter they have to improve. I put all my stuff on the belt, paid and while checking on my content found two items missisg. They had not been billed, but I wanted them,otherwise I would not have bought them. So I returned to the counter and the lady next in line after me just was whining that she had items not belonging to her. Now that steamed me up and I spit at her that these were mine and if she would have been smart enough to put that partition stick-thing there would have been no mixup. I had to wait till all their goods had been run through to pay for my addidtional items and at home I noticed that I got billed one item twice and a bottle of wine still must have joined the heap, of the stupid woman, fortunately not on my bill. quite a successful shopping trip...and to boot I got stuck in the traffic!

Montag, November 09, 2015

NoNo trip turned around

November 9/ 2015  3:05 p.m.

Fast decision replace our no-river Rhein-Amsterdam tour we went to our old hideout Sporthotel Leweck at Lipperscheid /Luxembourg. I never thought that at my ripe age I would turn into the driver, but what must must.  Navi kept telling me via Cologne, hubby kept yelling Aachen, in the end instead of taking the  autobahn lane leading to Belgium I took the turnoff to Aachen and told aggavated Herr H to pipe down "you wanted to go to Aachen,there you are". No big deal, one takes the next opportunity to turn,so what! Gee..might have lost 5 min!!! - I want to get there, later maybe..but there, right?
Since we had made such a short decision the hotel had been completely booked ou except for the royal suite, but according to " last shirt has no pockets " we booked it and so we had,among other amenities the luxury of 2 bedrooms...nice treat!  Our stay as usual, had been very pleasant and we had nice,for November, beautiful warm weather, once the morning fog had lifted. Food had been great and again we borrowed the hotel golf cart and went "offroad" hubby trying in vain to overturn us. I had been the waiters darling which pissed off Herr if you are handicapped they think that you are soft in the head too! :(.....
We took , like for the Hunsrück trip, the scooter which can be taken apart ( and is so much more easily handled and loaded. Our  Mini countryman is fun to drive and it is amazing what you can stow in this not soo big car.
Driving home I decided to listen to the navi which took us via a very picturesque route through the Ardennen (Eifel) fog in the valleys and blue sky and sun on the higher levels. We reentered Germany in a tiny village and out of a hidden corner were stopped by a red light waved by customs. I had to open the trunk and they asked if we had money or papers worth more than € 10 000,--.  My answer...I wish we had! we were allowed to drive on.

Back home we foud out that the St. Martin's parade was to pass our house, I had goofed that up and no  deco  ready to put up, so shamefaced we hid behind the curtains . But we got a sweet man anyway today, you know, around here,we eat men!

Donnerstag, Oktober 22, 2015

Another NoNo-trip

October 22/15.....7:30 pm

For a change it has not been our doing. The shipping company cancelled our trip on account of not enough demand.  My ,my...a cruise from Düsseldorf on a foggy river to Amsterdam could really have been something special. But apparently people nowadays are sissies, they want sunshine and warmth or they travel to Alaska, nothing in between. I feel sorry for Herr H., he really had been looking forward to this little cruise, it would have been so convinient, travelling from and to Düsseldorf.

Well, at least we had a couple of days at a hideway former cloister (now a very nice wellness hotel) in the Hunsrück region, Landfrau drove all the way and back....I am bragging!

Freitag, August 21, 2015

Summer almost over

Sitting in my little garden with a cup of coffee thinking about autumn. actually a season I love,all those colours, red,yellow,orange annd the misty mornings. ...and this touch of melancholy , another year almost gone!

Montag, Juni 15, 2015

Could have been such a good day!

June 15..5:50 p.m.

Matjes ( pickled herring) and jazz at Haus Meer for lunch yesterday,sunday, seemed such a good idea. We enjoyed the music, our food and a glass of beer resp. white wine. Since the weather had been nice,we took scooter -hubby - and e-bike - me and on the way home we separated since I wanted to take a little detour. Towards our home the bike path is a touch downhill , so I had been a little bit " speedy Gonzales" and wanting to make a left turn into our streed I overestimated the speed of a lady coming from the opposite direction. Now she in turn had been at snailpace, so I had only the choice to run into her or take a bigger turn. unfortunately I  hit a decorock..stupid idea to put such a thing there..and ran into a pole which would not go away. result..sommersault,bruised collarbone,breast and a finger really cut open on some iron sign. Had a crowd of people right away,some nice ones helping me to assemble myself and bike and giving me paperhanky to press on my wildly bleeding finger, 
others just standing there gapping.And all that in sight of my own place. what a bummer!  
Had a somewhat painful night but managed with the help of Paracetamol. and no..I did not see an emergency ward. That would have spoiled my day completely.

Mittwoch, Mai 20, 2015

oh boy, it's good to be awake!

may 20/15

I had a dream...being in some strange forrest running across a grizzly with two cubs. Now everyone had told me they were quite harmless...only the mother bear rose and approached me. In panic I tried to reach the police on my cell phone to ask what I should do... and then a truck with some forrest labourers approached and they let me hop in..then I woke up. 
Still asking myself what would have happened if the truck would not have come.
And also asking myself what this crazy dream stands for!

Samstag, Mai 09, 2015


May 9/15  ...2:32 pm

While I was on the road today on my bike to pick up my fresh aspargus from the farmer's market I noticed the lilac bushes in full bloom. Now this automaticalliy makes me think of mother's day. Us kids used to "harvest" armfulls for mom for her special day . Usually those flowers were accompanied by the most atrocious gifts which only could melt the heart of a kid. Of course allowance had been quite meager and the gifts met the wealth of the donnor. I vividly remember a very ugly glass bowl which as a kid thought to be an eyecatcher. Years later, already an adult, I found it hidden away in a cabinet corner. My mother had been a keeper of things and I suppose she could not part with it out of sentiment. I can not remember though that the thing ever decorated the place.

The link  I dedicate to all forgotten mothers of this world!

Mittwoch, Mai 06, 2015

...and he did not wear the shirt!

May 6/15...3:05 p.m.

The nice,crisp shirt still sits, or I should say again , in the wardrobe's drawer. Only in the meantime it has taken a trip to France and back. Boy! much rain on the coast of the Atlantic !. I am back with a fat cold which I inherited from one of the guests, we had been celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of brother and sister-in -law. So they had full house and a sick lady who,when she showed up, always somehow had been next to me. We flew and had handicapped service for hubby ,otherwise we could not manage airtravel anymore. is a strenious undertaking, especially for me who has to follow those chairwheel pushers who all seem to be training for the Olympics speedwise. Now I am sitting here and besides looking after my cold I pamper my foot which developped  a tendon infection from overstrain

Mittwoch, April 22, 2015

One of those days...

April 22/15...11.06 p.m.

Alll I can say,thank heavens it is over. Morning has been wasted waiting for a guy who was supposed to come and measure our staircase for a lift for hubby, only he did not show up and then hubby found out he had mixed up the date, so now the same game tomorrow. Then I drove Herr H. to ugly Krefeld,my hate town, I had spotted an interesting shirt in the internet and since the shop is about half an hours drive from here we decided that he might as well try it on for size. Only when he wanted to pay he had no wallet which he had chased me upstairs for to get for him and then left it at home. So I drove him home,oicked up money and returned to the shop. In the meantime there was a nice rush hour traffic. Well, as a small reward I treated myself to a poloshirt. And then ,back home, the rail in my closet collapsed and all the stuff fell out and it was a big mixture of garments and entwined hangers...beautiful! After I had sorted everything out and hung up the effn thing collapsed again twice and I could have rolled on the floor and bit the carpet. Hubby mentioned that there will be shooting stars during the nite..I could not care less!

Donnerstag, Februar 05, 2015

My Nightmare

5.february /15

This can also be filed under embarrassing moments . 2 weeks ago ,when Herr husband still had been hospitalized, Me..of course on a weekend..night from saturday to sunday...developped a high bloodpressure 200/100 at 11 p.m.  Now that scared the hell out of me, all by myself, nevertheless I tried going back to sleep. By 3 p.m. I woke up to an even rising measurement so I called the emergency unit and they took me to the hospital. There they really looked nicely after me, it had been one of the smaller regional hospitals, so everything seemed at least not so anonymous. They did bloodtests, gave me some medication and then they sent me home by taxi. By 5 p.m. I had been back in my own bed considering that next time I rather die than make a fool of myself...somehow!

Samstag, Januar 24, 2015

A Wintertale

january 18/2015....3.00 p.m.

So we are having the first snow this winter, time for a winter tale. Around Xmas time I had been looking like mad for a book, in my possession since ages, it is "Breakfast at Tiffany's ", but why I wanted to find it so badly was because of that little tale "a Christmas Memory" , that little story which can move me almost to tears every time I read it. It is in this little book of stories by Truman Capote . I just love to read it around Xmas time! To make a long story short, I did not find it. 
Now today I suddenly remembered a long ago stowed away box of old books, hunted for it and bingo...the very last book I took out has been IT ! 
For me like a late Xmas and the snow is like the icing on the cake for this event.

Sonntag, Januar 18, 2015

Hard Times

January 17/2015..6 am

The start of the new year has not been so good for us. On December 29/14 Herr Husband had colon cancer surgery, which fortunately was sucessful, but then he had to top it with a heart attack and it had been a time of worries and in and out of intensive care. Now he is slowly recovering and has been moved to another hospital for a pre rehab. There is still a long way to go but at least he is making a little progress.
Yesterday I drove the first time to visiting him at his new place and on the way back my navi took me ways I never expected to drive in my life..a horror!  Duisburg will be added to my list of hated places, up to now Krefeld had been the winner. 
Today I will take a day off from hospital visits, to top it off,weather predictions are awful. 

Everything only can get better!