Montag, Juni 15, 2015

Could have been such a good day!

June 15..5:50 p.m.

Matjes ( pickled herring) and jazz at Haus Meer for lunch yesterday,sunday, seemed such a good idea. We enjoyed the music, our food and a glass of beer resp. white wine. Since the weather had been nice,we took scooter -hubby - and e-bike - me and on the way home we separated since I wanted to take a little detour. Towards our home the bike path is a touch downhill , so I had been a little bit " speedy Gonzales" and wanting to make a left turn into our streed I overestimated the speed of a lady coming from the opposite direction. Now she in turn had been at snailpace, so I had only the choice to run into her or take a bigger turn. unfortunately I  hit a decorock..stupid idea to put such a thing there..and ran into a pole which would not go away. result..sommersault,bruised collarbone,breast and a finger really cut open on some iron sign. Had a crowd of people right away,some nice ones helping me to assemble myself and bike and giving me paperhanky to press on my wildly bleeding finger, 
others just standing there gapping.And all that in sight of my own place. what a bummer!  
Had a somewhat painful night but managed with the help of Paracetamol. and no..I did not see an emergency ward. That would have spoiled my day completely.

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