Samstag, Oktober 30, 2010

Living out Grimm's Fairytales

October 30/10.....5:07 p.m.

About 4 kms from our home we have that dependance of a farm, dealing in produce like apples, pumpkins, potatoes, marmelades - well, all that kind of goodies.  They also have a special brand of apples(Berlepsch) we both, Herr Husband and myself,  like very much. So I decided to take the bike (no more dog to walk, no more horse to ride) excercise, excercise! and, on the way to the place I got lost in the little forrest I had to cross. Felt like "Hänsel und Gretel" out of Grimm's Fairytales  but did not meet the witch, fortunately.  Anyway, when I arrived at the place, the very friendly sales girl told me, that they had closed up since an hour ago and that they were about to leave. When she saw my sad face she asked if I happened to have change, then she could provide me with the wanted apples, otherwise no deal, she had already balanced the cash. Shit, I only had bills.  Then smart Landfrau remembered,that there was a gasoline station nearby and asked the girl if she could hold it for a few minutes for me to get change. So I whirled to the station , changed money and rushed back and got my apples - lucky me!  On the way home I took another turn, not through the forrest, passing the gas station and decided to give them an apple as "thank you". So I told them that I am not the bad stepmother from "Schneewittchen und die 7 Zwerge" and the apple is not poisened but a "´thanks" for changing my money. They had a good laugh, those guys!
But cycling home I did not find a frog to kiss (Der Froschkönig), who then would have turned into a prince - what a shame.

Dienstag, Oktober 26, 2010

Kickin' the Habit

October 26/10.....5:45 p.m.

Landfrau should stop...

looking for dog's bowl in the morning

grabbing the leash when going out

throwing food  treats on the floor while preparing meals

looking at the clock around five p.m. and getting dressed because it's walkie time

turning around while on the bike why Herr Hund is slowpokin' around

looking for dog treat before bedtime......etc, etc

and since we had houseguest "mad Max" (daughter's dog) over the weekend, it did not help getting back to the life of an old couple with two goldfish.

Sonntag, Oktober 17, 2010

This is Good Bye

October 17/10

They called me Herr Hund very often, but actually my name is Shaylor and often my folks had to spell it out for a bit ignorant people. Friends, now I am in dog's heaven and the vet lady and my family were just terrific to help me get there, ate some honey cookies till to the end and went to sleep with my head in my "Frauchen's"  lap and when I woke up, imagine, there had been old Lander the horse and he is now very eager to show me around in my new grounds. Still miss my folks but there is so much here to see and discover, I am very busy sniffing around.! Don't think I am ungrateful, I still cherrish my memories from the time when I picked my family (up to today they think they choose me ) but I had been very cunning, when they inspected us, me and my siblings, I stayed in the background and only after my flock lost interest, I showed up and presented myself and of course my family regognized right away, what a smart dog I am. So I left with them in that big car and did I ever love to travel in cars till to the end, only then I could not manage to climb in any more, so for the last trip they had been taking I could not go along anymore and had to stay with mad Max, my friend and rival and I can tell you, being not so well off anymore, he could be a pain in the neck. Imagine, he ate my medication, the rascal!
Nevertheless, he is a good dog too and I wish him still a long and happy life and should he show up one day around here I for sure will show him around.

A dog's life in a way is short, but believe me, I enjoyed every minute of it, the seaside, the snow in the mountains and my beautiful home. But most of all I enjoyed my family and I am happy that I choose them.

Donnerstag, Oktober 14, 2010

Another Replacement

October 14/10 ....4:01 p.m.

It should have been the isle of Jersey in September, but the die had been cast and our trip had to be cancelled. So we decided on some quite different kind of journey.  Since we had not seen our young family for a while (they live in Hessen)  Landfrau had the bright idea to look for a comfy place in Hessen where we could meet and decided on Göbel's Schlosshotel   - good choice!

It is amazing, how ignorant we are about this region of Germany which is so full of history, not only the recent one of border region to the former DDR but history dating back much,much further. We learned that the region had been an important tradesroute connecting Leipzig/Sa and Frankfurt/Main among other things and that in Bad Hersfeld every year there is the oldest German country fair , celebrated since 852  - it has religious origin. The event took place while we had been there and the grounds are set up in the middle of town and we saw so many stoned people that they would have put the Munich Oktoberfest numbers of  boozed up crowds to shame.

Now back to our castle which is breathing history and offering the comforts of today.
We had a great time and the only regret has been that our little family could only join us for one night.  The weather played along too, it deserved its name of golden October.

Now we are back home with our memories!

Mittwoch, Oktober 06, 2010