Samstag, Oktober 30, 2010

Living out Grimm's Fairytales

October 30/10.....5:07 p.m.

About 4 kms from our home we have that dependance of a farm, dealing in produce like apples, pumpkins, potatoes, marmelades - well, all that kind of goodies.  They also have a special brand of apples(Berlepsch) we both, Herr Husband and myself,  like very much. So I decided to take the bike (no more dog to walk, no more horse to ride) excercise, excercise! and, on the way to the place I got lost in the little forrest I had to cross. Felt like "Hänsel und Gretel" out of Grimm's Fairytales  but did not meet the witch, fortunately.  Anyway, when I arrived at the place, the very friendly sales girl told me, that they had closed up since an hour ago and that they were about to leave. When she saw my sad face she asked if I happened to have change, then she could provide me with the wanted apples, otherwise no deal, she had already balanced the cash. Shit, I only had bills.  Then smart Landfrau remembered,that there was a gasoline station nearby and asked the girl if she could hold it for a few minutes for me to get change. So I whirled to the station , changed money and rushed back and got my apples - lucky me!  On the way home I took another turn, not through the forrest, passing the gas station and decided to give them an apple as "thank you". So I told them that I am not the bad stepmother from "Schneewittchen und die 7 Zwerge" and the apple is not poisened but a "´thanks" for changing my money. They had a good laugh, those guys!
But cycling home I did not find a frog to kiss (Der Froschkönig), who then would have turned into a prince - what a shame.

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