Dienstag, November 08, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Member of the Housewife Mafia

November 8/11....6:30 p.m.

our egg suppliers
Usually I suffer from the senile bedflight syndrome but not - like this morning - when I have an appointment, then I sleep in and blame my alarm clock, which claims"not guilty" because it hasn't been set.  So it had been a bit of a rush and a foggy drive on top to my massage appointment. Mind you,  it is a beautiful sight in our low Rhine region when the sun tries to battle the fog and finally manages to peek through, will take my camera and take some shots on one of my senile bedflight days- maybe!  My massage today had been somewhat funny, the lady soaked me in oil , made me feel like a snake and I had the feeling my clothes were kind of sticking to my oily body when I dressed.  This had been the last treatment from my birthday coupon which Herr H. had been gifting me with, from now on I will look for a different place, maybe after X-mas. 
 From the massage I drove to my favoured nursery, I needed some arrangement to take along to our weekend invitation. Well, then I could have thrown a temper fit, they had gone haywire with merry X-mas galore, so I had to assemble my own arrangement - not such an easy task, when even the plants yell jingle bells. 
Rushed home and since the Halloween decoration at our front door still grined at me I snatched up one pumpkin and threw together a delicious pumkin soup,  a fresh pear with icecream and hot chocolate sauce for dessert, very yummy.
Decided then that on such a sunnyday I should take the hui-bui (that's what I call our electro bike) for some smalltime shopping, discovered 2 adorable  ceramic icebears (for decorating) and broke one along with  - amazingly - only one egg from a dozen, when I knocked over my bike coming home in our driveway.  
From then on I had been quite busy doing the icebear puzzle and my consideration if I should safe the icebears as a gift, X-mas time coming up - had been solved by fate. 
And tonite I might switch on my sauna, but have not decided yet, maybe I am too oily today.