Sonntag, Dezember 31, 2006

Sonntag, Dezember 24, 2006

DECEMBER 24 2006

It's Christmas......

so, to everyone out there:

Merry C H R I S T M A S!
Frohe Weihnachten!

Wishes...wünscht the...die LANDFRAU

Freitag, Dezember 22, 2006

Santa - reborn / X-mas tree - kicked over

December 22/06 4:22 p.m.

See for yourselves,the Santa - puzzle has been solved, but...Landfrau, just to stay in mischief, knocked over the X-mas tree. Started to trimm it last nite and my critic claimed, that it was not sitting straight in its holder. So Mrs. Perfect tried to adjust it and ,well, pushed "the wrong button", over it went, against the lamp, the window and drapes. Fortunately only two sets of strings had been put on and some bows, nothing breakable yet. One string however snapped and I fixed it with isolation tape, having made the wires blank first (suppose a hair- riser for every engineer!). - Anyway,light is on again. Tree looked a bit beat up ,however. But now, that is has been adorned up to its teeth, think that it does not show any more. Judge for yourselves and remember....only 2 days till X-mas!

Montag, Dezember 18, 2006


December 18/06 9:08 p.m.

Why did I have to run across the German expression"innerer Schweinehund" in another blog, and wrecking my brain ever since for the proper translation? - Owner of blog also had been very helpful, but no satisfying solution found. - Now today, hateful
Monday - cleaning (no brains needed for that- so can be used otherwise), ran across "Nasty inner self",which of course is still a little tame for the "pigdog" but will have to do and I hope both of them, the "innere Schweinehund" and the Nasty Inner Self" will keep their mouths shut at least till after Christmas.

...and, since I'm into the breaking loosing spell, I broke my little Santa last nite. Was about to kick the about one hundred peaces into the garbage can, but the still intact head looked at me with such sad eyes,that since then I'm running around with sticky glue on my fingertips and am trying to puzzle him together every free minute, and my "nasty inner self" is giving the garbage can more and more the eye.

Sonntag, Dezember 17, 2006

Before - After

December 17/06 2:00 p.m.

....and inbetween.
Or, how to "ugly" up a garden. Just contact us ,we are experts now. After the Pine had to go,(had given reasons before), folks have been pestering about the Fir tree ,like - it will go with the next storm -its without support now - man of the house had been glued to the window,as soon as a little wind was blowing, so, to make a long story short, robber gardener struck again (told him though, to be more moderate this time - Mengenrabatt (deduction for frequency),well,we shall see.

Now, good ideas about new plants to be put into the empty corner are highly appreciated. No Saguaros,though!

And remember - only 7 days till X-MAS!!!

Dienstag, Dezember 12, 2006


December 12/06 8:20 p.m.

This really exclusive exhibition had opened in Düsseldorf- Kunstpalast Sept.09/06 and ever since we have been telling ourselves, that we have to see it ,for sure! - Dateline January 07 - so, today Landfrau said: no more excuses! And imagine: we did it, really has been worth it, its breathtaking to look at those brilliant oevres, hundreds of years old, and painted by a very dubious character who on top of that died a mysterious death. -

Coming home, our new coffee/espresso machine had been delivered, and I am not so sure yet, if I am really
happy with it. Still kind of miss my good old coffee maker.

And tomorrow the fir tree will have to go, then I will put some before - after pics in my blog and you can judge for yourselves, how boring our garden looks. Really have to think of something attractive - and big enough - to plant in spring. Now we live with so much more light in our living room and you see every damn speck of dust, a housewife's nightmare!

Montag, Dezember 11, 2006

A Christmas-Miracle!

December 11/06 12:32 p.m.

Never give up, this morning I found my so painfully missed childrens book (and the story I will supply in my next post) at a place I had been looking first and at least a dozen times! - So, this up to now not so nice day is saved and maybe my little (X-mas) guardian angel did some work for me.- Thank you! -

Mittwoch, Dezember 06, 2006

My Dentist and my X-mas Panic

December 06/06 6:30 p.m.

I have mentioned her before,it is a lady and lately she has been coming across with the most funny things. Will not go into the story, when I got the caps for my implants (a fortune in my mouth) and she wanted to show them to me before putting them in for good and dropping them,stating very dryly "hope they are not broken" - they were not,fortunately, anyway, think she is increasing in her actions. - Must tell you first, that Landfrau has terrible difficulties, not to gag during treatment, just to look at the cotton pads to be put into my mouth, gets me going. So,my friendly lady has a dozen tricks or so to stop me, like I should turn my feet, first the one,then the other, to one side and the other side,etc. - Now today she suddenly yelled," grab between your legs, grab between your legs", which really startled me, never had heard of that trick. As it turned out, she had dropped a "red stick" (think it has beeen a Q-tip with desinfection) between my legs and did not want to retrieve it but, I presume, was afraid,my pants might get ruined. After that I started to have such giggle fits, that I heaved from laughing, not from gagging and after I could talk again, told her why and she was very embarrased,but her nurse laughed her head off. So much for my dentistLADY,and now you know, why I put such emphasis on transferring that it is not a guy. -

Well, after that pleasant session I did some Christmas-shopping and slowly but surely am feeling better, some cookies baked and some presents bought.-

And then doggie got a raincoat, fed up with wet, smelly dog in the house, he is very proud of it!

So, hope you did not meet any Krampusse today, even if you deserved them!

Dienstag, Dezember 05, 2006

Grandson,Antlers and X-mas-Cookies!

December 05 /06 9:10 p.m.

Last weekend our grandson showed up with an antler headdress, complete with jingle bells,looked like Rudolf, the rednosed reindeer, the red nose missing ,though. Told him that there still was a tag attached to the device,and got the reply, that it did not belong to him. When I asked, whom it belonged to, he said,its yours and you have to wear it next time walking the dog. I will come along with the camera and then I will take shots - no not of grandma wearing antlers,- but of the stupid faces of the people looking at me, so he said. - Great kid?
To please him , I baked some X-mas cookies,tried a first time in my life a readymade dough (had my doubts though,when I tasted a piece), well , they looked great when they came out of the oven, but the smell and the taste,completely horror-ugh. Even the dog, who is "human food- crazy",refused them. So the goodlooking patch landed in the garbage can and the belief of my grandson in my cookies is destroyed. Up to then he had claimed,that mine tasted so much better than his mom's. - But today I baked the real McKoy, after my Mom's recipe,very time consuming and difficult task, but worth it.

So, folks and fans, have a nice Nicolaus Day tomorrow, don't let the Krampusse get you!

Sonntag, Dezember 03, 2006

Not X-mas,E A S T E R!!(egg hunt)

December 03/06 00:14 a.m.

Too upsept to sleep, think I'm going bonkers. The past day has been one of the missing things. First I could not find part of my X-mas decorations, o.k. no special value, replacable. Then daughter No. 1, who hade been visiting and staying overnight, asked for a special Children's book, belonged to Landfrau ,when she was still a kid, kept in high value, vanished... had been looking in the house from attic to basement, no book, other of getting all dusty and disgusted,no success. Then, beeing invited for dinner at friends place, a bracelet, I wanted to wear, a goner. Great, in for another midnight hunt.There at least, found it, had slipped behind the couch in my room. so.. I hope the spell is broken and I am not yet in for the Alzheimer league, at least, there you meet new people every day.

Freitag, Dezember 01, 2006