Montag, Dezember 18, 2006


December 18/06 9:08 p.m.

Why did I have to run across the German expression"innerer Schweinehund" in another blog, and wrecking my brain ever since for the proper translation? - Owner of blog also had been very helpful, but no satisfying solution found. - Now today, hateful
Monday - cleaning (no brains needed for that- so can be used otherwise), ran across "Nasty inner self",which of course is still a little tame for the "pigdog" but will have to do and I hope both of them, the "innere Schweinehund" and the Nasty Inner Self" will keep their mouths shut at least till after Christmas.

...and, since I'm into the breaking loosing spell, I broke my little Santa last nite. Was about to kick the about one hundred peaces into the garbage can, but the still intact head looked at me with such sad eyes,that since then I'm running around with sticky glue on my fingertips and am trying to puzzle him together every free minute, and my "nasty inner self" is giving the garbage can more and more the eye.

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