Sonntag, Februar 20, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

February 20/11........9:20 a.m.

To put it straight, sunday is not my favoured day of the week. It might have something to do with childhood memories, somehow sunday had been such a day of boredom on one side and  obligations on the other side.  Only thing, one could stay in bed a little longer, but then it started, had to help mother to prepare breakfast, had to help do the dishes, had to go to church during my formative years and then, after a long lunchtime meal, where usually my brothers got to fight over desert who had gotten the bigger portion, had to help with the dishes again. Then, after the afternoon sunday coffee- cake time , the whole family took a long boring walk. Anyway, till my father got his first car. Then it had been long drives into the countryside, sometimes surprising my aunt, who lived about 100 kms away and usually broke out in tears when we showed up, because she hated surprise visits.  I do not blame her. So I got to know the radius of about 100 kms around my parent's home pretty well and by the time we got home from our drive , my parents were in the no talking state, because my mother, who had no driver's license, always knew better and had been giving my father instructions till he blew his top and then my mother sulked.  Well, after sandwich time in the evening, there came the worst part, the whole family assembled around the radio,  later on it had been television, to listen to resp. watch a show and my mother presented a basket of socks full of holes, belonging to my dad and brothers and mom and daughter had to mend the holes. This had been the moment when I wished I had been one of my brothers!  Mind you, dad produced holes big as potatoes and I could have broken out into a screaming fit having to mend them. 
I never repair a sock now-a-days, off into the garbage they go. This is my revenge.

Later on, when I had my own life, sundays could be very pleasant days, only bad thing had been,that the next day had to be monday. But somehow memory of those childhood sundays sticks and they do not brighten up with time.                                                                     

Montag, Februar 14, 2011

A Touch of Creativity

February 14/11....7:27 p.m.

little Miss Sunshine

a friend

horse of an American friend
  I just love to paint but lately Landfrau has been a bit lame in exercising her creativity. Maybe it is just that our house is too small, all walls are plastered with pictures and paintings somehow and I have taken myself out of the "selling" business. I am just too lazy to paint on comission. But once a while I am intrigued and then I get going and my room is a mess, with all the painting material scattered everywhere.  I hate cleaning up afterwards but sometimes I think the result has been worth it and before I explode in selfpraise, here are some of my latest accomplishments.

Freitag, Februar 04, 2011

Timmendorfer Strand

February 4/11.....11:45 p.m.

Once upon a time...well this is no fairy tale, so let me begin again - a very long time ago we spent a vacation at eastertime with a crowd of riding friends at the kind of "vacation home stable" located at Timmendorfer Strand belonging to the owners of our riding club. What makes me suddenly think of this time? I watched a tv-movie and the setting had been Timmendorfer Strand. So this brought back memories and hilarious ones at such!  We really had been such a great bunch of riding buddies and we outdid ourselves in creating mischief much to the dismay of our hosts. One night we visited a local bar, a pretty funny place, from the bar you could slide into a pool if you had enough to drink and wanted to "sober up" . The mother of one of our friends spent a holiday in Florida at that time and from the bar he called her and she agreed to foot the bill. So you can imagine, we all ended up in the pool. A couple of days before easter we coloured eggs at night and since Herr Husband, having had a few drinks too much , had fallen asleep on a bench in the community room, we decided to paint his face green. The problem had been, that he had a business appointment (at that time he still had been a hard working guy) in the morning in Hamburg and he had a hard time to get the paint of his face and had been very much in panic, that he would not get it off completely -he did not!  - But in the morning, hangover or not, we showed up in time at the stables for cleaning and saddling the horses and we had those great gallopes along the beach to sober up.  One morning I got kicked in the ass by the horse next to mine , fortunately it had no shoes, but for the rest of the time I had been limping around, which however did not keep me from riding. I have been a tough cookie all my life, it helps me now-a-days.

And by the way, the tough cookie is the knight on the white horse!

Vanity contra Stinginess

February 4/11......4:15 p.m.

Here I sit, chewing my nails. - Landfrau discovered an application which enables you to have your blog printed as a book. Of course first I tried in several ways to have the preview saved, but of course they outsmart the "smarties" who want to do that. so PDF is out. Now there I am and I have two souls in my breast. The vanity-soul whispers have it printed but the stinginess-soul shouts: ARE YOU INSANE SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY FOR YOUR SCRIBBLINGS! - Hard decision - what do you think?