Mittwoch, Oktober 29, 2008

O, great! - HALLOWEEN the 2nd

October 29/08 9:17 p.m.

Landfrau is a freak for perfection, or she at least tries to be. You might have noticed, the header of my blog I change according to the time of the year seasonwise. So are my decorations changed inside and outside. In front of my door I have, or now I should say I had, a collection of pumpkins, real and artificial, you hardly can tell them apart, in a little case, like in a fruit shop, real cute,and a little girl made of straw and a plant.
Now tonite I heard a scream , Herr Husband had slipped and was sitting right in the middle of my, what had been, decoration, pumpkins smashed and bashed. And the scream was not sorrow of having destroyed my piece of art but on account of not beeing able to get up anymore by himself. Fortunately he broke nothing this time, except my Halloween deco. -Tomorrow we shall have pumpkin soup for lunch.

Montag, Oktober 27, 2008

O, great! - HALLOWEEN

October 27/08 3:00 p.m.

I want this one, maybe then I can shop till I drop on government's or whoever's nickel too! -
But please not on mine.

Donnerstag, Oktober 23, 2008

Like an old Movie


Can't get enough of them

October 23/08 7:49 p.m.

What I am talking about? Three guesses- my friends the wild geese of course. Right now they are all over the places, looks like they are deciding where to assemble for this hard journey farther south. Gives me a cozy feeling to hear them in the morning crossing our roof making noisy calls. I always regret when they have left. They fit into the autumn setting of those terrific colours of all shades of yellow, red and orange. Landfrau just loves fall, even if she needs gloves bicycling in the morning with Herr Hund

Mittwoch, Oktober 22, 2008

Look at a little Lady

October 22/08

Everyone's darling is already 1 year old today - Happy birthday, sweetie-pie and many happy returns! Stay happy and healthy!

Dienstag, Oktober 21, 2008

The late Autumn Blues

October 21/08 7:11 p.m.

Have been kind of down today and the grey sky has been no help. Sometimes I do not mind this somber setting, there are days I even love nature misty and grey. But today... - In former times I used to take my horse out to the riverbanks and afterwoods I usually felt fine and my world had been set allright again. Dog and bike do not have the same effect. Maybe a nice glass of red wine tonite will chase away my gloomy feelings.
And oh yes, tomorrow will be a day of joy, wait and see!

Samstag, Oktober 18, 2008

The Honorable Visitor

October 18/08 2:20 p.m.

Our 11 year old grandson, the field hockey kid, is supposed to stay with us overnight, his parents are invited to a wedding. He has, like almost every weekend, a hockey game and grandpa is supposed to pick him up after the game. Now, yesterday on the phone grandfather got strict orders:
Don't come to pick me up before I give you a phone call, and
don't come before I call you and wait around for me!

That started us thinking, is he embarassed to be seen with limping grandpa who on top walks with a cane? Or has he other "engagements" up his sleeve before we pick him up?
We are curious but obidient!

Freitag, Oktober 17, 2008

Mittwoch, Oktober 15, 2008

The forgotten Victims

October 15/08 4:10 p.m.

Just as I had been thinking about Ike (remember? the hurricance) today and how people might be coping, I happened to hear a report on WDR 2. It has been an interview with a lady, who had been running a famous fish restaurant in Galveston and how they now fight to clean up the unbelievable mess and how insurances refuse to pay etc. Also she mentioned that there are still about 300 people missing. But appparently all this is snow (or should I say water) from yesterday and all a nation seems to be interested in is how a vicious pair of politicans tries to throw mud at a decent man who deserves to be the next president of the USA.

Dienstag, Oktober 14, 2008

Just nice to relax by

October 14/08 7:22 p.m.

Simply listen.....


Again - a Fish Story

October 14/08 2:15 pm.

Digg this, my sweet, houseguarding, fishfeeding neighbour is a complete nut about animals, like she feeds ants sugar, when she spots them running around. Now, our newest addition to our catastrophy pond, the veiltail, has the habit of kind of swimming sidewise rather close to the surface. Looks funny, since it must be a very greedy fish, it has mutated to a thing like a golfball with fins. Mrs. neighbour figured out that there must be something wrong with Mr.veiltail, so she "dunked" him about 4 times a day deep to the ground. Poor fish had been so frightened it went for hiding under the fountain pump when first time I inspected the pond after our homecoming. I feared it had been a goner in the meantime. Slowly it starts to act normal again, when it sees someone at the edge of the pool. And it still eats "light" food, the greedy monster.

Sonntag, Oktober 12, 2008

Back in the Chaingang

October 12/08 9:11 p.m.
..sigh, sigh - and almost, but only almost , finished with my unloved task of unpacking bags. I's fun at the hotel, where you have those "virgin" cabinets where you put your nice clothing, but at home...cramming them into overstuffed (with crummy clothes ) wardrobes , it is a pain in the neck. You agree? And tomorrow my messy garden cries for attendance, so I will have to roll up my sleeves and get going as long as the nice weather lasts. And talking about the weather, again we have been soo lucky, only one day a bit of rain, the rest pure blue sky and most of the time sunshine. So, thanks to all of you ,my anti- rain dancers, you did a good job once again.
Yes, it has been a great vacation, such a nice place and sea and country side and I enjoyed beeing spoiled with good food and wellbeing. We did a lot of sightseeing too along the coast and inland, this former eastern part of the country up to now has been unknown to us and let me tell you, it's lovely. Only thing we regretted is, that we did not take our bikes along as we had in mind first, it would have been worth it. But we rented for one day, so Herr Husband could get around for a bit too, walking is out for him for long distances. The walking had been left for Landfrau and Herr Hund and we enjoyed the lonely beaches, empty of beach people. During high season dogs are only allowed at the dog beaches - a nuisance.
Our first stopover on the way to Warnemünde had been Worpswede, a bit of an dissapointment, our chosen hotel turned out to be rather crummy and the little village had been overcrowded. We had a nice dinner though with my cousin and husband, who live in Bremen and came to see us, for them it only had been an half hour's drive. On our way back we made a stopover at a little country hotel in the middle of nowhere (Dünsen, never heard of before) and it had been a real treat, we slept like on cloud seven.
So now we are back home safe and sound and Herr Hund did not want to get out of the car, he wanted to continue the holiday. So did Landfrau.

Mittwoch, Oktober 01, 2008

Well,well, well

Ocotber 1/08 2:41 p.m.

A little bit of sunshine right now at this moment at our home for next week at the baltic coast. Packing bags is not such a drag, when Landfrau has a positive "lookout".