Samstag, Dezember 27, 2014

Leo ...the X-mas dog

X-mas day Landfrau had full house, so to say. Above all the huzz an buzz of laughing and talking the doorbell rang. I counted did not expect any one any more. As I opened the door I was confronted with a rather desperate lady who asked if I had an idea about the whereabouts  of our neighbours. Now I must mention the neighbours run a small pension for dogs. The  desperate lady wanted to board her dog Leo with them but no one answered the door and she and her family would be off by plane very early next morning for Xmas  
holidays to Spain. Well, asked her in and then we tried to reach neighbours by phone, no such luck! so after those fruitless efforts we offered the lady a coffee and to "board" doggie Leo till...hopefully...neighbours returned home. Lady was very thankful and we got all of Leo' s  stuff and instructions about feeding and medication. She then left and of course our crowd now went into wild speculations what to do, if maybe neighbours had also left for a trip. Daughter no.2 then said that it might be a wise idea to at least stick a note to their door and doing so, left our front door ajar and Leo, who by then had adopted her as foster mother, followed her, unnoticed by the rest of us.Daughter came back laughing her head off, she had picked up Leo in our driveway! Imagine, we had him for 20 min. and almost lost him. By the time we all had gotten used to Leo and him to us, the neighbours returned and we lost our Xmas dog the second time. He was so cute!