Dienstag, März 31, 2009

Spring,Spring, Spring and no April Fool

March 31/09.....6:35 p.m.

Now outdoor activities start to be fun again and not just a must just to air Herr Hund. On our morning bike run Landfrau and Herr Hund have been passing deep green horse pastures. The horses are not out yet but the green looks so tempting that Landfrau would almost like to be a horse. Well, actually I am a horse, big @$$ and big mane - just joking folks - not such a big mane after all. Oh, STOP THAT NOW, LANDFRAU! Enough is enough! -

Last weekend with lousiest weather ever our son-in-law had to transfer his boat from the harbour where he bought it in Holland to the harbour where he has rented a box. It had been a rough long run and just before arriving at their destination the motor conked out and they had to run into the harbour under sails, and that in the dark. They managed bravourously and even hit the right box, but that had been pure luck. So both, the captain and the boat passed the test, minor things still will have to be done and the motor has to be looked after by an expert. Old ex-sailor father- in-law is looking forward to be taken along for a sail, Landfrau is looking forward to a nice hotel at the seaside, I always have been more of a horse woman, water has no beams!

Mittwoch, März 25, 2009

Buy me a Monkey!

March 25/09.....2:46 p.m.

Our new fence, no, don't like it, really have to get used to it. And our "Felsenbirne", I think you call it juneberry, but do not take me up on it, is now proudly presenting it's four naked stems or trunks, whatever, against the naked fence. Before there had been that overgrown Ivy background, Now it looks like one of those climbing trees for monkeys in zoological gardens. So, Landfrau should install a monkey, but it has to come with the guarantee,that it does not bite faces and limbs off people. Will be hard to find, I reckon.
Ah shucks, I better stick to the further monkey business making this cotton pickin' fence representable. We shall see.

Dienstag, März 24, 2009

I am not Snow White!

March 24/09 ....11:20 a.m.

.....and Landfrau hopes that she is not yet the bad queen. Although "mirror" Twitter slowly but surely makes me feel like it. Lately in the guise of followers shows me the real me. Who is following me? Cooks, wine drinkers and now, to top it all off, a WEIGHTREDUCER! Made me cry. Fits in so perfectly with my thoughts during my walk with Herr Hund just half an hour ago, where I had been turning over in my mind that all my life I had wished for long, terrific legs. And what am I gifted with, short, muscular stems, bawl.....
I have given up the hope that I still might grow a few inches or so, will stick to high heels (in public) as long as I am still able to stagger around with them.
Have been an early bird today, new garden fence is set up in our kitchen garden, in my opinion useless spending of money I would have a million different ideas to spend on. But it has been a must before our "friendly" neighbour would have been getting at us with a gun. Nasty "follower" for real.

Sonntag, März 22, 2009

The Sunday Pic

March 22/09 ....10:23 a.m.

Smart Landfrau has been wrecking her little brain, how not to deprive my twitter friends of their promised sunday pic (as if someone cares, lol) and voila, here it is! I just adore white roses.

Donnerstag, März 19, 2009


March 19/09 ..... 6:52 p.m.

Yes pads, that's what it read on my shopping list several days ago. When I picked it up I kept staring at that word, pads, pads, what the heck, what kind of pads? Did not need any for cosmetics, neither for my coffee machine. Consulted Herr Husband, asking him to read the item on the list. Pads, came the answer. To make a long story short, could not figure out the pads, even not in the supermarket, where the mysterious pads might cross my path. Nada. Forgot about the whole thing. Now today, my usual farmer's market shopping day, it needs a long list and believe it or not, what sat big and fat at the end of the list in my own handwriting? You guessed it - pads. Could not even remember having put it there, maybe I had been unconcious for a while, setting up my list? Could also be that there is a gremlin in our home playing tricks on me. Wrecked my brain all the time while shopping, even asked a friend, whom I met by coincidence to read that damn word, pads, she said and started to wreck her brain too, giving me clues as to what kind of pads it might be. Arriving home my eyes fell upon the frying pan rack, sitting in the sink and it dawned on me: scouring pads !
Have to face the facts, I must be getting old. Tonite I will go and hide in a secret corner and cry for a bit.

Samstag, März 14, 2009

The Party Mile

March 14/09....9:16 p.m.

Landfrau is full, full of good steak. Once a while we decide to leave our solitude countryside and go and take part in the life of town . Tonite we wanted to have dinner at "our" barge restaurant, tough luck, they had a wedding party. so we thought we should try the old part of town, the party mile, so called because there you find one beer parlour and one food restaurant after the other, all what have you, from german , italian,turkish, libanese to chinese food . We choose the wellknown Block House, a steak temple, known for its excellent cuts of meat. Walking there, we really had been amazed, so many restaurants had their tables outside and people were wining and dining, mind you, at at temperature from barely 10 above Zero. At the most famous beerparlour, the Uerige, most of the tables outside had been crowded with waiters running back and forth, carrying loads of beer. Some people started singing already. Later on at nite the party mile gets to be a place not so safe anymore, drunks start to riot and the police has their hands full. There are often even stabbings and robberies. Bad times. It is a shame, but the city is trying to get a grip on the situation and turn this part of town into the charming "party mile" it used to be decades ago.

Freitag, März 13, 2009

For a Change - A Chuckle in the morning

March 13/09 .....10:22 a.m.

Herr Husband has the habit of putting his little pill plastic cup into the pocket of his bathrobe. So about every second time I wash the robe, pillbox gets washed along with it. No harm done. Happened so again yesterday and when Herr Husband wanted to fill it up for the next day he called from the bathroom: "There is still water in it!". Now, Landfrau, just having brushed her teeth, presumed he had been talking about the waterglass and called back:" I just drank out of it." Herr Husband, flabbergasted: " what are you , a dwarf?" - Landfrau almost peed into her pants from laughing.

Mittwoch, März 11, 2009

Gloom and Doom

March 11/09 ...10.12 a.m.
I simply hate this weather we are having right now!
I see the bad moon arising.

I see trouble on the way.I see earthquakes and lightnin.I see bad times today.

Chorus:Dont go around tonight,Well, its bound to take your life,Theres a bad moon on the rise.

I hear hurricanes ablowing.I know the end is coming soon.I fear rivers over flowing.I hear the voice of rage and ruin.

ChorusAll right!Hope you got your things together.Hope you are quite prepared to die.Looks like were in for nasty weather.One eye is taken for an eye.

Dienstag, März 10, 2009

About Dog Poop and too much Rain

March 10/09.....7:14 p.m.

We still have a lively E-mail connection with our dear friends living in Vancouver B.C. We have met at the time we had been staying in that beautiful city and there are times we reget that we ever left, but then, you can not turn back time and I should not complain about the time we have lived here in Europe since we came back from Canada. Had been very nice and interesting times too, with lots of traveling abroad. Now what I want to talk about today for a bit is the 4 year old granddaughter of our friends. She is such a doll and we are supplied with cute stories about her by the proud grandparents. So also today, when we were informed, that for her 4th birthday her strongest wish had been a plastic dog poop. Well, actually the only person up to now I know of who is continiously talking in her blog about dog poop is that (ex?) Mormon (can you be an ex, or is it once a Mormon always a Mormon?) woman Dooce, but I think that right now reporting about her pregnancy takes the upper hand. So, the little one of our friends is in good company. That depends of course whichever way you want to look at it. And I refer to the dog poop, not the pregnancy - mind you. Anyway, she got her dog poop and had been a very happy birthday child. -
Other subject, the rain.There is that song "Has there ever been so much rain, man " continiously twirling around in my head and every time Herr Hund takes me walking on the levee I regard the rising river suspiciously. And if all that snow in the mountains starts to melt within a short time, we are in for something. There are plans to reconstruct our dike this year in summer, but that will be of no help now. Up to now we always have been lucky, so lets hope our luck holds for the time being once more, otherwise we are in for some very wet feet.

Samstag, März 07, 2009

The Everending Story

March 7/09 .....2:47 p.m.

where I had been afraid that it might be a neverending story. What I am talking about? You have read me before (hope so *g*), the book grandson gave me for X-Mas "Grandma, tell me..." , which had been a pain in my neck ever since, the Damokles sword for sure. Same book had been given to the other grandma and as I told grandson yesterday that I have the book finished I got an answering e-mail "so you have outdone your competition M." Am I ever proud! That kid really is something, good for a laugh very often. Now I only hope that my efforts pass inspection. - Other efforts have been made today to plant some flowers which had been sitting around for days, just did not feel up to garden slavery in pouring rain. But today there is that nice smell of spring in the air again, had a longer biketour with Herr Hund, passing by my former riding stable. I very seldom drop in there, getting fed up with people asking me "Don't you miss your horse, don't you miss riding? " - Of course, fatheads, I do so, very much ,but decisions have to be made between the head and the belly, although belly sometimes is a bit rebellious. But, alas...Too many things are to be considered, if I could handle it the way my twitter friend Kimberly in Texas does it, having the horses close by on own ground it would be fine, but that is out of the question around here. So I stick to my nowadays equipment, the "Drahtesel" (wiredonkey) as we say in Germany. And that wiredonkey Landfrau is going to saddle right now and Herr Husband (with electric bike) and I are driving to our little village, 3 kms, to visit a bakery coffeeshop and we shall feast on delicious cake like homemade and a milkcoffee grande - and never mind the calories.

Donnerstag, März 05, 2009

I am your DJ

March 5/09 1:11 p.m.
Nothing to say, something to sing (little joke, friends ;-) )


Sonntag, März 01, 2009

The Day I talked to Jerry Lewis

March 1/09........3:43 p.m.

During my bike tours with Herr Hund a lot of things cross my mind, sometimes I don't even know why. So today, when I remembered my phone conversation with Jerry Lewis. You do not believe me? Cross my heart and hope to die, it's true and happened like this:
At the time Herr Husband still had been a busy global traveller, he got stuck at one of his international flights in a business lounge, waiting for his connection. He then usually tried to phone home, kind of to pass time. Also said day and during our phone conversation he told me that he was sitting next to Jerry Lewis. I did not believe him, thought he was pulling my leg, so he went up to Mr. Lewis with his phone, introducing himself and asking him to confirm that they were both in the lounge. Now Mr. Lewis had been very nice, asking him "what's your wife's name?" and then talked to me on the phone, confirming he was really Jerry Lewis. Flippant me had been on the verge of saying that he might as well be Donald Duck, would I know? But I held my tongue , thought if the guy was so accommodating I should not be a"comic". Besides,talking to a comedian,you should not try being funnier than the expert, it's like being holier than the pope. - Anyway, we chatted for a bit and I told him that it would be nice to see him if he ever showed up here in our hometown. He promised, but has not shown up yet, what a shame!

And I have another "celebrity" story up my sleeve, but that will have to wait for some other time. o.k.?