Freitag, März 13, 2009

For a Change - A Chuckle in the morning

March 13/09 .....10:22 a.m.

Herr Husband has the habit of putting his little pill plastic cup into the pocket of his bathrobe. So about every second time I wash the robe, pillbox gets washed along with it. No harm done. Happened so again yesterday and when Herr Husband wanted to fill it up for the next day he called from the bathroom: "There is still water in it!". Now, Landfrau, just having brushed her teeth, presumed he had been talking about the waterglass and called back:" I just drank out of it." Herr Husband, flabbergasted: " what are you , a dwarf?" - Landfrau almost peed into her pants from laughing.

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