Donnerstag, März 19, 2009


March 19/09 ..... 6:52 p.m.

Yes pads, that's what it read on my shopping list several days ago. When I picked it up I kept staring at that word, pads, pads, what the heck, what kind of pads? Did not need any for cosmetics, neither for my coffee machine. Consulted Herr Husband, asking him to read the item on the list. Pads, came the answer. To make a long story short, could not figure out the pads, even not in the supermarket, where the mysterious pads might cross my path. Nada. Forgot about the whole thing. Now today, my usual farmer's market shopping day, it needs a long list and believe it or not, what sat big and fat at the end of the list in my own handwriting? You guessed it - pads. Could not even remember having put it there, maybe I had been unconcious for a while, setting up my list? Could also be that there is a gremlin in our home playing tricks on me. Wrecked my brain all the time while shopping, even asked a friend, whom I met by coincidence to read that damn word, pads, she said and started to wreck her brain too, giving me clues as to what kind of pads it might be. Arriving home my eyes fell upon the frying pan rack, sitting in the sink and it dawned on me: scouring pads !
Have to face the facts, I must be getting old. Tonite I will go and hide in a secret corner and cry for a bit.

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