Dienstag, März 10, 2009

About Dog Poop and too much Rain

March 10/09.....7:14 p.m.

We still have a lively E-mail connection with our dear friends living in Vancouver B.C. We have met at the time we had been staying in that beautiful city and there are times we reget that we ever left, but then, you can not turn back time and I should not complain about the time we have lived here in Europe since we came back from Canada. Had been very nice and interesting times too, with lots of traveling abroad. Now what I want to talk about today for a bit is the 4 year old granddaughter of our friends. She is such a doll and we are supplied with cute stories about her by the proud grandparents. So also today, when we were informed, that for her 4th birthday her strongest wish had been a plastic dog poop. Well, actually the only person up to now I know of who is continiously talking in her blog about dog poop is that (ex?) Mormon (can you be an ex, or is it once a Mormon always a Mormon?) woman Dooce, but I think that right now reporting about her pregnancy takes the upper hand. So, the little one of our friends is in good company. That depends of course whichever way you want to look at it. And I refer to the dog poop, not the pregnancy - mind you. Anyway, she got her dog poop and had been a very happy birthday child. -
Other subject, the rain.There is that song "Has there ever been so much rain, man " continiously twirling around in my head and every time Herr Hund takes me walking on the levee I regard the rising river suspiciously. And if all that snow in the mountains starts to melt within a short time, we are in for something. There are plans to reconstruct our dike this year in summer, but that will be of no help now. Up to now we always have been lucky, so lets hope our luck holds for the time being once more, otherwise we are in for some very wet feet.

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