Sonntag, März 01, 2009

The Day I talked to Jerry Lewis

March 1/09........3:43 p.m.

During my bike tours with Herr Hund a lot of things cross my mind, sometimes I don't even know why. So today, when I remembered my phone conversation with Jerry Lewis. You do not believe me? Cross my heart and hope to die, it's true and happened like this:
At the time Herr Husband still had been a busy global traveller, he got stuck at one of his international flights in a business lounge, waiting for his connection. He then usually tried to phone home, kind of to pass time. Also said day and during our phone conversation he told me that he was sitting next to Jerry Lewis. I did not believe him, thought he was pulling my leg, so he went up to Mr. Lewis with his phone, introducing himself and asking him to confirm that they were both in the lounge. Now Mr. Lewis had been very nice, asking him "what's your wife's name?" and then talked to me on the phone, confirming he was really Jerry Lewis. Flippant me had been on the verge of saying that he might as well be Donald Duck, would I know? But I held my tongue , thought if the guy was so accommodating I should not be a"comic". Besides,talking to a comedian,you should not try being funnier than the expert, it's like being holier than the pope. - Anyway, we chatted for a bit and I told him that it would be nice to see him if he ever showed up here in our hometown. He promised, but has not shown up yet, what a shame!

And I have another "celebrity" story up my sleeve, but that will have to wait for some other time. o.k.?

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