Samstag, März 07, 2009

The Everending Story

March 7/09 .....2:47 p.m.

where I had been afraid that it might be a neverending story. What I am talking about? You have read me before (hope so *g*), the book grandson gave me for X-Mas "Grandma, tell me..." , which had been a pain in my neck ever since, the Damokles sword for sure. Same book had been given to the other grandma and as I told grandson yesterday that I have the book finished I got an answering e-mail "so you have outdone your competition M." Am I ever proud! That kid really is something, good for a laugh very often. Now I only hope that my efforts pass inspection. - Other efforts have been made today to plant some flowers which had been sitting around for days, just did not feel up to garden slavery in pouring rain. But today there is that nice smell of spring in the air again, had a longer biketour with Herr Hund, passing by my former riding stable. I very seldom drop in there, getting fed up with people asking me "Don't you miss your horse, don't you miss riding? " - Of course, fatheads, I do so, very much ,but decisions have to be made between the head and the belly, although belly sometimes is a bit rebellious. But, alas...Too many things are to be considered, if I could handle it the way my twitter friend Kimberly in Texas does it, having the horses close by on own ground it would be fine, but that is out of the question around here. So I stick to my nowadays equipment, the "Drahtesel" (wiredonkey) as we say in Germany. And that wiredonkey Landfrau is going to saddle right now and Herr Husband (with electric bike) and I are driving to our little village, 3 kms, to visit a bakery coffeeshop and we shall feast on delicious cake like homemade and a milkcoffee grande - and never mind the calories.

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