Donnerstag, Mai 31, 2007

Those were the Times

May 31/07 7:40 p.m.

Had to dig out old photos to prepare a page for a friend's 70th birthday. Ran across pictures of that gorgeous looking woman all the time,looked twice, looked had been me! - Gee whizz, one should skip looking at old snaps of oneself, unless you have been a hangdog all your life, then it's alright.

Mittwoch, Mai 30, 2007

Coast Guard

Just a "fast one" - above link got lost on the former post. So..upon request! my friends..



Montag, Mai 28, 2007

Black Forrest Snow


May 28/07 4:04 p.m. Weather pixie Düsseldorf
Where is the global warning regarding global warming? Or, is it the other way around, that with global warming we are into a new ice age? - Somehow I have something like that in the back of my mind. - Anyway, our bar-b-que last nite had been outside,but we ate our food inside, cozy behind picture window. We had fun together with our "little mother to be" granddaughter, who later on left to roam around Düsseldorf with some friends. Now she left for home via Frankfurt, where she drops off a friend who had joined her carpooling.
And granny and grandpa are having dinner tonite at our favoured Italian, also behind picture windows.
Have to take it as it comes, my mother used to say and right she is!

Freitag, Mai 25, 2007

Dear Mr. Putin

May 25/07 7:32 p.m. attention.The ever so perfect Germans are really on the verge of outdoing you in screening global opponents. But then on the other hand you might listen to Mrs. Merkel, she promises a peaceful,friendly event, probably something like a great vernissage. -Let's wait and see what is going to happen inside and outside the barbed wire fence.

Mittwoch, Mai 23, 2007

Like onVacation

May 23/07 11:03 .m.

We are really lucky to live at a location other people would travel to for vacation. Had a beer tonite at our favoured little restaurant (Langster Fährhaus) at the riverside. Watched the Rhine traffic and the ferry going back and forth. We can go there by bike,so it's an excercise to boot. All under the condition,that the weather plays along, which at the moment it does and we hope for a nice weekend. Little mother to be - our granddaughter - is coming for an overnite visit, so we hope to enjoy "outdoor" living. -
Landfrau had been an eager beaver today, painting new wooden garden pannels, I am developing into a jack of all trades! (and that at my ripe age). Better late than never.

Dienstag, Mai 22, 2007

Garden - growing...

May 22/07 6:54 p.m. Weather pixie Düsseldorf

Gee, Landfrau is going haywire, bought two rose bushes today and another plant, will turn into the little gardener - woman of the year, wait and see!

Sonntag, Mai 20, 2007

Mixing with People...

May 20/07 3:12 p.m. something Landfrau must have detested already as a kid. I remember that birthday party of a classmate, must have been about 8 years old, hosted by the daugther of the owner of the local pharmacy (really something,if you live in a small village) I just decided for myself I just did not want to go. Few days later my very upset mother had found out and I had been in for some nice talking to. I' m old enough now to cope and by the time I have joined the vanitiy fair I am fairly o.k. and it sometimes happens, like today, that I discover a companion in spirit. My tolerance level rises with my wine consumption, but before I start to love everyone, man of my live drags me usually home (fortunately!).

Our friend's place (it had been a housewarming), really is a showpiece, very nice, attractive roofgarden, if there were would not be the passengers leaning out of the airplanes to peek, passing over every 10 minuntes or so - or so.

Freitag, Mai 18, 2007

Here comes the Sun!

May 18/07 10:18 p.m. Weather pixie Düsseldorf

And here are some garden pictures. I am especially proud of my lawn, now will it survive next winter? Bets are taken!

Mittwoch, Mai 16, 2007

YouTube - A Trip to the Observatory - and more rain around here

YouTube - A Trip to the Observatory

May 16/07 10:28 a.m.

Farmers can stop complaining,slowly but surely nature develops into green hell around here. So I let you have a peek into a world where the sky is clear and the sun mostly (I suppose) shines. (former) Penfriend of mine works there, lucky guy!

Montag, Mai 14, 2007

(ALL) Wet ,wet in Hamburg

May 14/07 7:51 p.m. The Weather Pixie: Niederrhein

Had a hunch,that the weather would not be so great for our trip, never mind, at least it has not been too cold on top,always have to count your blessings!

Now, from the beginning: Our train ride from Düsseldorf to Hannover, simply great, relaxing, comfortable,only...about 5 minutes late and gone was our train to Hamburg and with it of cse. our seat reservations. We were lucky however to have a follow up train pretty fast and it was not packed, so we had seats again and our arrival time in Hamburg had been almost correct. The Hotel, very nice (have a look) and after unpacking took the opportunity to visit the spa area ,had a nice swim and visited the whirlpool.

At night we had dinner at that excellent Fischereihafen Restaurant,guess what we had? fish,fish fish! We were lucky,that our taxi could still take us right up to the frontdoor, on account of the port day roads in the vast vicinity had been closed off and we had our doubts what we would be in for the following night,when we had to board our sailing bark for the river cruise. And right we were, we had to push through milling crowds of people for about half a mile,to find our ship - which does not sound much,only my companion with his walking difficulties had been in for hard times. When we finally discovered our ship (had past by it first,because it had been dwarfed by one of those enormous Russian sailing ships) we were not allowed to board it before all 70 passengers were soaking wet by an enormous downpour, accordingly the crowd evaporated enough steam to get the boat going without sails. Well, people took it with humour and a welcome drink and later on a very nice buffet dinner helped. So we cruised around on the river and later on returned to the mooring place for the fireworks. A nice and noisy event!

Then came the hard part,trying to get to the tram station (no fat chance for a taxi) and we had to push our way through thousands of people, stepping on the one or other pizza and "bratwurst". We finally made it and even managed to get up to one of the ticket machines.By the time we reached our hotel,we were kind of beat.

Next morning,after a leasurely breakfast,we left for the railway station,there companion discovered he had left his treasured cap on the shelf in our room. So back with a taxi he went,to pick it up. Cost him € 7, the little cap excursion. Fortunately there was enough time.

Then we boarded our train,which,approaching Hannover developed into a real slow poke,so we had about one minute left to run from platform 12 to platform 4 , stairs down,stairs up, and that with all our luggage. Before the doors closed we were pushed by the conductor into the train,never mind the right waggon,and it turned out that the train was to be seperated at the next station, so we had to make another run for it to pass the two engines and to get into our train,where we had to walk through the whole length to get to our reserved seats. - The Deutsche Bundesbahn likes to run trains,but obiously does not care so much for passengers. - Never again a train ride,where I have to change trains.

We were picked up by our daughter at the station and later on went to her place to pick up Herr Hund, who turned summersaults seeing us, we got some good wine and a nice dinner.

Great ending of a,after all, interesting trip.

Donnerstag, Mai 10, 2007

Rainy Weekend Trip

May 10/07 4:36 p.m. The Weather Pixie: Niederrhein

I`m afraid, thats is what it will be for the Harbour Birthday in Hamburg. No turning back, hotel is booked, train tickets are reserved (Yes, we go by train, less strain) and the evening aboard the sailing bark SWAENSBORGH has been a Christmas present from our daughters. Bad thing about train travel is,that you can not drag along so much luggage, having the vice of always packing too much, I`m in for hard times. Well,shops are open in Hamburg Saturday,so...
This time Herr Hund has to stay home, he will stay with our daughter's family and can fight with his buddy "mad Max".
Now,friends, I will have to see what not to pack...see you next week (If I do not fall off the ship, have done that before, but that's another story).

Dienstag, Mai 08, 2007

It`s raining Birthdays

May 08/07

Another one in the family!
Happy Birthday!! little mother to be,and take good care of yourself and the "kid in the tummy" We love you both!

Samstag, Mai 05, 2007

Home, sweet Home...

a mouthwatering sample
view of the castle from hotel
view of hotel from castle
the crazy moon (my dream giver)
Part of Bourscheid castle

May 05/07 8:48 p.m. The Weather Pixie: Niederrhein

.....ain't so sweet, when you start turning like a cotton pickin` hamster in a wheel as soon as you have closed the door behind you. Unpack bags first, or water the lawn? Water the flower pots, run with the dog, check the answering machine, and yes, check E-mail (ugh,spams,spams). - Well, folks, kind'o settled now,so are you ready for a bit of Luxembourg tales?

Had been staying at our Sporthotel Leweck again,lovely place!

Weather has been great and Landfrau really pulled through the whole program, swimming, massage, sauna, turkish bath,relaxing, reading, taking endless walks with Herr Hund,us two had a ball in the "wilderness" of the Ardennen forests, and getting out of breath climbing steep hills, well,me, not the dog, he is a bundle of power. Sometimes thought, we had gotten lost, but fortunately our hotel perched on one of the higher hills and could be spotted from far away,well - almost.

And at night we had those delicious 5 course dinners and a bottle of good wine. Not to forget the nightcap in the bar. Sounds good? Naturally!

Man of my life had to pull a special stunt again (always good for a holiday surprise,that sweetheart) - he slipped at the poolside and fortunately there had been a soccerteam around, needed three of them to pull him up. He hurt his already damaged shoulder again and had to be halfways dressed by Landfrau-nurse for the rest of the stay. He did not have to be fed,though.

And then one day we had lunch visitors from Luxembourg town,our very good friends,who live there and British friends,who just have moved back from France to L. We had not seen each other for about 12 years and decided,that we all had not changed a bit, if we left the spare parts under the table. We had a great time,talking about old times. Next day, our friend phoned to surprise us with the news,that he had developed shingles, it should not be contagious if you have had chicken pocks as a kid, I know I have had them, been scratching myself since nevertheless. Man of my life is sratching too, only he does not know,if he has had chicken pocks!

Life is never boring,you see. Next weekend we will be in Hamburg for harbour day, looking forward to brandnew surprises. Will keep the world posted!