Samstag, April 30, 2016

Home again...

ü.April 30/16

.......for a week now already and it seems as if we have never been gone.
The place to stay we picked on that northern island Sylt turned out to be a very good choice.
- as a matter of fact it has been perfect, a cozy,spacious room with our own porch..with a beach basket!
( very much favoured in german coastal resorts) we even could make use of  when the sun decided to peek out! ,good food, nice ambiente and superfriendly service. We has the view upon a little sportsharbor and the sea. It had not been the open seaside, with the rough surf and the dunes and the sand, but we had the advantage of watching the turning of the tide. We flew by Air Berlin and the handicap sevice for Herr H. worked very well, I managed to handle our 2 pieces of luggage and the handluggage, I am developping routine! The flying time had been under one hour, beats travelling by car by far! We made the wise decision to send the scooter per freight, so it awaited us at the hotel and Herr H. could move around like speedy Gonzales right away. Of course it is not laid out for distances 6 km/h) so we had been confined to the hotel radius, but I rented an ebike for one day and made a big tour which I named nature and culture. I visited a very old church (12th century) an old frisian home, equipped with furniture and all, very neat! and of course I had to see the open sea and the big dunes. Left my bike at a parking spot for bikes and got a fit when I came back and the key did not work only to find out that out of the three bikes parked at that huge lot I had picked the wrong bike. Very embarassing and I was happy the owner did not show up, he must have taken me for a bike robber! 😂...
Days passed real fast, I spent quite some time in the wellness section, had massages, took my daily hour of swimming, so I could feast on the good food  in the evening without regret.-
oh yes,lol...there was that one time when the spa lady and myself tried to help hubby into the whirlpool, we hang onto him when he started to slip like a slippery fish on the steps and we barely managed to hold him, so  the pool  and whirlpool were an  out for him, a real shame, but a broken hip would have been worse!
Flight home went without complications and we had a sweet taxi driver who even carried our bags into the house.

I think we will be back to that place and maybe next time it will be a bit warmer.Up there north it's even more ice age than around here. We can forget spring and hope for a better summer!

Montag, April 04, 2016

Fred is dead!

April 4/16

Today is the day! Herr H. is getting a new mattress. The occasion to do a thouroughly cleaning of his bedroom. ...and I made a horrid discovery. There has been a dead person under the bed, all turned to dust. I somehow had a hunch that the person I am living with is not my husband....
                                        Fred is dead
                                        He turned to dust
                                        Under his bed

That, of course   explains some things!