Mittwoch, Juli 23, 2008

Snails and such

July 23/08 4:37 p.m.

I learned to eat them while we lived in France, and I got to like them, although there is not so much of an own taste, it's the butter and garlic which gives the zest. But I do not like the naked ones. Landfrau once a while feels obliged to live up to her name, working in the garden and such. Today I discovered that it must be the year of the naked snails. I remember a year we had moml's niece with family for overnite visitors,they took a plane to Turkey the next morning out of D. airport. So, since it had been a nice warm summer night, we sat in the garden, having a keg of beer and some food. Now those naked things love beer! In no time we had them crawling all over the places, stepping onto them with our naked feet. And the kid of the niece wanted to save each and everyone of them and started bawling loudly when her father stepped on them to tease her. After an hour I could have wrung the kids neck and shot the father. -
Today I flushed several down the toilet, yes, I know, they too are mother, father and tiny snail kid, but me, I am snail god!

Dienstag, Juli 22, 2008

Burden of the Books

July 22/08 3:18 p.m.

Grrr...getting 4 books for a (birthday) present from different persons, having read three of them already and the last one, gosh! too sophisticated for my old brain. I want to live,sigh and cry with the books I read, for brain food I have the internet, yep. - Giving away books I have been just as unlucky, the last two I wanted to "surprise" my daughter with, she had read them already. But,alas, I exchanged two of my books, one of them the sophisticated one,and even got some money back, what a deal, could get used to that. -
And for all of you,who like to sigh and cry with the stories they read also, here is a recommandation: THE CENTER OF WINTER by Marya Hornbacher /Harper Collins NY
and you can also get it at HEYNE's (81056) " Du hast nicht gesagt ich liebe Dich "(German version) .

Sonntag, Juli 20, 2008

Enough is enough

July 20/08 9:54 p.m.

We say: the devil is hidden in the detail. Now take this, Herr Husband, the last day in his wheelchair, knocked over a big lamp, he had to squeeze himself into that special corner, and backwards, that is! Landfrau dragged the heavy piece to the repair shop, had been a task loading it into the car. Corner without light for days not so nice. Yesterday picked up the lamp, switched it on, whoom bang, a short circuit! Phoned the shop, they say it must be a slipped isolation. So, next week, same procedure. I slowly but surely think that we have had it with the mishaps, we deserve some pampering now,or not?

Freitag, Juli 18, 2008

Good News

July 18/08 9:55 a.m.

Friends and fans, look at bottom of page,weather pixie is back! Now I can check on my weather ,when,looking out of the window I do not trust my eyes. Our heating has started itself this morning (outdoor feeler) , I suppose we are waiting for snow (little mean joke).

Donnerstag, Juli 17, 2008

New Pond Population

July 17/08 9:26 a.m.

Since "Herr Husband" is still the casted,handicapped one not allowed to drive a car,Landfrau decided to end the state of loneliness of the leftover fish in our pond (faithful readers are familiar with my several "fish" stories) . So, hated Krefeld is the only place where, according to the internet, fish for ponds could be found. First shop I decided to look for, the road had been blocked off completely, deviation etc. did not know where it would take me. So I decided to visit the second one,which had been seen at the side of the road all the time I had been driving to the hospital. Mysteriously the shop had vanished. About the third one my Tom Tom navi ,which by then I decided to activate, told me the street number was not available and inspite of driving up and down that road I could not spot a 200. So I went into a roadside market for building materials and there a friendly lady pointed out a new shopping center, where I might be lucky. And bingo...a big store for animal needs and - bless them - fish tanks galore! By then I must have gone bonkers because of all the fish swimming around I insisted on a special one, I had the feeling it had looked at me, transfering: take me,take me! - My, a fish,not a puppy! - I also got a tiny goldfish without telepathy. Now we have a populated pond. For how long??

P.S. Link to a pic of veiltails

Dienstag, Juli 15, 2008

Slowly but surely

July 15/08 7:46 p.m.

Yes, we are approaching normality, not quite yet, but there is hope. We had an "outside" birthday party for moml (man of my life) at the Canoo the floating restaurant I had been reporting about at previous occasions. Food had been plenty and good and the ambience terrific, when it started getting dark the patron lit candle lanterns all over the places and with the beautiful bright skyline of Düsseldorf and the even brighter lights and movements of the big "Düsseldorfer Kirmes"(watch the slide shows in article) you had that holiday feeling and since it had been a warm summer night for a change the setting had been perfect.
And today we had lunch at the "Langster Fährhaus" a place quite near to our home at the ferry landing,which we also favour.
Of course I am still the diligent driver, but July 25th the cast will come off, then we shall see further.

Samstag, Juli 12, 2008

Beautiful,but no Pets


July 12/08 4:35 p.m.

Found this touching movie about the Northamerican bisons.
When we had been in South Dakota a few years ago, we watched the buffalo-roundup at Custer State Park. Quite a sight for which you had to get up very early in the morning, but it had been worth it. What amazed me at that time was, where all those other spectators came from in the middle of nowhere. Beeing eye to eye with the beasts I had been glad that there had been a fence between us. We have been told that every year accidents, even deadly ones, happen, when tourists think they are confronted with animals they can treat as pets.

But now I am going to take out my own personal pet, Herr Hund, no danger there, oh yes, he might lick you to death!

Donnerstag, Juli 10, 2008


July 10/08 6:07 p.m.

...that those geraniums ever came across with blossoms. Every time they were about to bloom,they got beaten up by storm,rain or hale. Now they made it and it's worth a pic before something ruins them again. Our weather is not really playing up to the time of the year.

Mittwoch, Juli 09, 2008

Hi, I'm back!

July 9/08 8:00 p. m .

And thanks to valerian I do not care so much about all the " shit happening" anymore . Besides the patient has a walking cast since yesterday, he even can climb stairs and can reach his own bed again, so the living room camp has been removed. Still, there are certain things not so easy yet, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I always have my doubts with certain medics, so I insisted the patient should consult another doctor, and bingo, his cast had been a real "masterwork". Now he has a new one and a walking piece attached to it on top. Of course, he would not win in the paralympics, but he can move without the wheelchair, how we started to hate that piece! Unfortunately driving the car is out, even an automatic, law is against it and in case of an accident there would be no coverage. So Landfrau still is the obidient chauffeur. And the obidient nurse, and the obidient servant, but thanks to valerian I don't give a damn.

Donnerstag, Juli 03, 2008

Keith Urban for the Weekend


July 3/08 7:02 p.m.
Weekend song -
Yep, friends, I know, it's only Thursday, but my US friends are celebrating the 4th of July tomorrow, so have a jollie one, you guys. -
As for Landfrau, the grab into the toiletbowl does not seem to end. Herr Hund puked onto the entrance hall floor ( fortunately without carpets on account of the wheelchair) , the patient dropped a bottle with orange juice in front of the fridge, glass and juice all over the floor yesterday, today a tiny bottle of leftover oil came catapulting out of the fridge when I opened it and now my new bought pair of pants is rotating in the wahsing machine, hopefully the grease comes out. And on top of that I discovered a dent at the right side of my car,which must have happened yesterday when I tried to get the car close enough to the enctrance door for the patient to get out of the wheelchair into the car. Had to drive him to the meds. By the way, we are still with cast - no walking.
Hey, but don't worry, otherwise I'm fine!

Dienstag, Juli 01, 2008

Reining in wild horses

July 1/08 11:48 p.m.

As a former horse owner it breaks my heart to read reports like that, but what's a wild horse compared to the remaining misery of our world.