Mittwoch, Juli 09, 2008

Hi, I'm back!

July 9/08 8:00 p. m .

And thanks to valerian I do not care so much about all the " shit happening" anymore . Besides the patient has a walking cast since yesterday, he even can climb stairs and can reach his own bed again, so the living room camp has been removed. Still, there are certain things not so easy yet, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I always have my doubts with certain medics, so I insisted the patient should consult another doctor, and bingo, his cast had been a real "masterwork". Now he has a new one and a walking piece attached to it on top. Of course, he would not win in the paralympics, but he can move without the wheelchair, how we started to hate that piece! Unfortunately driving the car is out, even an automatic, law is against it and in case of an accident there would be no coverage. So Landfrau still is the obidient chauffeur. And the obidient nurse, and the obidient servant, but thanks to valerian I don't give a damn.

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