Donnerstag, Juli 17, 2008

New Pond Population

July 17/08 9:26 a.m.

Since "Herr Husband" is still the casted,handicapped one not allowed to drive a car,Landfrau decided to end the state of loneliness of the leftover fish in our pond (faithful readers are familiar with my several "fish" stories) . So, hated Krefeld is the only place where, according to the internet, fish for ponds could be found. First shop I decided to look for, the road had been blocked off completely, deviation etc. did not know where it would take me. So I decided to visit the second one,which had been seen at the side of the road all the time I had been driving to the hospital. Mysteriously the shop had vanished. About the third one my Tom Tom navi ,which by then I decided to activate, told me the street number was not available and inspite of driving up and down that road I could not spot a 200. So I went into a roadside market for building materials and there a friendly lady pointed out a new shopping center, where I might be lucky. And bingo...a big store for animal needs and - bless them - fish tanks galore! By then I must have gone bonkers because of all the fish swimming around I insisted on a special one, I had the feeling it had looked at me, transfering: take me,take me! - My, a fish,not a puppy! - I also got a tiny goldfish without telepathy. Now we have a populated pond. For how long??

P.S. Link to a pic of veiltails

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