Dienstag, Juni 24, 2008

Make do,or being inventive

June 24/08 9:42 p.m.

Not so easy, getting everything managed. Moving up the stairs asswise of course did not work. So Landfrau had the really,mega brilliant idea to put up two inflatable guest beds, one ontop of the other,in the living room and after moving the patient around on our wheel equipped computer chair, I picked up a wheelchair today. We have a big problem since the patient is not allowed to stand on the castfoot for a week (so they say) and his healthy leg is without muscles,ergo no strengh. His arms he can not move on account of his bypass scars, so moving around ,like to the bathroom, is a task. Makes me a nurse and a housewife on the side and as if I had nothing else to do I had to empty our fishpond and clean it this morning. It started to smell terribly and the water had turned, so when I emptied it I found one of our leftover goldfish dead on the ground. Have to get the lonly rider now a new companion, whish he had done me the favour to die too. But - you can't have everything.
And now it's early bedtime for me.

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