Freitag, Juni 13, 2008


June 13/08 10:20 p.m.

Kokopelli really had been a Jack of many trades. I learned about him during our stays in New Mexico and I had been fascinated by him. So I had been very happy when we found this little piece of art by Elwood Martin Reynolds, a Cheyenne-Arapaho Native American artist. -Now my very own Kokopelli is beeing very lively depending on the time of the day and every time I look at him he somehow gives me a happy feeling. He had been really pretty tonite at sunset and tomorrow man of my life (m.o.m.l.) is coming home. -
Found above info about the passing away of the artist. It kind of shocked me,although I did not know him. But I remember the nice salesgirl in the shop in Santa Fe,when we had been there last in 2000, she talked so fondly of him.