Dienstag, Juni 10, 2008

Journey with Little Miss Sunshine

June 10/08 7:52 p.m.

Not long ago I have seen a tv-documentary about a Mongolian Nomad family. Amazing how they manage to pack and stow all their belongings, even furniture and their yurt-tent into oxen drawn carts in no time. But this is nothing, I tell you nothing, compared to our trip ,granddaughter, great granddaughter and Landfrau took, to visit m.o.m.l. at his rehab in Lippstadt for the weekend. The car had been loaded till under the roof with things the baby needed (so her mom said). We did not even have room for Herr Hund, he had to stay with daughter No.2. Our patient of course had been very happy to see us, he looked and felt well. They for sure make him work hard at his rehab. He will be coming home coming saturday, then it had been 2 days short of 3 weeks. Time flies. The place where he had been is a nice retreat, in the middle of a big garden parc. The small village of BadWaldliesborn gives the impression of a big parc, very clean but on the other hand a bit boring. I think fox and hare bid each other good night in this region. The clinic had a nice outdoor sole bath - swimming facilities which I enjoyed. M.o.m.l. isn't allowed yet to swim on account of the scar and granddaughter had to take care of the baby. So I went by myself and was eyed by some lonely swimmers, obviously bored patients and bitten by a nasty bug. I still have a bruise on my collar bone. At night we had a nice grilled meat dinner at a local restaurant.We even could sit outside, weather had been great, which during our drive had not been so great, since the aircondition in granddaughter's car had broken down and we arrived quite sweaty with a sweaty baby. Then it was good not to have a smelly Herr Hund along. - We had rooms in an a bit oldfashioned hotel, right across from the clinic, all the other guests were old people,so little
Miss Sunshine had been the hit. We had breakfast together the next morning and then we left for home, granddaughter and baby stayed with me till this morning and I have been busy today to turn the house,which had been a big playpen, into a normal house again. All in all some nice days with beautiful weather. Now it's me and Herr Hund till Saturday.

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