Montag, Juni 23, 2008


June 23/08 4:41 p.m.

So our patient has "fallen" himself back into the mega-patient state, he broke the middlebone of his foot. Had an X-ray made this morning, because he could not walk any more. He is far too heavy for me to handle and he can't use crutches on account of his bypass scars. I ordered a wheelchair , which we will get tomorrow,but that won't save the staircase problem to the upper floor, where the bedroom is located. The guestroom is in the basement, same amount of stairs. He thinks he can manage on his bum, well, I think he might be in for a surprise. Then we will have to think of something else. -
Today is Herr Hund's birthday, 10 years old, and we really are neglecting him, poor bugger. Netherlands vaccation with grandson is out, so are any other activities for the next 6 weeks to come. Brilliant? Don't think so.

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