Samstag, Juni 28, 2008

Sequence of the" Shit happens"

June 28/08 11:15 p.m.

Now,take us, first the heart surgery, then the broken foot and now...the television in the downstairs area, the only one the patient can move around in, is on the verge of breaking down. But, do you notice, the events become minor in the run. So, there's still hope, but for tomorrow nite we are in a jam, m.o.m.l. wants to watch the soccer finals, we have a big screen televison in the "tower" room, but no ways to get him up there. So, it's a hard decision, rely on the tv to hold on or take him to watch the game at daugther's place, which involves getting him into the car, loading the wheelchair and whathaveyou. As I always say: we shall see.
We had a beautiful summer night and I had a time out on the garden deck with a glass (or two) of red wine, lightening my little kiva stove (which always reminds me of Santa Fe) with my outside torches burning and looking,like on a stage, into the camping type living room, where the patient is sleeping on his double inflated bed. The first cast is supposed to come off on monday, then it will be one he can walk on (so they say) and we will take it from there. He has high hopes, I am doubtful.

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