Mittwoch, Juni 11, 2008

Teach an old dog new tricks or my Tom-Tom and me

June 11/08 9:04 p.m.

Had to go to a place near Cologne today, a girl friend of mine,who lives in Southern Germany now, celebrated her birthday at her daugther's place. In pre- Tom-Tom (navi, for the ones not up to date) times I would have reclined, I am a catastrophy about finding my way around unfamiliar surroundings. With my Tom-Tom I am a queen (so I thought). Trouble is, when you know your way a little bit in a way, you think you are smarter than the device. I did not obey and took the exit from the Freeway which I thought had been correct, that had been my burial, because from then on I got led around regions which never could have been right. In the long run I lost 15 minutes to an hour,amazing considering the ways I had been circeling around. On the way back I decided to really listen to instructions and by that time I had finally found out that if the smarty says right or left, you have to watch the little screen too,otherwise you turn too early. Like I said, old dog and new tricks. But on the way back I heard an old favoured song of mine on the radio, listen friends, it's smooth! - And has the trip been worth it?-Three guesses! Now I am relaxing with a glass of wine, shit is, you can not drink with driving, but then, I still might be circeling Cologne, if I would have had a couple of drinks. Although on the other hand the party might not have been so boring - for me.

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