Montag, Juli 04, 2011

Rollator Kamikaze

July 4/11......6:02 p.m.

With the help of Landfrau Herr Husband managed a slapstickripe plunge sitting on his rollator. It happened as follows: Herr H. wanted to take a walk with his rollator around the block, Landfrau decided to come along. That was a mistake. Herr H. after a while said he needed a rest and sat on the rollator seat, Landfrau told him I will push you, Herr H. said, no, looks silly, Landfrau said yes, never mind. So I pushed him along the sidewalk, but suddenly the thing, and don't ask me how and why, stopped and started to turnover forward. I tried to hold onto it and sitting husband, fat chance, down he went and me ontop of him. There we were, lying on the sidewalk, Herr H. had lost his cap and glasses and kept yelling at me " are you insane, are you insane" , poor me, lying there, trying to figure out how to get off and up. In the meantime some passers-by had assembled and everyone tried to help. A lady and me managed to pick up Herr H.  who did not want to sit on the rollator anymore being pushed. Fortunately he had only hurt his butt a little and I put the cap back on his head and had a laughing fit, claiming that we never had been holding that position, me on top of husband,  in open public.
Actually I am husband's official attendant and helper, but this act did not gain me any laurels. But I think I might improve.