Sonntag, April 30, 2006

Wild Dance into May

April 30/06 4:15 p.m.

Now, here I have a link for the ones of you,who want to dance smooching into May:
but Landfrau will saddle her broom, it's waiting, all shiny and polished! - So, watch out!

Samstag, April 29, 2006

April still kickin' up Heels

April 29/06 6:42

Wow, did we have the real mixture today, rain, hail, sun,wind and cold all over. Landfrau and her little helper (man of her life) slapped each others fingers,setting up a case (with doors!) for the back garden.Gee, we managed. so much for home efficiency.- Bought first aspargus today, not from "our" field yet, but regional anyway.

For this not so intriguing Saturday weatherwise here some nice music to listen to:

My favourite is WHY in DIVA. Enjoy!

Freitag, April 28, 2006

About hired Efficiency

April 28/06 5:01 p.m.

Am I better than others,or what? Remember, told you about my slaving with the waterpressure cleaner and wanting our gardener to do the "cobbles", he did, in such a way,that I had to clean all that,what I had cleaned before, again. On top of that he had thrown so much sand upon the stones,that I could have invited a complete kindergarten into our "sandbox", verry nice!! And to top it off, there was our electrician flat on his back in my kitchen,trying to fix my oven with the spare part, which had finally arrived(the grill did not work), damn stove is fairly new. Anyway, he did not repair it, but managed to un-fix the oven completely,and a long weekend coming up! All that happened, while I had been out doing the weekend shopping. - Landfrau told the electrician, that he should cook her chicken. He said,was'nt his fault,like a kid, mom, I didn't do it on purpose! Now it will have to be take-out pizza, and the 1st of May we have, fortunately, a dinner date with my brother and sister in-law. -

And, something nice for a change: my first summer flowers,like them?

Donnerstag, April 27, 2006


April 27/06 7:02 p.m.

Well, folks, you really disssappoint me! No competition for my quiz, nothing, nada, null, nix! So you do not want my famous picture postcards, too bad for you! - I shall give you the solution anyway:
The three countries have been
Denmark and
was'nt so difficult,or? -

And news from the tooth front,"lost" one today, hope the tooth fairy will visit me tonite.
Only I did not want to take that poor wreck along from the dentist, so I have my doubts about the fairy, since I have nothing to put under my pillow.
But man of my life is far ahead of me, he needs 6 new ones!!!!
We shall have a fortune of teeth in our mouths in a while, and then we die.
Such is life!

Dienstag, April 25, 2006

Living up to my Name!

April 25/06 8:27 p.m.

Yep, Landfrau has been very active today! Waterpressure cleaning garden decks, ugh, what a mess. A friend dropped in and had been so shocked by my dirty,messy sight,that his decision between buying a condominium or a house was solved in a jiffy, The condominium won! - I loved the workout, not so nerve tearing like my ride with crazy horse this morning, who decided to dislike construction- machines with flashing yellow lights on top. Dont blame him! Had the dog along too, but decided to bring him to the house on the way back. One disobedient animal was enough. -
Suppose it will be an early bed tonite,but not before congratulating my far away friend N., a 10 K run,wow, I AM IMPRESSED, Lady! And only two hours, I need a horse to do that! -Keep it up!!!!

Montag, April 24, 2006

Not crying for Anna from Ghana

April 24/06 7:30 p.m.

Anna came to us by accident, Landfrau's bike accident. With one hand in a cast I needed help and so Anna from Ghana - - entered our life. First Landfrau felt like Scarlett O'Hara,with friendly,eager Anna, almost as wide as high,around, but there definitely had been something wrong, after a while Anna turned into Scarlett O'Hara! - Started with the pick up at the tram station in the morning, where Anna sulked when she was not picked up with the "big" car, resenting Landfrau's little one. Then we got the strict order not to forget to get the fresh rolls for her breakfast. After arriving in the house, she played with the dog for about 20 minutes, and then said : Mama (thats what she mostly called me) ,I have to start wök, now! What did she expect, that I told her" now you rest, I will do it? " - Bending down for cleaning, she would not and cleaning corners she resented bitterly. Knocking over a very expensive lamp, almost smashing the glass table, it was our fault, we had asked her to clean corners,and space was too narrow for her behind to fit. And of course there had to be that very extensive breakfast with ham and cheese and tea, coffee she disliked.The basement cleaning was always done in about 10 minutes, there she could be very fast, because she had to catch her tram, us chauffeuring her to the station, you bet. - But she could sing! For Thanksgiving she invited us to her church,big donation was appreciated of course,and there we were placed right next to Jesus at the altar,as guests of honor, very embarassing, since the man of Landfrau's life had been the only one without tie, the whole Ghana connection wearing black suits and white shirts, and flashing pounds of gold. But we really got a kick out of Anna in her chorous gown,jumping about,shouting and singing "Hallelujah" and "Lord Jesus,"that really had something,honestly! -
Later on I finally took the courage, to end our relationship,and now every monday I pretend to be Bette Midler who claimed that she just loves housecleaning, cant get enough of it, keeps her young and happy! -I will try to hire her,till then, ugh, SELBST IST DIE LANDFRAU

Sonntag, April 23, 2006

And one more Angie and a Winner

(after the pic in the SUN she now has an inquiry from the PLAYBOY)
April 20/06 7:26 p.m.

Thats really too cute, why does Playboy never ask me?? And great sports news:
"Our" Wladimir Klitschko beat the American boy Chris Boyd. Would he not have won in Mannheim, it would have been the W.K. from the Ukraine. We Germans are a peculiar bunch,aint we? - Poor Boris Becker missed the fight, his plane was late. tough!

And some news from the homefront,steak had been overcooked and green aspargus is not the real McCoy, so claims man of Landfraus' life. Doggie liked both, but to be honest, man of my life is right, nobody is perfect, my name is nobody,hihihi!!

Donnerstag, April 20, 2006

Seeing my beloved Dentist...

(later on)

.....who incidentially is a lady, so no wrong conclusions! - Downtown always makes Landfrau turn from Mrs. Jekyll into Mrs. Hyde,I bought:

A CD - The Dixie Chicks
About one hundred "Rohlinge" ( now there you lost me for the english word) to copy music and photos etc.
A porcelain labrador , couldnt resist ( to give to daughter No.2,who has a real one - Mad Max )
Two very cute panties, which look kind'o small here at home -never mind, got two daughters and one granddaughter waiting in line,
A jar of body lotion ,SPA WISDOM, from the Body Shop (very much to be recommended)
and two big steaks from the special butcher at the market,who has the right cuts.

Have been treated to a late lunch at a Bistro type Cafe' next to the market, by the "man of my life".
Its keen to sit there at the picture window and watch the huzz and buzz of the market place,which unfortunately has received a roofing a few years ago, the open stalls have been so much more picturesque. But it also has something, to walk around with dry feet and head. Today though the weather has been gorgeous, people walking around shortsleeved, great, hope it lasts through the weekend.-
Now, coming home, the dog wanted his walk, so Landfrau is proudly presenting"Elephant feet" .

A Halfassed Story or Angela Merkel's Bum

April 20/06 6:23 p.m.

A whole nation is in uproar! The "SUN" has been showing Angie's naked behind,or, to be correct, half of it. Well, also our lady chancellor has to change, to get into a bathing suit. We want revenge, wait, you island dwellers, we will let you suffer at the Soccer World-Championships!- And, that's not enough, buddies, we want to see Mr. Blair's dick, ALL OF IT!! - So, take that!

(satire - not to be taken quite seriously) - for the slow ones among you!

Mittwoch, April 19, 2006

Another "Germans Only"

10: 17 CLICK THE PIC! -A late hint, nicht bei
Landfrau anwenden, bitte! -(bezieht sich auf den Inhalt)!
Und für alle die,die den Artikel nicht als Pic ansehen, und jetzt nicht wissen, wie sie den Kram lesen können, schön den Artikel anklicken,und das 2 mal, dann ist er super zu lesen!

Too Difficult?

April 19/06 6:31 p.m.

Have been told that my quiz is too difficult! Alright,a few more hints, the horse has appeared in a previous post (and now I could tell you the country right off), and the waterfront picture is a country bordering Germany, but it is NOT Holland. Now, more I am NOT dishing out!

A Gallery - A Quiz

April 19/06 3:02 p.m.

O.K. here we go, the long promised quiz:
No,no not the animals, that would be too easy, haha, a horse and 2 dogs! Landfrau will make it a little harder on you, 3 countries have to be guessed,dont let it fool you , I shall give you a little hint, jumping horse is countryside, and what is countryside? Right, also A country! Winner gets one of my famous picture postcards with a motiv of choice.
I will be generous: Every correct guess wins!! So, good luck!

Dienstag, April 18, 2006


April 18/06 6:25 p.m.

Quote "THE TIMES" _Whisper it softly...Germany is coming back !

Angela Merkel - Pope Benedikt XVI - Heidi Klum and last not least:

The soccer World Championships.

The world is going to love us.

Montag, April 17, 2006


April 17/06 4:23 p.m.

Wow, mother nature really is kicking up her heals! have been out with "crazy horse" (no, not the big chief - - , whose monument we shall unfortunately never see finished in our lifetime) around lunchtime, trees starting to blossom, greens are so lush green,and the air is like silk, even when there is still danger along the riverside,to get your feet wet. - We enjoyed life, old horse and old me. - Now busy with family meal, chocolates are almost gone, and so are the hardboiled coloured eggs. Getting fat with a cholesterine shock ontop, didnt I put up a warning? Wasnt meant for me! Well....

Sonntag, April 16, 2006

Red Bull gives you Wings...

April 16/06 3:56 p.m.

...yeah,yeah,yeah, Red Bull verleiht Flügel! Sorry, friends, no cute little story about an easter egg hunt,neither a reflection about the lousy weather, no familiy memories! - Today is the day of my car! My pet is allowed to sit in the garage, because its small, the "big one" blocking the driveway in front. Now about every day Landfrau whines,beggs, screams because she cant get out. But my little car and myself have found the solution: RED BULL!!, yes, since I have my own private gasoline station, my car has wings and we zoom right over the big one! Great? -

So, and dont eat too much chocolate bunnies,will make you fat and too many easter eggs will cause a cholesterin shock!

Donnerstag, April 13, 2006

Our Easter Bunny

April 13/06 9:53 a.m.

Had been much warmer that Easter Saturday in 1968 ,when daughter No.2 decided,that Landfrau should quit partying and sent her to the hospital. Well, the "outcome" was a bundle of energy,which she is up today. - Daugther`s comment,when we took the baby home from the hospital: "Kommt "das Kind" in den Kofferraum?" (Does the kid go into the trunk?) - Well, no rivalty today! -

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! my "little one"!

Mittwoch, April 12, 2006

Why Always Me?

April 12/06 8:41 p.m.

Landfrau coloured eggs today,a bit early,but better early than never! - And that got me to thinking,or should I say contemplating ( that word) again. In my wonderful thirties and forties I always have been the beast of burden, Holidays it has been the kids, the parents and the in-laws. I often thought that at least I could look forward to that nice time, where I could lean back ,being served on and pampered. Must be somehow ageless, that time will not come! - Little joke, Mum loves to spoil her loved ones, of course! - And so this year we will have a quite frosty egg hunt,weatherwise! Bunny rather keeps his bun inside.-

And now I got something for the golfers among you: If NASA approves, and why shouldnt they,there is that nice smell of money, Cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov, yeah, Russians first, will hit a gold-plated! golfball into orbit,hopefully not hitting the spacecraft and therewith sinking the ship. Well, at least there will be a big enough hole!

And keep your eyes open, another quiz coming up soon!

Dienstag, April 11, 2006

Ugly Baby

April 11/06 1:27 p.m.

Had a phone conversation yesterday with a friend of mine, who has moved to Southern Germany. Had told her about my blog and of course have been curious for a reaction ,which I got, but gee whizz! How could I think that anyone could be interested in that stuff I was writing about and how could I think that it would be interesting to her and so forth. My timid remark, that it was to let my friends far away participate a bit in my daily happenings and thoughts, and beside - it kind of keeps my brain from getting rusty,- was brushed aside with" I play bridge!!" . Well, good for you E., and two hearts might brush up your english, but it probably is : zwei Herz. - Anyway, always thought, that criticizing my blogging could not touch me, IT DOES! I felt like a mother, who is been told by someone looking into the crib: - my, this baby is ugly -!
Thank you E., I hate you! (eh, little joke), of cse. I dont, I love you and your Eastfrisian straightforwardness, too bad you will never read my praise. -

Heard my first cuckoo today, did not have my moneybag along to shake,so wont get rich,sigh,sigh.

Montag, April 10, 2006

Ugly Monday

April 10/06 12:40 p.m.

"Schweinepest" in NRW, Aviation Flu in Sachsen, Floodings in Eastern and Northern Germany and those 2 poor guys, Nitschke and Bräunlich, still kept hostage by those criminals in Irak. - And it is faar too cold! -

Sonntag, April 09, 2006

Singing`in my Head!

April 9/06 3:54 p.m.

I tremendously admire people who can sing, and the ones,who can play one or several instruments to boot seem out of this world to me. I can sing every song in my head, but what comes out of my mouth could empty arenas. Well, my parents had the brilliant idea,when I was about 8 to 9 years old to "gift" me with an accordeon. I got privat lessons too! Had to walk and drag that heavy thing once a week to the place of the teacher, ( half an hours walk!) while I rather would have climbed trees or gotten into other mischief. Well, that guy wasnt so bad, he put me in front of the music sheet and went to smooch with a piano pupil in the next room, I must have been his alibi pupil. Unfortunately I told my mother and from then on it was an elderly lady,and group instruction, I have not been the pet pupil,you can imagine. My Waterloo came at the X-mas performance,me ,of cse. far from having a solo, but in the group presentation. After a few chords I lost somehow the connection to the other players, but was far to embarassed to stop playing and kept pushing the chords pulling the thing open and closed, stupid me,instead of just pusing the air button. That has been the end of my musical carreer! - Which leads me to my promise about the story and the website of that brilliant coutry music girl from Texas,who now lives in Düsseldorf,(has followed the call of love, so it says) and she also is a stewardess with LTU. Go and visit her website, its great and dont fortget to play the music machine in the saloon! Its a website,you really can have fun with, and its in english too!

P.S. for the pic! -or article,right in, twice,then it will get big.

Samstag, April 08, 2006

For Germans Only........

April 8/06 3:01 p.m. something I am voicing occasionally. Sorry, my only english speaking friends, sometimes things just cant be translated, or maybe my translating capacity is too limited. - But in this connection our stay in South Dakota 2 years ago comes to my mind. Now for the ones of you who might be wondering -Why South Dakota? - Its been the buffaloes!And, my German friends, dont tell me now: "why travel thousands of miles to watch some WILD COWS", it has been worth it, that round up of about 2000 buffaloes, that stampede of those beasts in the early,autumn morning light has been a sight always to be remembered. But, I am getting off the track, circling now back to ,and actually it is" PARKING FOR GERMANS ONLY", a sign which had been given to us by some very nice guests from Atlanta, staying at the same B&B, Flying B Ranch,which had been our quarters for that time. They discovered it ,while touring the Black Hill area, where at some village there had been kind of German type festivities. We had a big laugh of course, all of us, and from then on we put up the sign where we parked our car, it only left about 3500 acres parking space for the remaining 2 cars!- Yes, we had a great time with Bonnie and Larry, our hosts, they have been bending over backwards to make us feel comfortable. Bonnie gave us very explicit instructions (she used to be a teacher!) every morning,what to "sightsee", and they cooked such a delicious breakfast every morning, still licking my fingers for those pancakes and the scrambled eggs with hot peppers,which made your eyes water. Well, look at the place for yourselves: .
South Dakota has, take the Black Hill area, an European touch, but the Prairie and the Badlands are strange and fascinating to us.

So, now we have that nice sign, only we have not had any idea yet, how to use it around here,too many Germans around! Suggestions appreciated!
And now, watch out, there will be another quiz coming up soon!

Freitag, April 07, 2006

The Honeymooners

April 7/06 11.25p.m.

No wrong conclusions at this rather late hour, above are Angie and Münte, our two darlings , being such great buddies and having those loving communications about almost everything, poor opposition going down the drain. And the comment, friends, use your brains! Good night!-

Weekend creeping up!

April 7/06 7:38 p.m.

So, for the concerned ones among you, horse is fine, did "penis-check" today!And let him run free in the round-circle, he loves it! - Song of the day is: creepin`in - Norah Jones- ,look and listen, its worth it! - And me, I will retire into my "lazy corner" for now, see you tomorrow!!!

Donnerstag, April 06, 2006

Nothing is Impossible

April 6/06 6:18 p.m.

Why, for heaven`s sake,does Landfrau`s horse come across with "ailments",no one has ever heard of? I am not explaining now in any way,what has happened,just so much: it has been a Penis-thing (yes, geldings have penisses too), I am still kind of shaking my head and my song of the day is that great Willie Nelson song- Mama, dont let your babies grow up to be cowboys - and speaking of cowboys, country music freaks among you will get a great link and the story to go with it, in one of my next posts! So, keep looking. - Pic of the day shows Landfrau contemplating her backyard, kind`o sorry sight up to now. But wait, till I get going, gardening-wise! - For that probably postpoorer (nice word, I just created,eh?) time, here a link to a NEWBORN post of a friend of mine (sorry, for Germans only) : , then you wont miss me so much (verry pretentious, that Landfrau!), when I laze around in my favoured corner of the house after work,work ,work.

p.s. favoured corner shown above!

Dienstag, April 04, 2006

A Great Day!

April 4/06 7:27 p. m.

Marvellous news, Myozyme has been approved!!! It is available ,starting from now, for ALL patients. We now keep all our fingers crossed,and more crossed fingers will help.

Early Bird...

April 4/06 2:03 p.m.

....catches the worm!- And the early bird this morning beeing mom and dad, having to get up "already" at 7:30 a.m., getting daddy ready for the - battle for garden chairs - at the I dioten K aufen E infach A lles (idiots simply buy everything) regional store. -
Well, as told by dad, whole parking lot jammed with cars, all the people getting out and rushing inside to grab a voucher,of cse. there was a line up ,silly question. Then lining up to pay, rushing with the receipt to a container, where busy little store helpers were unloading the parcels and putting them on carts, a small one and a big one, and of each only two - limited edition! And sneaky enough, at a completely other corner, the matresses were to be grabbed, there you only had to wave a 10 Euro bill. - and all that, for busy daughter, who has to slave in the office and therefore could not participate in the battle of the day. - Oh , and here

another gooddie (R.P. April 3/06)

or a belated april -fool thing?

An American scientist for robot-research (what a field) has written a book how to defend yourself against attacking machines and robots. COVER YOURSELVES WITH MUD. Eh, imagine running from your toaster and/or vaccuum cleaner,all covered in mud and trying to hide behind the fridge, and him (see how I personalize HIM already?)also beeing an enemy! - Great! -

Montag, April 03, 2006

Just Another Monday

April 3/06 8:49 a.m.

Woke up this morning and felt like bunny No. one, oh yes, the free translation:
Bunny one: My ass hurts
Bunny two: Cant hear!

And who is bunny No. 2? Landfrau giggles m e a n !
Give you a hint: it`s not the dog.
First "guesser" gets an intact chocolate bunny,with ass and ears!

Well, if nothing hurts in the morning, you are dead (in my age group,so dont worry,joungsters,you are still alive).
A nice day to all my fans!

Samstag, April 01, 2006

A Late Walk

8:51 p.m.

Well, who has been April-fool today? - It`s 2:1 now forLandfrau. Friends of the night, that I have to share, dog took me out and the setting just had been marvellous, a sky red and blue with black clouds, chasing each other, a lonely barge still running downstream ,the shore across gleaming with lights reflecting in the water and a crescent moon; moments like this make you feel priviliged.
Now it`s for my glass of wine,music and reading, dont care much for "Wetten Dass",if it would be Bella Block (ZDF) and this adorable Simon of hers,well: Its just the character of Simon, not Rudolf Kowalski,the actor playing him, I am smitten with, that we get each others right! Right?

April - April - Aprilfool

April 1/06 2:41 p.m.

No way, not putting in an April fool -thing, like - I won a million Euros -! Strictly reserved to family- members, score is 1:1, but the day is not over yet! Wait and see.
Had a woman today bitching about a parking spot, I "took" away from her,really was on the verge of telling her "Aprilfool", an ever so cute gay fellow took my side, made my day. We ended up in the same flower-shop and together with my flower-lady we had a real good laugh. - And we are having real April showers, wanted to take a ride along the riverside (which might be flooded by now anyway), but an inner voice told me to stay on the premises. Good, that I listened. - Will have to run to the stables again later on, horse is going to be vaccinated. Would not bother to tortue "oldie" with that anymore, but its stable rules and regulations, since a lot of the horses participate in outside-competitions,and then its obligatory.
Had a funny dream last nite, woke up laughing,but its gone now (not so the jingle about Mr.Proper).