Montag, September 28, 2009

Again B.B. or my Time when I wanted to look like her

September 28/09.....7:46 p.m.

← ..wanted to look like her

Everybody, at least around here in Germany, is talking politics and is full of pro and contra about the outcome of the elections. I have been very tempted to put in my modest opinion, but in the long run it only would be "another smartass talking". So I stick to the lady of the day - Brigitte Bardot - it is her birthday, she is now 75 years old. I vividly remember the times when she had been so popular and we all - us girls - wanted to look like her. Golden times in my memory, we were modest and hilariously happy to drive around in our "Messerschmitt Kabinenroller" (should have held on to it, would be worth a fortune today) and our long saved for holiday trip took us into a little bit of Switzerland and to Southern Germany. We stayed in small bed & breakfast places and always had to take two rooms, since we were not married. And Herr H., who had not been Herr H. at that time, sneaked across the floor, being very careful that the boards did not creak. There never were traffic jams on the Autobahn and the places we visited had not been overrun with tourists.
Makes you think about how fast time goes by, today Brigitte Bardot is old and so is Landfrau.

Samstag, September 19, 2009

Summer's End

September 19/09......4:34 p.m.

Puts me into a touch of melancholy, summer's end. In a way there is a sad sound to it , have not heard that sound so much in previous years but then, maybe I did not listen so intendly. Found an essay in today's paper about the two actresses, Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot,both turning 75 this year. Now Sophia Loren, she still looks great, no doubt. Claims it on the spaghetti she ate all her life. Well, maybe I did not eat enough spaghetti, too late, this train has passed. Brigitte Bardot, on the other hand, I always remember - in connection with age - that rather stupid joke about the two withered , wrinkly elderly women, lying at the beach and one said to the other "we wanted to look like Brigitte Bardot all our lifes, now we do". But do not think I look like Brigitte Bardot either, she is much thinner. Well, at a certain younger age I have been told by people that there had been a slight resemblance...bygones, my friends. -
Today I really savoured the warm sunshine, lying and napping for a bit in my lounge chair on our sundeck, no more fear of sunburn, a slight warm wind caressing my skin. Now, before I become too poetic I shall get down to the realities of life. Herr Hund, who is slightly limping (age also catching up on him) is ordering me to take him for his walk. Will take him down to the riverbanks and as a reward I then can try to untangle the burs out of his fur. Also a sign of fall, those nasty things.

Mittwoch, September 09, 2009


September 9/09......10:11 a.m.

I have been leading a normal life. I had hobbies. I read , I painted, I did horsebackriding. Well, had to send my horse to horseheaven but that's no excuse for the things to come. I discovered the internet. So far, so good. Then I got curious and curiosity killed the cat ,tried myself at blogging. I had one blog, not enough, now I have two. Had been quite happy with that for quite a while.Then folks started to yap about twitter. Twitter, what's twitter? Try it, Landfrau, try it. Gee, what a gadget! That did it for a while. Began to loose my tan ,though. Never mind. Then that talk about facebook. Facebook?? Sure, have to find out about it, have to try it out. Gee, what a gadget, such a nice toy and what you can stuff into it, marrrvellous! - Now, the cream on top, FARM VILLE!!! - Getting real mad when I forget to harvest my strawberries. And mind you ,I own a horse again, creepers! -
Now it will be:
a fat ass, sitting in front of the ( computer too much,
slanty eyes (for squeezing at the screen)
time for painting - out
reading, ha, what's that
bicycle - will have flat tires,sitting in the garage
outdoors? Tell me, what season do we have?
sleep: - none
divorce: - pending
Did I have friends?
and Herr Hund starts to hate me for taking him out too late in the morning.

So,guys, do not tell me I did not warn you.

P.S- This is a post not to be taken too seriously, or?

Sonntag, September 06, 2009


September 7/09.....7:16 p.m.

What a lot of work and planing, but it had been worth it for the creation of a wonderful wedding day. Driving to Hessen we kept doubtfully looking at the sky, rain and more rain, but then I told the weathergod "don't you dare!" and some blue sky showed and the sun kept peeking out. What more do you want. -The wedding ceremony at the little church right across the bride's home where she grew up and the same church where she, her brother and last not least her little daughter had been babtized, turned out to be a very cheerful and nevertheless touching affair. The couple's little daugther stole the show ,so to say and managed to confuse even the reverend, but he coped very nicely. Our young bride looked lovely and both made a beautiful couple. The reception and dinner party following up were a big success, decorations, food and the band - everything matched and show me the one, who didn't enjoy himself. Daughter No. 2 slipped down the steps to the washroom and grandson,who happened to watch said, that it had been like a whale diving from a board. Naughty kid! Fortunately she got away with a few bruises and scratches. So I thought that I might join her and later on, when I took Herr Hund out after getting back to the hotel, it had been so pitchdark that I did not see some steps in the gravel path leading into the forrest and I fell plum on my face, like a kid. My knee still hurts. Normally I take a flashlight but I had forgotten to pack it. But I presume we were the only bruised ones, it stayed in the family.

Now we are back home and a bit beat!

P.S. above canvass had been done by the wedding guests. You could buy a little square and fill it out, Landfrau did the 3 faces, wanted to add the family's cat, but fooled it up, the brush had been too thick!- bummer!

Dienstag, September 01, 2009

That good old Feeling

September 1/09.....7:17 p.m.

Yes, there it is again, that feeling of fall, rain around the corner, wind and a dripping garden. Have been already afraid, that the climate change had moved us into southern regions during the last couple of weeks. - Honestly, I love autumn, the turning of leaves, the wild geese assembling screeching upon the surrounding fields, the fog in the morning and the cozy evenings with a nice glass of red wine in front of our little fire, listening to some nice music and being able to do indoor things without a bad concience and the feeling of missing something outside. - Some rays of sunshine would be appreciated though next weekend, it will be the big (fat) church wedding of our lovely granddaughter. So friends, keep your fingers crossed for us and I will bring you a piece of the wedding cake!