Montag, April 28, 2014

Some about Age

April  29/14...4:36 p.m
Phonecall this morning...  One of my girlfriends,who is a proud seventyish and boasting herself to be looking much younger , had been on a group travel to Russia. One of her travel companions had been a 86 year old lady. So my friend got to talking to her and in the run of the conversation gave her a guess about her own age and the old lady are around 83.  My friend is still flabbergasted and I laughed all morning. The old lady made my monday! Matter of fact, I am still laughing!

Sonntag, April 13, 2014


April 13/14

The day my younger daughter is getting older and me feeling real old.  Promised to fix a noodlesalad for lunch, which I think can be done in no time but this had been wishful thinking. It took me three days!  First day I battled with the bell peppers, blistering
and  peeling the darn things I spent felt 8 hours. The next day I had been busy felt 10 hours to get the mixture ready and the last touches this morning ...well, At least there I had a normal feeling. No parties for me no more...I fired myself.