Sonntag, Dezember 20, 2015

Mean jerk in supermarket

December 20/2015

Yesterday I had an encounter with a mean,ugly..ugh..jerk at the supermarket.Leaving the store the guy was in front of me,so passing him I hissed SANTA WILL BRING YOU NO PRESENTS  and ran awyay giggling, watching him turn into Rumpelstiltzchen.

Really, some people should be shot to the moon. If I would have answered this douchebag the way I would have liked to,he probably would have sued me. So I preferred the funny version,which worked better! ..lolol....

Freitag, Dezember 04, 2015

oh joyful xmas time!

December 4/2015

So a brandnew supermarket opened up in the next village and after the advertising it must be next to heaven. Landfrau,bitten a little bit by curiosity, ventured there today and without being mean, the place is a showpiece, although much too big for everyday shopping. I will stick to the tiny one in the neighbourhood, fast out.
But at the cashier counter they have to improve. I put all my stuff on the belt, paid and while checking on my content found two items missisg. They had not been billed, but I wanted them,otherwise I would not have bought them. So I returned to the counter and the lady next in line after me just was whining that she had items not belonging to her. Now that steamed me up and I spit at her that these were mine and if she would have been smart enough to put that partition stick-thing there would have been no mixup. I had to wait till all their goods had been run through to pay for my addidtional items and at home I noticed that I got billed one item twice and a bottle of wine still must have joined the heap, of the stupid woman, fortunately not on my bill. quite a successful shopping trip...and to boot I got stuck in the traffic!