Freitag, November 03, 2017

A Story about Suits

äNovember 3/17

My friend Arthur came about with the craziest story today. He bought 7 suits in New York when he had been visiting for a wedding! ..and yes,actually 8, because also one for the wedding. And he never wore them up to now! He claims it was not his fault buying them but the fault of the salesman. That guy must have had a lottery day! 
Now this reminded me of another suit story which happened  or rather was delivered by Fred, my late husband.
During a business trip to Paris in the taxi from the airport he heared (at that time his hearing was still good) a ripping sound. The taxi had not been the newest one so he thought the material of the seat had ripped. When he got out of the taxi at his destination, the taxi driver had a laughing fit. Fred's pant had ripped from the waist to the bottom. The business appointment had been close , the taxi driver  a kind of a comedian, told him his wife could fix it,so Fred said lets see your wife then! Answer..she is vaccationing at the seaside!  - To make a long story short he then took Fred to a department store where he had not such an easy time finding a fitting suit in a jiffy. He of course was the laugh of the meeting when he told the story and coming home at night I then asked him at the airport...but where is your new suit?  I am wearing it of course,he answered. Now I was flabbergasted..and why, for heaven's sake did you buy exactly the same suit?
So next day it happened that his brother from Paris was on business in Düsseldorf and dropped in at our place at nite. So of course Fred told his suit story and brother wanted to see it. Fred went to put on the jacket and brother claimed that it really was a bit tight and let me look at the label. so Fred opened the jacket and it had been the old one from the ripped pants suit. So even he could not keep them apart. Since I had been laughing about the suit story all day already I broke out into such a burst of laughter that I peed my pants.
So thank you Arthur, you gave me that memory on top of the laugh I had about your story!